Come along as I vlog enjoy my day in London and buy some bits and pieces. I stopped by at Pineapple Dance Studios, Urban Outfitters, Primark, Lush and Whole Foods. I had a wonderful happy day.

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yellow everyone its Matara and that's where today I'm in London I'm on the wait maril a bone station and I'm waiting for my tube to come so I can go shopping in the middle of London mmm so this is a shopping spree yeah so if you're new here hi my name is Tara sunshine I know you can't see my face but you're gonna see it in a couple of seconds and make sure to give this video thumbs up and subscribe to my channel for for more videos like this so I'm just waiting for my tube now and the first stop is because Italy Circus yeah does take a bit for my cue to come there it is okay so I met Piccadilly Circus station now um and I'm going actually out of the station home so I can go to my first door all right this was unintentionally because I need to see the steps when I'm walking so yeah um so I'm outside hey it was kind of a nice weather in London just a bit cloudy but you know so my blind eyes didn't see whole foods I was walking and walking around and there it is on the right side you can see it but I didn't say I'm going to Whole Foods to pick up coconut oil organic coconut oil yeah and that's the only thing I'm buying because shit's expensive at Whole Foods said that yeah yeah Whole Foods and now I need to think our way to come to go to rocket which is yeah here I'm at Camden station Camden Covent Garden I'm in Covent Garden station and um I chose to go via steps there's a lot of steps this was actually in the middle of the steps that I decided to film I was barely breathing at this point um oh yeah so I'm into rocket which is a vintage clothing store and I thought because it's secondhand it's gonna be cheap the prices here are insane so I went to Urban Outfitters which is an even more expensive store so yeah it was my first time being in the Hermann Outfitters by the way and I yeah I decided to put on some sunglasses are you really like those but they were 30 pounds I think or a bit cheaper maybe those are kind of weird I felt like Dumbledore but yeah they have like fun stuff which is like fake news game you know I didn't buy this but oh yeah I really like those bottles yeah so I did buy something at Urban Outfitters and if you want to know what I bought make sure to check my next video I was at ok so here this is a pineapple Studios that in studio store and I decided to go in because it was like I used to dance so kind of had a mini mental breakdown in the changing room so yeah I was trying on like the Pens and like the jumper thingy and I did buy something thanks pineapple studios thanks for being so kind to me so yeah I did get a free tour but I couldn't film so sorry so right now I'm at Oxford Street I'm so sorry my voice is not cooperating today say I'm at Oxford Street and I went to lush I decided to treat myself with a bad bomb the one that's like zoomed in wait I bought that one it smelled the vine and made like water extra this one this one the blue one mid water extra like bluish color like ocean and yeah now there you go lush was a success and now on to I think my last story which is Primark yes so yeah I went to Primark I did buy a couple of things and if you want to know what I bought in this shopping spree make sure to check my video on Tuesday where I'll show you my shopping haul so mmm yeah I was checking out the yeah this was like what I bought actually um so yeah this is it for today's video I hope you guys liked it and make sure to give this video a thumbs up and subscribe to my channel maybe I post videos every Tuesday Thursday Sunday and an extra day bye [Applause]

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