a Volvo V70 traffic police car of London Metropolitan Police – Roads Policing Unit stuck in traffic in Euston, London, UK.

Metropolitan Police Volvo V70 D5 Traffic Car

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22 thoughts on “London Police Car responding stuck in traffic

  1. Euston Rd, sadly the wagon driver is right as the ATL Camera would still do him. Its worse on other side of the road, I watched Eustons PL do about 300 metres in 4 minutes once.

  2. notice the white lines ,they are measuring markers for red light jumpers, if the police officer got out of his car and waved the lorry through then thats legitimate he can proceed,otherwise he did the correct thing, thats why the police car turned off his sirens ,so as not to harass other motorists to break the law. Blue light driving, first rule. just because you have a blue light,it does not give you and exemptions and also the law as it stands, (WHICH IS WRONG), does not compel any person,motorists to allow an emergency vehicle unhindered progress.

  3. I put it on the van should of repositioned sooner, not the lorry. The van only needed to move a tiny little bit and could of at 0:46 when the car went. Would of been done no time.

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