Hi all – Welcome to Day Two! Once we woke up at the Holiday Inn Kensington Forum we headed out to breakfast at Garfunkels. From here we got to the Natural History Museum for Opening Time to check out the new Whale exhibit in Hintze Hall. Before heading back to Derby we stopped by Leicester Square for one last look around – and a Cinnabon of course!

shall we get going yes let's go morning everyone it is now 9 o'clock and we've just checked out of the Holiday Inn so the plan is now we're walking to a place we saw yesterday called Garfunkel's which it looks like it's a chain in London we've never been there or heard of it before it looks like I've got quite a nice breakfast menu and then the Natural History Museum opens up at 10 o'clock and we're gonna head there everybody kind of high kicks and they can answer so just a little extra sausage on the side this is the classic breakfast which was so we just finished the breakfast now we've come out on the other side which is like insider arcade restaurant phoebus pieces away trace it was a really nice breakfast I would definitely go there again and preserve cost a bit of what you'd pay in London it wasn't badly priced at all Susan put the clip in the videos about 30 just on to 30 quid that's really switch it's a bad so we all as a hot breakfast wasn't the kids menu that was like three adult sized portions and you enjoyed it again housing men come on everybody to see in the next inside baby the way the outside you know with it all boo the sunshine once again he works for the Koran that looks amazing they didn't my money we had to queue for about 15-20 minutes the game we got there at five to ten Museum opened at ten o'clock there about four past we got in it is absolutely it's free to get in but they recommend a donation of five pound which is only right really with help stunning it is it was so worth it as well but you've got to donate really to keep those places running he's so so beautiful so glad that we've all Jimmy here and he's loving the whale he's so until I see creatures in our walls Jimmy what you think of the whale it's massive isn't it how do you think they got it on the ceiling who lifted it up it's pretty impressive right oh Sh wave look on the map that's the entrance we're at that entrance oh we're going into the blue area that's where the dinosaurs are Jenai can yeah and everybody is open to that Georgie come on ser vardis to make sure to get out clean stairs like there who's like them if production is you can also change sizes inside Oh you like that guessing game operations call paleontologists full cups dinosaur head the minute Jim I already see a t-rex and this is a real tear action Jimmy that's scary scary what you think of him Jimmy trifles it looks like really shows remain on it yay Oh your eye people are still queueing to get in it seems like it's quite busy day to day at the Natural History Museum I'm glad you came when we did the district and Psychopaths right here once the city views hands so everybody will be spotted whoever was like going somewhere and really what Cinnabon and myk's whether you're me yeah well it just as yummy as in America and I may see my so high no I always think the same so let's have a little closer looking god I'm finna Bob gonna wrap up home right there and now that CDs now half 12 got two hours till our trades we've come to what we've got the tutor last two square just two coming up a wander round before we go Jimmy really wanted to Cinnabon after having so many when we stayed at the Hard Rock earlier in the air luckily it stopped raining it was raining just boy went into the Natural History Museum after this they've got up wander around for a little bit before getting the Northern Line tube up to Houston station and then heading our way bucks Darby that's enjoying that Oh Jimmy yeah eat nicely Jimmy Choo in your mouth shop to do to me fifteen men on a Dead Man's Chest we are at you stone this station now we made it on the tube I'm so proud of us being able to here we've just been in school let's go close up that was two pounds 195 everybody treats herself Louise there's like a salted caramel no looks like gyms come to the I am broken girders but stuff our macaroons got head-butted by Jimmy's toy in the back so there are events mom's got the Mack do me they did get doomed didn't they Jimmy I know I saved that till we got home I think what we're gonna do now is give these a try so don't think they're going to survive the journey home the truffles although [Laughter] there's pretty one okay what's yours coconut in a big mission bit anyway I would tell my nice ship yeah No jackpot send that into Jeremy Beadle Jimmy you say that you're a messy I know you're not anymore but it's a nice yellow verdict staff it's not it's really not on the macaron connoisseur on YouTube we are now approaching money change here or services to Coventry calls him and Lester please take care when stemming from the train and onto the platform and as if by magic we're back in Tamworth so Tommy Tommy with my piece okay a little bit and so now it's 40-minute drive back to Darby we made it back I think the biggest shocker for me is just how painless it's been getting the train and parking here it's only 40 minute drive it cost a tenner and parking our train ticket to London and back 50 pound return for all of us and I think we'll definitely be back in London what do you reckon Jen you want to go back you want to go back to me yes I didn't come with you might be so people I wrote that me so much in guys

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