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hi and welcome to Lynx TV news report a man was repeatedly knife in the Newham era of East London in the wee hours of Tuesday morning according to the initial reports a man in his thirties succumbed to injuries he received after a fight ensued between him and someone else in this area in the wee hours of Tuesday morning police have cordoned off the area yesterday to carry out a major investigation into the matter the incident took place at 1/4 road also intersection of warwick road as well located near vikings hotel and allegis center in East Ham area the police say they have not made any arrests however investigation continues about a home so emergency services were called to Warwick Road in forest gate opposite allegis centre in the early hours of Tuesday morning the attack happened at the junction with round Ford Road where the budget Vikings hotel is also located and this incident has sent shockwaves through the community of where this incident took place paramedics rushing to the hospital whoever the gentleman did not survive and the police are continuing a massive investigation into the matter the entire area was Cardinal for most of yesterday into today so this is a story that coming out of East London a gentleman succumb to injuries he receives after being knife multiple times we'll have more update on this story to bring to you as it becomes available to us

One thought on “London Knife Crime As Claimed Another Victim in East London Romford Road

  1. Good morning Links O07,Knife crime in England is getting worse ,and under the present Tory government it has increased ten fold ,the death toll amongst the young males killing each other over what crap I don’t know is seriously alarming ,
    but the way things are going it will not be the dodo bird that will become extinct ,but the black race smh ,condolences to the family of the deceased man .
    Links 007 bless

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