London is the BEST city in the world!

What to do in London?

After such a bumpy start to Laura and I’s #London trip, we ended up turning things around and made the most of our first day in town and got a taste of why London is the BEST city in the world and give you the definitive London Guide.

Tag along with us as we show you why London Town is so amazing, the best places in London, getting around London and giving you all the London tips and London advice that you need for an awesome London Trip. This will indeed be London for beginners and a great London Travel Guide. What to Visit in London and what to eat will all be explained.

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alright so we just got the hotel in London last night and I pretty much just fell out upon getting there craziest day ever so Laura and I are about to go to our other hotel then we're gonna hopefully head out into the city shall explore London so like an Irish accent like marm murmur my mom's getting tired yeah yes oh it's on Oh mom's getting tired what's going on everybody so we just got to the hotel the second hotel in London last night we were at the primary or no we're at the Travelodge which was like way out on the outskirts of London like Sunbury somewhere so we're gonna be staying at another hotel tonight and then we're gonna be heading into town for a play I think we're seeing Phantom of the Opera that's the show okay I guess there's a difference guys we're gonna be seeing Phantom of the Opera and then we are gonna be let me make sure my face is on focus here we're gonna be seeing you know just some other sights go so shopping and whatnot so yeah I'll see you guys alright so we just hit up tyrunt's which is like the most iconic store really in London this massive department store with tons and tons of endless rooms filled with the most expensive designer goods that you could ever imagine and of course we didn't buy anything but right now we're just gonna head down to the Natural History Museum because Laura and I are both really big history nerds and we like to do that that's the type of thing we do in our fun for our fun rather and so yeah I'll see you guys there so as I've said before or maybe I haven't said depending on hi edited this video by the time it gets uploaded along with Glasgow and LA London is one of my favorite cities in fact it probably is my favorite city of the bunch and part of the reason is that there's literally something for everybody despite the shitty weather but there's literally something for everybody to do no matter what you're into whether it's museums high-end shopping outdoor activities football whatever you're into or something for everyone and that's part of really what makes the city so cool there's so many different cultures whatever type of food you are or whatever time of day you want to eat it it's just awesome and so right now just outside the Victorian Albert Museum about to check that out Natural History Museum as well I'll see you guys yo what's going on guys so we're not too long back from the Phantom of the Opera it was actually like the first plate I've ever been to the first production serious production I've been to a life so that was really cool we did wow we got to see Victoria and Albert Museum went to Harrods did a bit of shopping today then due to much of the big sites we'll save that for tomorrow we're gonna be getting up early to go see the changing of the guards so I'm really excited for that but in London like six times and I've never got to see the changing of the guard so this will be my first time doing that the play was really nice Phantom of the Opera was cool it was at Her Majesty's Theatre which is like one of the oldest theaters in continuous existence here in London and like I was talking about earlier in London is just so cool because there's so much history there's so much to do and there's literally always something going on for every type of person for every type of interest so I'm exhausted so I'm about to get some sleep but I'll see you guys tomorrow at Buckingham Palace so I've been distilling that's quite rare for the past four or five times anyway and that's good sneaker for

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