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A standard busy morning at London Heathrow airport on Tuesday 11th November 2014! I arrived fairly early, just after sunrise at about 7:20 and stayed until 13:00 when the Qantas A380 arrived!
Some very interesting movements this morning! Check out the Virgin A330 do a “Sidestep Approach” This is where the aircraft follows the ILS for one runway, in this case 09L, before breaking off of that approach and making a visual arrival on the parallel runway! I’ve heard of it happening a few times, but never actually seen one so that was quite exciting. On top of that there was then 2x 747’s perform a go around within half an hour of each other! From what I could see the Go Arounds were caused by the proceeding aircraft having not vacated the runway in time.

AIRCRAFT INCLUDE: Qatar A380, Qantas A380, British Airways A380, 747’s, 777’s, 787’s, 767’s & more, Virgin Atlantic A330, A340, 747’s, Delta 767’s, American 777’s, United 777, 767 & 757, US Airways A330’s, Turkish A330, Air New Zealand 777, Air Canada 777’s, 767’s & 787, Iran Air A310, Egyptair A330 and much much more!!

Nice to finally get a good close up of the new Qatar A380!

Thanks for watching!

27 thoughts on “London Heathrow Airport, Close Up RWY09L Arrivals 11/11/14

  1. Wow! This is so beautiful. Pity we don't get to see much of this jumbos in our small airports here in Botswana. The largest airplane to ever touch down in Maun International Airport where I work, is a Boeing 757-200. That happened last year (2014) and again this year in February. 

  2. My thoughts….heathrow airport has become progressively a worst place for plane spotting since the closure of the spectators' viewing center in 9/01, there's just too many obstacles in the way of a great view as in this video. There's too much vegetation around the airport and vehicles especially buses that are always blocking the chance to see a runway greasing A330 wheels or 744 jumbo or the a380 whaler. Then you have those panels around the perimeter fence, small buildings and other street furniture, gawd I could scream. Nice video, otherwise.

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