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I just just finished eating then I actually just realized I made a stupidest mistake and I don't let after what my wallets on you so you don't have it again right thank you ever London you eat our rest you're in you comp a final weapon right so I've just realized I made such a stupid mistake and I left my world so I don't actually have any money on me and this is never happened to me for so embarrassing all right thank you thank you for a thousand more expecting that you basically disgust me that's all right I might go looking for he did say don't do that in I was going to go what does that mean don't do that again was wake people from the free food I just ate so I'll try to yeah I still happen I'm sorry so basically the stupidest thing that should happen is keeping the fingers that happen now I've just finished eating and I'll just I'll just rub this finicky and I realized I don't actually have my wallet on me go to the bar I've got medicine spikey um hi sorry so how's it going – Ian and I just realised the biggest mistake the army I forgot my wallet you are I can't stay for the meal I don't have any money on me I don't like I forgot my wallet I need believe you spent behind doing it for a comeback what I couldn't bring the money back today how do you have a certainty that you bring your back I'm in common attitude I know you can come back with your serve behind the thing is I'm a really hard worker so if you want I could like do the dishes or I do a bittersweet pain or I'll go abroad I would bring I was gonna do some speakers men I can earn the money I messed up that one I had my phone on me and they're gonna say leave your phone you try to call me your backpack about my will happen and I don't know how I mean the thing is I'm a really good but I'm a really good like you know I can really do that computer disappear or less unless I can I can do some creamy I can wipe away you can do you have enough senator the one going to do you know what I'm going to do now is I'm going to try it but looking at roadman I'm going to dress my robe and you have found the complete look I walk in now I automatically like sit down about the feminist Laird bridge when she comes to the table now she brings the war now instead of her to bring the food she brings a card machine that or house you want to pay for my work I ain't even eaten the food yet you asked me how their own up its mind you this is a restaurant that gives your tab and then you pay the bill at the end even less that road when you get real out Road

28 thoughts on “London Hacks – Restaurant "I CANT PAY"

  1. AskItalian is AMAZING, I went there yesterday, and had a Margherita Pizza with Chips, and it was SO good. The garlic mayo and parmesan cheese was nice.

  2. The last situation was genuinely disrespectful. They asked you to pay before your meal arrived? If that was me and It was just a normal lunch or dinner for me where I intended on paying, I would have just left.

  3. You are an IDIOT !!! First of all that's not funny, and second it's a very poor joke, and third Learn to Speak English ! And 4th Don't take the piss of the Country who Welcomed you or your parents ! Be Grateful for living in UK !

  4. It happened to me once. I had lunch with my 2 kids and when I took out my wallet I realised the card wasn’t there , I left it at home. I got so worried and called a waiter and told him that I left my card at home , what do I do?
    He said: I have to call police, sorry
    I got so scared
    Then he laughed, and said “ I’m joking, don’t worry about it” and got ice cream for kids.
    I went home and paid him the same day

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