Time for my 2nd episode of my sustainable city guides: this time I’m going to London. Enjoy babes!

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46 thoughts on “London guide: where to shop, eat & sleep | Sustainable city guides

  1. I looked into the Airbnb unit you recommended and I can't find anything about it that's particularly eco friendly. I looked at all of the owner's listings and apart from being updated and small, there's nothing uniquely eco friendly mentioned. Can you expand on what your criteria is for an eco friendly vacation rental?

  2. Great video, thanks. Also worth a mention is Mary’s Living & Giving (branches across London). This charity shop chain sells designer second hand clothing in a vintage boutique style environment. Proceeds go to Save the Children.

  3. I enjoyed this video so much! loved to see you explore the city! hotels, shops with sustainable, ethical brands and great places to eat in London. The buildings and streets are so quaint! it was lovely to get a glipse of the city on your travels

  4. heya, so this video was great but can you please perhaps also do a video on nice stores with great aesthetically pleasing clothing that also has a suitable pricing range. I’m a student in London so as you can imagine I don’t have a lot of money to spend on external things such as accessories and clothing, though I love fashion. Seeming as your channel is perfect for sustainability and great places in London, could you perhaps take this up on your to-do list? Thank you!:)

  5. Was there last year for a long weekend for an event, and I just adore old architecture, so I fell in love with all the Tudor buildings. I enjoyed my time over there there was so much to explore and never done. It's a shame I'll never be back, just a dream now. Cool vid 🦅

  6. Travelling in London is much easier and sustainable using oyster card… There were some winter shoots with the naked trees mixed with green ones… And black mould in the first hotel bathroom… Something fishy is about this vlog, please don't sell yourself!

  7. I live in London, and I've not been to most of these places. Thanks for the recommendations!
    Next time you're on Portobello road, you should pass by EDEN Perfumes for vegan, cruelty free refillable and affordable perfumes replicating big brands and famous scents. I love it! Xx

  8. Hi Signe! I hope you don't mind me asking, how do you make those public custom maps? I make vegan thrift shopper city guides and haven't been able to figure out how to make my saved places public on google maps.

  9. 👏👏👏👏👏👏😃. This is fantastic! Thank you! Looking forward to hearing how a train trip goes. 👍😉. And you mentioned other cute streets that are less busy than Oxford street. What are that??? Thanks!

  10. In East London we have quite a big vegan restaurant scene. I recommend WAVE and Mildreds in Hackney. But there are new places constantly popping up in this area. 🙂

  11. Thank you for this city guide! My boyfriend and I will be in london to celebrate our 10 year anniversary and new years and I am happy to have this guide as an inspiration!

  12. Your travel videos are great. I want to go to London someday. I just got back from Germany. I visited my family ( I live in the US). I still think it is good how people bring their own shopping bags and now I saw ( and bought some ) they have small reusable bags for you fruits and veggies instead of the plastic bags. I am looking forward to more travel videos. Thanks Signe

  13. Thank you again for a another wonderful travel guide to London and for introducing us to the two wonderful designers Alice Early and Henri(etta). Love their clothes and ethics. Only a dog lover would have captured the dogs frolicking in Hyde Park!!! Loved that bit! Glad you had such a fab time.;)

  14. Always enjoy spending time with you! 👯👯 Hope to see you again soon and this video was probably one of my faves you've ever done! Love the editing and the scenes 😍❤️️

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