LONDON FOOD GUIDE – EAT FOR SUPER CHEAP! London is super expensive and I want to save you money! So lets head on down to London’s chinatown and enjoy some awesome grub on the cheap!

Huge Thanks to Matt for helping me film this!

And check out Eric and Allison they were in this video as well!

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hey guys so we're here in Chinatown in London I wanted to create a little guide for how to eat really cheap in London now it's no surprise that London is a super super expressive city so your voice ah here is gonna hook you up with some amazing tips on how to you for really really cheap and these are some simple stuff I've discovered so simply walking through Chinatown at discover that there's some really really really cheap places that give you huge portion sizes for what you're paying for another thing about this city is that it's probably the only place in the world I've seen that charges you about 20% for sitting indoors and eating inside the restaurant so huge huge pits is actually buying your food and then leaving it and eating somewhere else whether it be in a park or just a random one-off cafe that you can go either we're going to go on here into our first restaurant called little Hong Kong and we're going to get a nice big tray of noodles for about five pounds this is going to be great we're going for delicious delicious absolutely devour that it was delicious it was nutritious it was Johnson happiness check those prices out ladies gentlemen that's for real right there so the next place we're heading off to is a little bakery that I found here in Chinatown called bake and basically they have a bunch of wheat build buns and all kinds of delicious little pastries from Asian heritage we're going to head on over there and get some delicious bumps that only cost between a pouch a few pounds so you're not even Pikachu's trying it on the good food deal so what you do here in Bakke is that you get yourself all straight and then these little spatula thing he had on over here and you can pick up any of these delicious little pastries that you have in here they have a bunch of different flavors ranging from anything you want techniques out dream team cupcake and once again everything here is they might be a you know a take away or eat in you it turns up a little bit I think this is what I'm going to go for and down the Lotus page for all that sounds really good as you see I got up on a train going up a little bun hit a little moon cake and went to check out and he's all of it how does it Matt is there real good about the munch and I give me that only cost me like three pounds delicious super good so thanks reading off the restaurant chain called wasabi waiting it's just a really cheap sushi once again it's only really works if you're dining out so you fire stuff and you leave immediately that way you don't have to take that twenty percent charge eating it my delicious sushi in a baguette now it's time to find somewhere to fit luckily in London they fund the free place to sit down so that was when a little cheap food travel guide for London this was in no way a English travel guide or anything this is just how to eat a little bit cheaper in London because it can get very expensive here hope you guys enjoyed it I hope you learned something this is the first time watching one of my videos make sure you subscribe and turn on the little notification ring here at the again notifications when I upload if you like this video make sure you leave a like comment down below tell me what you guys think tell me if I'm stupid if this is the worst kind of food guide ever and I'll see you guys next time I love you long time – goodbye you


  1. £5 is noodle is cheap in london? Look at that noodle….only contain some vegetables? Amazing… British people can survive under this kind of price tag lol
    You eat this in Tokyo it will be at least 1/3 cheaper…

  2. I don’t know why western people always eat chow men(fried noodles) people from Hong Kong or Chinese don’t even eat that as there are loads more delicious Chinese foods there it’s the cheapest foods maybe costs 3-4pounds

  3. Its actually not cheep is it. £16 a day on food u must be having a laugh. Ill just go morleys and get chicken and chips for £2. Thats what u call being cheap

  4. I commented earlier BUT I've just remembered the reason why some take-away food is cheaper – I knew there was one but couldn't think of it at the time! Sorry for that. Anyway, a separate comment on a separate issue is probably better. And it'll be a long comment because it has to be.

    It's all to do with VAT. This is the UK's sales tax but unlike US sales tax, it doesn't apply to everything. No doubt at least partly because of this, it's required by law to be included in the marked price. If it wasn't, just imagine the complications that could cause at the checkout. It would just be totally impractical to add a flat percentage at the checkout, as happens in the US. (Which tends to come as a shock to tourists on their first visit to the US. It certainly did to my parents when we all crossed the pond for the first time. WHHAAAAATT? Oh well, we know now!)

    The principle the UK applies is that "the essentials of life" shouldn't be taxed. We all need them, and an indirect tax like VAT or sales tax hits the poor harder. Something that costs £3 is still going to cost me £3 whether I'm a millionaire or just scraping a living, right? So we try to make tax fall most on the rich and high earners.

    On that basis, most food is zero-rated for VAT and if you go grocery shopping, there will probably be very little tax. I regularly shop at Aldi because it's cheap, and they actually provide VAT itemisation on receipts so I can see how much VAT I paid and exactly what items it was on. It's literally just pennies or nothing at all unless I bought any alcohol.

    But if it's hot food (defined as "above ambient temperature"), or you "eat in", that's a "luxury", it's standard-rated, and they have to slap on an extra 20% VAT. Now think this through… buy something that's not hot and take it away to eat, and it's zero-rated. THAT'S why Bake has two different prices for everything and you pay more if you eat it there – what they sell is not hot food.

    If at this point you're starting to think that VAT is nuts, yep, speaking as an accountant, I hate bloody VAT. So do businesses – because it's value-added tax rather than just a straight retail tax, ALL of them over a certain size have to deal with it whether they sell to the public or not. We have it because the EU requires all members to charge it to make the Single Market work. I'm old enough to remember that it replaced purchase tax in April 1973, the earliest practical time after we joined the EEC (as it was called then) on 1/1/73, because the British tax year starts in April.

    I throw this in because as you know, we're leaving the EU. I haven't seen it mentioned in amongst all the other political argument about this BUT one thing the UK could do once it has achieved Brexit is to scrap VAT and go back to purchase tax. Or something like it. It worked rather more like US sales tax. We shall see what Her Majesty's Government actually does in a couple of years!

  5. I was an office worker in central London for years. Now all of them want lunch, and many offices don't have canteens so they're all like I was – you want to go out and find something to bring back to eat at your desk. This is the point of all the sandwich shops all over the place, and places like wasabi.

    But something else you can do in central London is go to a supermarket. They know this market exists too so central London branches generally have a large "food to go" section to cater for it. (Marks & Spencer is of course a department store mostly known for clothes, but it also sells food and even has a shop in Tottenham Court Road that is entirely food.) You can get sandwiches, salads (which will come with a fork to eat it with), something to drink, rather like the sandwich shops but it will be cheaper. So look out for Tesco, Sainsbury's and other supermarkets, or google them to find the nearest one, and they'll be the cheapest places to put together a picnic. There's no cheaper way except for making your own lunch. but that's a silly suggestion for a visitor.

  6. London Chinatown. The only place approaching genuine Chinese food in Britain! Not that British Chinese is to be sneered at at all! It's just a wholly different (delicious) cuisine.

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