SUBSCRIBE: – Let’s go for a walk across this famous and magnificent cemetery and let’s explore the hidden paths of Highgate Cemetery, London (England). Highgate Cemetery is a place of burial in north London, England. It is designated Grade I on the Register of Historic Parks and Gardens. It is divided into two parts, named the East and West cemetery. There are approximately 170,000 people buried in around 53,000 graves at Highgate Cemetery. Highgate Cemetery is notable both for some of the people buried there as well as for its de facto status as a nature reserve.

Vic Stefanu, [email protected]

49 thoughts on “LONDON, EXPLORING HIGHGATE CEMETERY, let's walk along the hidden paths

  1. It would have been interesting to have a good view of a few of the more original headstones so as to be able to read the names, dates and often poignant inscriptions.

  2. The total neglect seen here is a disgrace – if allowed to continue, espl'y the vine overgrowth -nothing legible will remain after another ~ 50 yrs (or less).
    Dead trees/limbs fall during storms and destroy stones, the mess invites the 'work' of vandals – clearly seen here. This isn't 'romantic', it is a tragedy – espl'y given that from dates visible, most stones don't appear older than ~ 150 yrs.

  3. This is where my great great grandfather is buried and I find it so sad, and very disrespectful, that it has now turned in to a tourist attraction, with people trampling on the graves and descendents of the dead having to pay an admission fee to show their respects to their ancestors

  4. Really beautiful place. Monuments are really for the living, not for the dead, aren't they? Once the living also pass, the monuments decay as well. I hope that somewhere there are good records of the burials here, for the sake of history.

  5. I love going round old cemeteries…gives me a strange sense of peace at the inevitability of life’s end for all of us..and also sadness and wonder at the phenomenon of life itself.

  6. What an absolutely beautiful cemetery! Its' hard to think about how many of those gorgeous grave markers are lost in the trees and bushes. I can't believe how old some of the head stones are. I live in a desert and some of the inscriptions on the headstones that aren't even half as old, and are barely legible. Some of the carved ones are just breathtaking. Thank you for sharing!!! If you want to see an old cemetery in the desert in the southwestern mountains of the United States – watch my video. What a stark contrast but a whole different kind of beauty.

  7. What makes this video interesting is the way nature takes over. Although this video looks amazing but i can't hold it, I feel sad knowing that they are completely fogotten I was hoping to see even a dried flowers in the tomb.😪💔
    Forgive me if I feel so emotional cause here in the Philippines we value our loved ones who are gone. We make sure that they are not forgotten. New subbie here 🙂

  8. Thank You for making and sharing this with us. That has truly been a pleasure to watch and I think the most fascinating cemetery I've set eyes on. Jam-packed, too; I wouldn't even know where to start looking if I'd been there.
    We have an old cemetery here in Portland, Maine where I live that's historic but well maintained(Evergreen Cemetery Portland, Maine 04103). The exact opposite of this one. I found the one you explored to be more of the real thing because someday nature will reclaim as it see fit. Just a matter of time. Not one thing wrong with that and this cemetery is the perfect example.

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