photographing London England in 2019 the river Thames to the Shard St Paul’s cathedral and the London underground and the best places to photography, with photography setting tips and tricks Competition
the best time to photograph London is early in the morning when the only the locals walk the streets and all the tourist are sleeping that is when you have to hit the the button and get out and shoot
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hey folks welcome back to her channel if it's your first time here welcome now you'll never guess where I am I'm in the middle the central of London Tower Bridge with the shard just over here in the background now it's 5 a.m. it's the only time together where it's peace and quiet because you're never gonna conquer London last night I was out wandering around take a quick look at this it's they're mostly stills there's no real video there's a little bit it was just crazy but here last night this was absolutely meaning full-on minging let's get some shots take a look it looks amazing so everybody has a good side and when you're on Tower Bridge this is tower bridges best side to shoot you know you've got the shard over there you've got city hall and then across the other side you can see the tip of the Gherkin to the right and that is just the tip of the walkie-talkie where as you walk across the bridge you get to see all of this in its glory take a look at some of these shots I took at the night time the lights are beautiful but it's just packed soon getting bitter because a vote coming under so might be able to get a shot on that with the shard and everything else just to give it a little bit of foreground interest because as you can see here there is no real foreground interest whatsoever other than this massive massive open water of the River Thames that for me was perfect I did try and get the video camera out but I was all thumbs because it was more about getting the shot there's another one you so good things about you still photographer is that you can literally manipulate the light so though it's getting nice and bright the sun's already rising up in the sky you can still use your shutter speed to get a darker image lack of always said whatever you put into your photography you get out get it up at this time of the morning yeah I could have gloom realistic be getting up maybe around about 4 a.m. literally I was straight out just just got dressed literally just got dressed ran down it I was awake I was looking out the window could see the Sun rising you better make you've got to make the effort like to say you only get out what you put in you yes another fresh morning here in the capital and I wasn't going to get out and shoot this morning because I thought it was time to be like how can you you not do it so this time what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna go down this side towards City Hall it's fantastic there's always something going on shoot the bridge this side and hopefully just capture the the end of this sunrise this is it's beautiful and this is the time if you're going to do your photography to get up what like I wasn't going to get up this morning I've decided that maybe stay in bed have a bit of a rest but when you when you sort of see these sort of sunsets you've got to get up and do it and yeah you've gotta yeah it's like I've always said you get out what you put in the oddest thing about photography is the effort that you put in so we're going to shoot down this side now have a quick look another pigeon look white Chinese them last night public viewing area absolutely yeah basically if you want to get to this viewing platform just get to London Bridge which is down in front of us there you can see the vehicles crossing over and the shard shot is down there with the spiky spiky concrete sculpture pointing up which will also give you the underground and then we've got the shard there so again that's that's that shot there if you if you feel you want to do these I mean like I say many others of the lung and they do look good no problem that there's nothing in no one here again you know there's the stairs the staircase in frontier looks like a metal frame just there walk down there walk along here not this one and you're in this viewing area so if you're walking along the London Bridge with the shot behind you that's how you want to get to these and you want the second embankment so you actually cross in the Thames to get to this side and yeah there they are there's the shot absolutely contact there you

15 thoughts on “London England tower bridge & The Shard photography 2019

  1. Some of your best work mate, love the post work, not too much done, and my fave shot was the steps at Tower Bridge. Due to back problems I won't be doing these trips any longer, so it's great to see this, it brings back memories, thanks.

  2. You've got some amazing phots Chris…. leaving me inspired to shoot some cityscapes. That being said I especially loved the emotion in the photo of the person on the stairs. But on all accounts, job well done mate. Bravo!!

  3. Hi Chris. I live in Nth London and 5 days a week I drive into Central London early for work. And every day I see things I want to photograph and so promise myself that 'this' weekend im going to come down at the crack of dawn with my camera, in my own time, and get clicking. And when the weekend comes, what do I do! Need to get motivated! Cheers Chris. All the best.

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