London Eco-Roof Manufacturing Inc. has been featured in the news on “A” channel that has locally-focused programming and strong community involvement, with an emphasis on local evening news and local updates on their daily morning shows.

London Eco-Roof Manufacturing Inc. has been showcased as one of the companies providing new jobs in the area, therefore creating a positive impact on the local economy.

for new companies are setting up shop in London and normally the news would be greeted with cheers after all it means new jobs in the forest city but as brian becnel tells us tonight in these post recession times instead of hundreds of jobs being announced its dozens from green manufacturing to food processing to digital technology and telecommunications for companies have chosen London to expand or set up shop while other cities continue to struggle as well with prost recession and trying to find those new opportunities I can tell you that our phone has never stopped ringing dairy processors studer Holdings with Jones London quality dairy will move operations from aylmer to London opening this fall green manufacturer eco roof will open a new 5,500 square foot facility in East London later this month Digital alerting center i TS will expand in this downtown building and distribute telecommunications is opening a new business division with sales staff in London in total 100 new jobs are being created civic officials admit it comes nowhere near the thousands lost in the recession but they welcome any new investment and that's a hundred people who may be looking for work have specialty areas in some of these or can be trained as was suggested here and can make a living and so we can never discount any kind of community that has or any kind of company that wants to be in the city if they have the potential to create jobs I'm optimistic that we'll we'll get there but it does take members of council to come on board and say you know what jobs are the number one priority of many people in this community between the four companies total investment amounts to about seven and a half million dollars the largest is the dairy processing facility being built on this two acres of land in the Trafalgar industrial park though spending the money say London has much to offer London is a has a very good customer base already with their Londonderry and wholesale business the location is ideal for the distribution very close to the 401 very close to the major industry support industries brian becnel a news

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