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Covent Garden is one of my favourite spot to enjoy shopping, dining, and leisure time when traveling in London. The Apple Market and East Colonnade Market are the must visit places where you’ll find amazing, unique, handmade goods and artisan stalls.

One of my favourite parts of this experience was getting into the small garden connected to the St. Paul’s church. Having sit in the sun and enjoying the peace in the garden after a walk in the market was the best thing in my lunch break.

Right next to the London Transport Museum, there’s the museum souvenir store where you’ll enjoy a lovely showcase of all the gifts and items designed with London underground and you definitely can find your lovely items like I did.  


倫敦科文特花園是我喜歡來的地方,除了是來倫敦遊玩要看享受一番的地方之外, 在這裡輕鬆滿足購物,休閒,娛樂和餐飲的願望。科文特花園 Apple Market 和 East Colonnade Market則是要來走一下的市集喔,在這裡逛到最獨特的店舖,手工製品,還有精美的藝術店。






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today I'm going to show you guys how beautiful the Covent Garden is so the funny thing too I mean the British wait to talk about the weather here under the typical British weather I think it is here London's that you'd be able to feel full seasons within a day it's not exaggerated because actually yesterday during the daytime there's a there was a massive combi and there suddenly started to you know snow really hard in London and is only in 30 minute is just sewn the centimorgan and sunny and so actually I'm here now in covent garden stores luxury stores small stores and with difference really nice and I found a hidden gems is actually a really nice garden inside and I'm going to go inside have a sit a lot of students actually and a lot of students from the other European countries and come to visit London doing a you know some holiday is summertime and okay I'm coming out from inside and you will see outside there's still a lot of restaurants and markets here it's car jubilee market if you walk inside there's still a lot of lot of shops stores oh my god yes triple a market to walk around I really love the leather kind of this material by the way did you guys realize I'm wearing a vintage jacket today that is spot when I was in Copenhagen a very nice secondhand vintage store and if you want to explore further there is kind of a nice musing here : Dan transport museum right next to the museum there say cafe sharp events kind of stuff here's showcase a lot of displays and you know stationeries and gifts and items about the transport in London so London Overground underground sorry underground by design though I have lots of complaints about TfL the London Underground system has kind of crap always like delays and strike but an expensive as well so but the design here the items they are looking so good it's good oh my god I really love this kind of black and white what is that it's turn Oh Pat and also the mugs today I'm going to end the video here so to my channel school

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