To celebrate National Apprenticeship Week 2017 we’ve created a film to showcase a selection of our apprentices in the London boroughs.

Find an apprenticeship through the government website here:

dirty for each of us here encounter galaxy well it's like consciousness coming into being you only encourage not every day is the same I really enjoy what I do because it's such a diverse you know there's so many unique different things going on so it's not all the same and to me I don't always like to be office bound so this apprenticeship is brilliant for me because I'm able to go outside and experience new things I've learned that you need to put your work in if you want to get something out of it it's not going to be easy but nine times out of ten is going to bring you some good and you are earning while you're learning what young person doesn't want to be any money and still be going and have the relaxed of being able to go to school so you're still going to school you learn to college you're earning money and you're learning as you go and that is what you need you need the experience to have a job I'm not really that academic and I've been old real what I want to do and the allowed idea of having a bet coming our University of Mary worker students are more pleasure with a reward I've learnt so much obviously in what I do working in the section I do but things like what what you need like customer service skills I've learnt how to build on good working relationships with people and how to balance a busy work plier and have to kind of manage my work glands I often like that I think it's really important that's what I've learned ever since it's on the apprenticeship I study will be up Michelle it's really helped with confidence and I think we've had a few is around me as well who since coming has gone they just increase their confidence I think the main driver for me anyway when I first started I was quite shy I wasn't able to express myself there was no way I would have done something like this but now I've learned all that experience through the apprenticeship program I have benefit is definitely tenfold like if I would have went through university I still wouldn't have had the skills to you know deal with people but now I've done an apprenticeship program or can do in a professional environment if you place me anywhere I definitely know well and be doing my name's Charlotte I work for the parks we do general maintenance grass cutting prune in and just making sure the park space for the public or make sure you're learning something different you're actually physically doing it on the other days of the week and you're picking out quicker because of the one-day weeks you're learning it like at college in not written work and then I'll see you the other four days a week you put nice practice and repair

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