Marylebone’s picturesque streets have become the backdrop for London’s latest foodie hotspot.

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my name is on so now I've been working with a Muncie since we opened the store three years ago so we're really trying to do T differently pushing the boundaries of T one of my favorite teas atamans is called citrus flash it's a horrible tea with different kind of citrus fruits and hibiscus lemongrass and mint we are at La fromagerie in Marylebone we sell cheese from around the world we are also a hustle and bustle cafe but were also a delicatessen the ivy cafe is a more accessible extension of the original ivy brand that opened over 100 years ago we've got some classics on the menu which are taken from the original menu at West Street and then we've got some dishes that are unique to this side I'm Karan I'm the executive chef at to DJ and chai key we specialize in the Indian Street food and fine dining this is an a loop a preacher and it's got crispy weak puffs with potato chickpeas lashings of Japanese and yogurt these are killer chicken lollipops marmalade of caralyn spices and they are served with fresh green chutney I'm the nanny this is my partner melody we are in lieu de Basque Grill in Malibu we stumbled across San Sebastian donostia a few years ago and wanted to bring back the style of cuisine there where the focus is on the style of cooking in the northern part of the Basque Country I'm Tamar I am a Pachamama general manager the best Peruvian restaurant in London we are delivering a very unique food I inspired Peruvian food we're using a local British ingredients and some of the highest-quality ingredients bringing all the way from Spain Germany Sangam the bar manager of the z2 town house we are in SEMA straight every single drink involved at least one bespoke ingredients something that we make now but it's not just about the technique it is definitely about create something delicious when in Marylebone get your cultural fix at the Wallace Collection the Wallace Collection is a national museum house in a London townhouse Marylebone is very vibrant area it has a genuine village feel you a really beautiful mixture of tourists locals when you pass through that door means that you really want to be here it's a stone's throw away from Selfridges Oxford Street the class Avon Street it's very much a nice quiet part of London and that's the way we like it

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