right tempura nello grapes do they make the Rilke a 30 grand we'll find out after the break a good evening we interrupt ITV's late-night schedule to cover a developing story a major incident in central London witnesses say a van mounted the pavement on London Bridge hitting several pedestrians just after 10 o'clock this evening there were also reports of a stabbing attack will he show you pictures from just a few moments ago armed police have closed the bridge in both directions at London Bridge station is also closed people have described seeing victims being treated on the roadside some with knife wounds it's reported there's no official confirmation yet of how many people have been injured police say they are also responding to another incident of borrow market that's less than a mile away from London Bridge arm purposes are at the scene there and Scotland Yard say they are also dealing with an incident in växjö well let's take you now to our reporter Angus Walker who is at London Bridge on the north side of London Bridge I believe he has some witnesses it was in Angus what salacious say what you tell us well let me bring you right up to date because what we can see behind us now and I'm close to Borough Market and London Bridge that people being escorted away from the area their hands on their heads being escorted by arms police through the cordon behind me you can see police cars ambulances have been arriving fire engines have been arriving this is clearly an ongoing incident police cars marked and unmarked have been speeding through the streets on the scene around the scene with me now I'm joined by two people who saw what happened in this area first of all Luke's look what did you see I was standing down there on a bollard and that's when our foodie armed police at the corner of the restaurant and about 10 seconds afterwards they ran in and that's when I heard the three gunshots and the place of sent me to come back here I've got all the footage on my phone and that's the most I saw Salinas Jack's tag what did you see I don't see nothing but I just heard a gunshot that's when I started to run down this way I'm panicking of course I was scared but hopefully have happened again what was going through your minds Luke just panic really you know scary to see this happening obviously you coming out on a night we don't to be walking into this you want to again I'm safe and everything's going to be all right what did you think was happening well I've got told a friend's mom on the phone that it was a tech farm was run over a car I think it's a terrorist or something thank you very much both of you they British Transport Police saying there have been multiple casualties they say there have been multiple casualties and I'll show you now more people being escorted let's turn the camera right round and see the activity here that's just happening police escorting people away from time to time the police will shout and ask people to run away to move out of the area quickly from time to time police vehicles will speed up and down these streets we've seen motorbikes vans full of police unmarked cars the incident appeared to have love for certain extent and now they're moving up the police are now moving up stay with us okay we are being moved by the police yep we are being moved by the police and as I made my way here I was walking along the embankment towards London Bridge when an armed officer pointed his gun at me and said stop where you are and then asked us to run to another group of people who were just around the corner we were then escorted as a group by armed officers who clearly felt the need to protect us and we were escorted to where we are now we are now being moved again by the police this is a fast-moving incident it's changing by the minute and clearly the police are very worried about what's happening and have received new information as we speak as we've been on air more vehicles arriving these are armed units you can tell by the yellow dot on the back of the vehicles that they are armed officers I've also seen a squad of specialist firearm US firearms officers move on to the bridge about half an hour ago we could also see a casualty being treated we could also see a casualty being treated on the street behind us about 20 minutes ago and casualties being taken away by ambulance as you can see the police moving us urgently away kill a number of members of public here as well as media but we're being moved away to this petition Angus Angus obviously it seems dramatic scenes are still unfolding you're being moved along other members of the public and there's obviously a very very big police operation that is happening at the moment let us just talk now to our security editor who who joins us now in the studio rohit kachu Rohit a major major incident unfolding in the Capitol this evening multiple major in the Adamson folding in the Capitol and we saw the manga cease report there the drama that is still unfolding at the scene this incident now more than an hour old and what's significant here is that in the last few minutes the Metropolitan Police have issued this run hide tell advise this is the first time that I record this advice being issued while an incident has been unfolding it is significant because it appears to indicate that the incident is not yet contained we see here the correct ear the Twitter feed of the Metropolitan Police Scotland Yard has been telling us to look right here for their very latest advice it shows us in the last few minutes the unfolding events 32 minutes ago information available at this stage from 2208 p.m. officers responded to reports of a vehicle in collision with pedestrians on London Bridge then moments later we saw the second update officers have responded to reports of stabbings in Borough Market a second incident there armed officers responding and shots have been fired then third of all officers now responding to an incident in the voxel area should tell you the correct cioth at that incident was close to the mi6 headquarters but I being told by senior security sources that mi6 is not involved their building is not inviting that sort of incident there we can see the live scene here rotates of course all our reporters a lot of the press have been moved further back there is a cordon of course around the area because this is an ongoing incident this is extremely serious and it is ongoing it what will police be doing what they looking for exactly now we'll even driving here through the streets of central London the amount of resources that are being deployed to this and there is no doubt great deal of panic but the reality is that this is precisely the sort of attack that security sources and police forces had been rehearsing for a marauding and perhaps coordinated attack we are looking at three separate incidents here we have seen reports of gunfire and has been used and we see also that that potentially knives and vehicles have been used as well so the tactics but behind this attack and it does appear to have been a terrorist attack as seen to indicate that we're looking at precisely the sort of attack that the security services have been rehearsing for they are now responding to well you say we're working on the assumption now that this is a terror attack and a multiple attack we just heard that there will be a cobra meeting tomorrow as you say emergency services have been expecting something like this yeah that's to be expected happened very shortly after the attack in Manchester almost a fortnight ago it feels like it was so long ago but and that is standard procedure you know Cobra meeting is to respond not necessarily to make decisions but it's to respond and of course they will be assessing and analyzing what we're seeing on the streets of London with the lessons that have been learned from Manchester but this appears there have been a very different attack this was not one attacker it appears based on those early reports but we're talking about several incidents which we assumed to have been coordinated certainly the small pieces of information coming out of Scotland Yard appear to link all three of these incidents and report reports of multiple injuries casualties that's right that's right London Ambulance Service of giving out a very small amount of information and but it does appear that there have been multiple casualties because centres yeah I think we take you now to our reporter Helen Callahan 'she's on the north side of a London Bridge Helen what more can you tell us from where you are right I am on the northern side of London Bridge we are at least quarters we have just been moved on to make way for ambulances leaving London Bridge and we've just witnessed a police van driving at speed through the police cordon so this is an ongoing incident I can confirm that listen to just like Angus who was at the southern end of the cordon when we arrived which was minutes after the incident we believe there were lots of shots and extremely scared people running across the bridge the police the emergency services were already here at the bridge and they were treating people at the scene those who could were told to run the get out of the way when they reached us they were extremely shaken but they were able to tell us a little bit of what they have seen one witness told me that who had been taken as a restaurant nearby by an armed response unit and we've been told to run another witness said he was on his way back home after a night out he was going towards the train station and a police officer told him to run for his life another witness said it was extremely scary I'm extremely shaken I don't want to talk about what happened there but we have had several people who witnessed what happened and they do report that a knife was involved as Helen going into them Helen you say that you know that so that there's something happening at the moment on the bridge police are still there Helen you say that you've spoken to several several witnesses what else difficulty were they saying to you about the different incidents that have been reported this evening two different incidents what one at London Bridge and one for a Marcus as well presumably would have been a very busy busy time on a Saturday night lots of people very popular area it was extremely busy the people I spoke to were on the northern side of the bridge many of whom had tried to walk across the bridge from the south side so they were reporting a lot of chaos confusion they weren't sure about what had happened they certainly didn't know that there were multiple incidents taking place all they could say was what they had seen and they reported seeing people who were injured on the bridge we also saw people who were being treated at the scene and we believe that the police were then using and the emergency services were then using some of the buses that were still on the bridge as sort of triage centers and holding people in there and administering first aid at the scene then they took a whole load of people who seemed to be in a better condition away from the scene that we took them somewhere that we don't know that location at the moment Helen Callahan thank you for the moment and in a moment we'll return to our reporter Angus Walker but first of all we just saw some amateur video that was taken by one of us as a guest when we heard from few minutes ago let's just show you this video now and it appears to show gunshots let's take a look it's not entirely clear but possibly some dull shots there in the background let's take you back now to Angus Walker who is on the south side of London for us this evening Angus we saw you being moved along earlier on by police this is an unfolding incident and what what is what is happening now what can you see yet we've been moved back by the police and you can just see behind me armed unit speeding towards London Bridge and Borough Market which is further down the street behind me in the dark where the blue lights at the end of the street is it if you want to know where we are we're very close to the shard which many people around the country will know the very tall building the tallest building in London so that's the landmark close to where we are and clearly this is still a very fast-moving instance around here we have armed units arriving every few minutes speeding along the road past us people still being asked to move away from the area police officers shouting at members of the public to get away there's a helicopter above and we've been hearing as you saw from the video we've been hearing accounts from people who are here in this area when they suddenly heard gunshots from the police from armed police and a lot of confusion and being asked to run away quickly and as I was making my way here an arms officer pointed his gun at me and said stop where you are and then asked me to run to another group of people we were then escorted together huddled close together and we were very quiet people were panicking people were frightened naturally as we were being escorted through empty streets by armed officers who were scanning alleyways scanning around corners pointing torches and anyone who came close to us clearly they felt that they needed to protect us clearly they felt there was a threat still out there and from the activity around us this evening you can actually feel that there is a sense of threat still here on the streets of this part of London I guess you say that their sense of threat very much still there what we've seen just now a video footage of people being escorted by police and some with their hands on their head and if they fear a sense of panic there this evening there have been people who have been very upset very frightened quite naturally when you have this amount of police activity when you have this amount of confusion when uncertainty when people don't really know what's going on and then when you have the reports as we've had from the police of multiple casualties of stabbing incidents in different parts of the London in different parts of the city then people are of course very frightened I have seen people crying I have seen people who don't want to talk about what they've seen further down these streets and have been trying to get away as fast as possible all right Angus Walter for the moment thank you we're going to show you some more footage so this was filmed in a pub near London Bridge [Applause] automatically armed police inside a pub telling people in there to get down responding of course acclaimed of an attack an attacker possibly still at large around London Bridge in the area this evening let us take you now let's go back to our security editor Rohit catch you at row it doing anything more anything more that you can tell us is happening this evening clearly the picture is still absolutely confusing we see from our images coming into life coming into us live via ITV News we see it from eyewitness reports on the ground we see it across social media in fact as I speak to you the President of the United States Donald Trump tweeting whatever the United States can do to help out in London and the UK we will be there we are with you god bless his tweet just moments ago but clearly a confused situation we are talking about three incidents here around central London London Bridge Borough Market very close by and voxel just south of the River Thames an incident it appears reports of an incident quite close to the mi6 headquarters but I'm being told that mi6 is not directly involved in this incident and most significantly perhaps the criteria in the advice that is coming out of Scotland Yard their advice has been fairly sparked but they are advising this significant run hide tell advice in the United States it's run hide and fight here in the UK it's run hide and tell which indicates that this is not contained I think we can show that Trump that Donald Trump tweet and now whatever the United States can do to help out in London and the UK we will be there we are with you god bless Rohit we are working on the assumption now that this is a terrorist attack this is a multiple attack that's taking place in London it's still unfolding it's not that long since the attack in Westminster security services security serves and emergency services we've been expecting something again yeah I I suspect so I mean let's let's remember that terrorism is not defined by the method but by the motive but certainly here the methods used do appear to indicate acts of terrorism perhaps there are reports of gunfire reports of stabbings reports to a vehicle being used and all of this does have parallels with what we've seen in recent terrorist attacks not only here in the UK but also right around Europe as well detective it was just a statement from Jeremy Corbyn leader who has described this out of brutal and shocking let's talk about the security at London Bridge of course after the attack at Westminster vision and Parliament Square security was highlighting there but it wouldn't be the same kind of security around this area what I think it secures in all of central London has been particularly high particularly actually at London Bridge relation at the station there there is a huge mainline station for viewers who don't know the area it is also popular with tourists and we saw that just after the Manchester attack when security across the UK was heightened to the level of critical it was particularly a high-profile venues and I suspect London Bridge would have been ranked as being among those that were indicated that were isolated as being and you know is requiring that extra level of security you know London Bridge station people around London will know if somewhere where there are armed police there very often you know it is a high-profile venue it's a high-profile target perhaps and so that particularly is somewhere where we will have in a great deal of police's attention we saw the response came within second actually within two minutes we saw that armed police were on the scene and attempting to deal with this first incident but this appears to have been one of only one of three incidents around central London I'm a huge response as you point out there were your officers with shields and helmets and armed officers in particular this is very significant this is absolutely significant I'm looking at the Metropolitan Police Twitter feed it feels like a fairly basic form of gathering news but we're being told by Scotland Yard that this is where we will get the latest information and 41 minutes ago they reported that at 8 minutes past 10:00 officers responded to reports of the vehicle in collision on with pedestrians on London Bridge moments later they then updated us to say that officers have also been responding to reports of stabbings in Borough Market and thirdly officers reported to be responding to an incident in växjö now you know there's a great deal of choreography that goes around Scotland Yard releasing information and so they're incredibly cautious when they up data here and they're now in a state of their highest level of caution and so everything that we see coming out of Scotland Yard we can assume to be absolutely true in this whirlwind of speculation and false reporting that we're seeing online these are the facts and it's a very very telling statement on that meplease Twitter feed run hide and tell yeah run hide tell which means that the incident is not contained in the United States in the United States you know this sort of thing is actually run hide and fight it indicates a different nature nature of policing right here and but actually it's run hide and tell here in the UK we've seen you know this is the advice that we're getting at you can see here run hide tell it's rare for this issue to be for this sort of in to be given out by the police in fact I can't remember an incident unfolded you know during the times of the incident is unfolding for Scotland Yard to actually put out details like this but there we have it run hide tell it indicates a level of panic it indicates a great deal of uncertainty also indicates perhaps most significantly that offices at Scotland Yard do not believe that the incident is yet contain are we to assume that they are looking for perpetrators yeah I think that's a fair assumption we don't have the latest information about arrests if there has been any but I think that is a fair assumption at this point to make from that run hide tell advise okay thank you for omen let's go back to Helen Callaghan who is on the northern side of London Bridge this evening Helen what more can you tell us from where you are well since we last spoke a police van arrived unmarked black van I went on to London Bridge from the north side where we are by the cordial inside there were police they were wearing body armor and also wearing helmets there are already armed response units on the bridge we can't see around the corner so we don't know if they are still this end of the bridge but we do know that within the last hour or so we've certainly been moved back twice now we've been told by the police to get out of the way and they've changed the recordings that they've cleared the area of people as much as possible – it's much quieter this end of the bridge now when we first arrived there were many people here with buckling it was really busy people were coming back to my station after a night out they were walking from the south side to the north side when they reported to us that they were told by the emergency services to run in the words of one of the witnesses I spoke to said we were shouted at I didn't take much notice at first but then the police said run right now and I ran for my life it was extremely scary another man reported that he was working in a in a restaurant somewhere nearby and he said that armed police came into the restaurant and evacuated the place when he came out onto the bridge he said that he saw people with what he believed were knife wounds when we arrived here we certainly saw emergency services at the scene treating people who were injured they took one of the one of several double-decker buses that were on the bridge and they used those it appears as triage centers so they were using them to treat people for first aid and to give them some help other people who seemed to be in a better condition who were able to walk though clearly extremely shocked and dazed by what was going on were taken by police at some speed out of the area just away from the scene all right Helen for the moment thank you and we've just heard in the last few minutes that the Prime Minister's treason may has issued a statement she said that the terrible incident in London is being treated as a potential acts of terrorism Rohit our security editor at syriza may saying that this is the intuitive knowledge of potential acts of terrorism and those words aren't used lightly they you know these sorts of statements that come out in the wake of the terrorist attack treated incredibly cautiously and so through terrorism really is a suspicion here this would not come out of number 10 this would not be issued by the Prime Minister in a statement unless they were fairly sure that this was the case and as I say you know terrorism is not about than method although the methods used here do appear to mimic do you appear to parallel some of the incidents that we've seen not only here in the UK but also right around Europe you know the use of vehicles we saw that in Berlin we saw that it in Nice we've seen it elsewhere but terrorism is not about the method it is about the motive behind the attack but clearly there is some indication there is some intelligence to indicate that for the Prime Minister herself to say with a great deal of caution that this is a potential act of terrorism in images and pictures that we saw dramatic pictures of members of the public being escorted by police and they looked scared they looked panicked a report of a van reports of knife attack as well that's right you see these dramatic pictures here in the Kratt sea which should just dwell on this just for a moment that we imagine the panic that we see there and look at these images here it appears according to white witnesses on the scene that people who were in bars and restaurants and pubs around the area were told to leave immediately by police and by armed thugs to try to work out who there were innocent people and whether among them that were potentially attackers this was the immediate tactical response by armed officers you know who stormed in some of these buildings office blocks homes pubs restaurants and told people to leave immediately we see from that eyewitness reports that are coming out of the scene that there was a great deal of panic and a great deal of suspicion from a police officers and investigators there who were trying to work out whether there were people in in these vicinities who were actually attackers all right rotate thank you for the moment let's go back to Angus Walker who is at London Bridge on the south side of London's Ridge Angus we're seeing many pictures of distressed people being escorted by police a report of a van that veered into pedestrians reports also of a knife attack what more can you tell us well I'm standing on a road that leads down to borrow market where there have been reports of stabbing incidents and also for London Bridge the shard that very tall building in the middle of London is very close by we can see that building down now there are still many police vehicles this road behind you all I have a problem with the sound there with Angus will also take you back to him if we can Rohit just tell us again there's going to be a cobra meeting at tomorrow the pharmacist said this and also that this is being treated as a terrorist attack now yeah and the latter of those two is fast more significant you know Cobra meetings were not held fairly frequently particularly in the aftermath of an incident like this but for the Prime Minister herself to say that this is a suspected act of terrorism with all the caution that an incident like this will be treated and the language around it means that significantly once again it does appear that the UK is responding to another terrorist attack this one in London once again you know two weeks almost after Manchester it is now London that has come under attack it does appear alright ro have just the moments thank you we're going to show you some video footage that we've just received in from London Bridge tube station this is the it you can see armed police they're armed police there inside the station very dramatic and almost have been very very terrifying for the for the two passengers there yeah absolutely I mean this is the first image that I've seen of armed officers actually on the London transport network this is no arrests or the thing we saw when the can see them around the station but rarely actually on the forms here in fact England last week when the terror threat level was raised to critical and you know this is not the sort of thing that we saw in it perhaps works with the run hide tell advice to indicate the level of caution that is clearly being used here by police officers in London and and perhaps to the level of panic that there is among the security services right in the heart of London tonight okay thank you we can go back now to angus walker who is at the south side of London Bridge Angus what can you tell us about what's happening there right now and do you know anything about any reports of injuries or casualties tonight we have seen one casualty being treated about a half an hour ago yes did he or she were being treated up on the road behind me where you can see there are still many police vehicles I'm joined now by someone who saw who could directly just come and tell me your name hi my name's Neil Neil what did you see now I just saw the main thing as tourism arrests being made maybe definitely like two three men young men what area was that with this Barra High Street so they were being pushed against a shuttered shop front and being shouted out to you know put your hands up and all of that stuff and what do they look like I would have said they're young Ishmael's maybe in mid 20s maybe a bit younger all in black well they had like black hoodies black hair and yeah I mean I just thought really I saw the backs of them but it was a heavy police presence that the police weren't it wasn't the armed police they were they looked to me more like riot police I don't I didn't see any kind of weapons or anything like that but there was obviously an arrest and a very very heavy police presence so you run a night out tonight yeah exactly yeah and so talk me through what happened to you while I was just a friend's opening this evening and somebody arrived at the opening they they they'd been cycling through London I think they'd come over London Bridge and he was really freaked out he said there's somebody like randomly stabbing people and he was really freaked out and and I just thought right I'm going to try and get home but I guess I got kind of pushed out there there was a lot of roads cordoned off by the police so I had to walk around the back of guys Hospital and I find myself in an alleyway unbeknownst to me in the kind of maybe in a kind of sensor things thank you very much thanks very much as you can see a lot of people caught up in this and the police still asking people to leave the area the streets remain closed off at the moment and just water thank you which you see there many many people are still being affected this evening an ongoing incident that is unfolding around the London Bridge area in the Borough Market area Rohit final thoughts on what is happening here this is a situation that will continue into the night yeah and it gives appear that these incidents multiple incidents are not quite contained the latest advice and last few seconds from the Metropolitan Police saying we have plans for every incident and keep these under constant review but the Met ad please continue to avoid London Bridge and Borough Market to allow the emergency services to deal with the on knowing incidence the use of the word terrorism by the Prime Minister significant that appears to be where this investigation in its early first hours are heading terrorism is not a bad method but the methods used here do mimic recent terrorist attacks that we've seen in the UK and right right around Europe as well

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