Stig in a cab: vito Taxi vs. black cab. Now the Vito takes on a challenge against the TX4 the traditional Black Cab / stormcab. I love Taxi Drivers. (Watch on “Vito taxi vs. “black cab””.)



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27 thoughts on “London Black Cab vs. Vito-Taxi

  1. I drove a Vito cab about 7 years ago. While the driving position is great , really comfortable and roomy , there were serious downsides. The passenger doors . Utter utter shite, I worked nights and later in the evening the travelling public are mostly “ over refreshed “ . Despite large notices on the doors asking them not to try to force the doors open there were always some clowns who totally ignored the bleedin’ obvious and would heave at the doors. As if that wasn’t stupid enough, after hearing my polite (ish) explanation of the mechanism of the electric doors some of them would get in and proceed to try and drag the door shut ! My cue to drag said cretin out again and drive off. I’ve had a door broken by drunk dick heads and it ain’t funny. You can’t work the cab , you can’t lock it , you’re buggered. Windows , they only open a crack . Air conditioning is supposed to makeup for fresh air . No , when they get in a Vito , suddenly everybody is smitten with claustrophobia and demand that the driver somehow magics the windows open. Also they want to know why the door windows won’t open , graphically describing death by guillotine doesn’t stop them moaning about that for the whole ride either. When I used the rear wheel steering to pull off the south ken rank I was pulled over in park lane by a traffic cop and given a ticket for 2 completely bald , down to the wire rear tyres that were only a few weeks old. Rear wheel steering failed to lock back properly and stripped 2 tyres in about a mile. £2,000 and 6 points on my licence. Thanks Mercedes. Being much wider than a TX , I felt like a wally , having to creep carefully through 6 foot width restrictions, pulling in the wing mirrors , mine didn’t have electric ones, places where in the old TX I would previously have gone through at 30 mph without a thought. Thinking of wing mirrors , they are so wide they are easily damaged , as I found to my cost. Of course you do get a bit tired towards the end of a night shift, so maybe I wouldn’t have wizzed through gaps in traffic quite as fast if I had been a day man, and maybe done less damage to the mirrors!

  2. What a load of promo
    Can you compare two cars completely different in age..Why didn't you use a tx4 instead of an old tx1..
    You forgot to mention the windows don't open for the passengers,there's no spare wheel supplied for the vito, and nearly all had to go back because of rear wheel crabbing problems, And doing the tight turn you have to press a button for the wheels to change at 5mp top, which doesn't function in reverse..
    And all this for bags and bags more money…This video has made you look silly..

  3. black cab is shit but it's sort of attached to London so many people go with the picture rather than quality, i personally prefer quality so that Mercedes anyday and fuck the picture cuz i want the comfort.

  4. The design of the traditional black cab is sound and cannot be beaten. its the crap engines and components LTI started to put in with the TX2 and then te even worse TX4

  5. The black cab is 7 years older than the Vito, not a like for like comparison. X reg plate (2000-2001), TX1 black cab. 58 plate (2008-2009) Mercedes Vito. It was to be like for like there should have used a TX4 black cab from that year.  The TX4 is better for the environment as it has a lower Co2 than the Vito!  TX4 211g of Co2 and the Vito 229g and the TX4 has a much better acceleration than the TX1. 

  6. As the Vito is bigger than the TX, surely it's a waste of road space when only transporting one or two passengers, and road space ain't one of those things London has much of. Plus it's a van. Good for airport runs, though, I guess…

  7. If it was a noticeable improvement, then you'd have a point. But it's not. It's just a van.

    I'm sure it's possible to design a very sleek modern contemporary town taxi, but no one has yet. We're still waiting.

  8. It comes down what people what get in and when people come to London they want to get in the classic London taxi I'm shire people from London would rather ride in the classic and the merc looks like smashed poop

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