Converted London warehouse tour and Q&A about what it’s like living in a warehouse!
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hey guys so I'm finally getting around to filming this video that I have been promising and teasing for ages and it's going to be a warehouse tour but also a bit about what it's like to live in a converted warehouse in London can you hear that crazy noise this is what it's like it is 11:30 a.m. on a Wednesday alright so I've given you a great first impression of what it is like to live in a warehouse totally would recommend guys but in all seriousness it is great living here so basically the general setup of the warehouse that I live in is that were all on the ground floor and there is a big open plan communal area that is like the living room and the kitchen and then there's a separate space that is like the studio area then along the back is the corridor and all of the bedrooms that people sleep in so I've lived here for a year and seven months it is the longest I've ever stayed in one place other than my parents home because that university would change every year so being somewhere that's like my own for over a year it's really strange and like the new experience like I own furniture now I also have some news but you're gonna have to wait until the end of the video to find out about that so I went on my Twitter and I asked you guys if you had any questions about what it is like to live in a warehouse and my experience and so I'm going to answer them now Michael voyeurs asks are you living there to save money or are you preparing for the apocalypse great question Michael well I think that everyone should always be preparing for the apocalypse so that goes without saying but yes definitely living here to save money this was the first place that I moved into when I moved to London and I didn't really have that much money so this was a great option for me granted it's still in London so it still is expensive but in terms of the amount of space that you get like cost per square meter it's really G ever since ask why live where you live what do you like about the place that you live in so like I said money was a definite factor in it but also all of the people that I knew in London were youtubers and I knew that I didn't want to live with youtubers I wanted to kind of expand my social circles in London and so moving in with a group of people who I had never met before and all did completely different things but we're kind of still doing stuff in the creative industries that was really appealing to me Aires says how did you find the warehouse who helped you in finding it so for me personally a friend of mine from Manchester lives in a warehouse down the road and there's this communal Facebook group for the collection of warehouses in this area and so he added me to the group because it's a private group and I just posted in their thing help me I'm looking for a place to live and someone replied and I went and looked around the warehouse and I liked it and then I got it and I realized that's quite a unique way of doing it but rooms and warehouses are always being advertised on spare room and Gumtree so if you are looking to live in a place like this I would check out those sites Michelle Carter says what's it like to share the public space while trying to respect each other's privacy it's actually really simple the communal area is communal and your bedroom is private and everyone definitely respects each other's space there's no problem if you just need to be on your own and you just want to go to your room and not speak to anyone but if you want to do there's always going to be people around and you can chat and hang out Azlan ask how many people do you share with obviously every warehouse is different in the warehouse that I live in there are 11 bedrooms but there are 12 of us because one bedroom is occupied by a couple I realize that sounds like so many people but in reality everyone is on different schedules and doing different things there is never all 12 of us home at once I don't think that has ever happened except maybe when we do Christmas dinner creig's a frost dragon us is living in a warehouse difficult I would say you definitely have to be a certain type of person to be able to live in warehouse you have to be very relaxed pretty chilled out person obviously there are loads of cool things and benefits to living in a warehouse but right now I'm just going to list all of the difficulties that I've found over the last year and seven months first of all as you can tell noise like right now there is music coming from a warehouse next door and I also can hear the washing machine the walls in this place are so thin because they're not real wools they've just been like put up you can hear people having conversations in the bedrooms next door to you you can hear people having sex I can hear people walking the other thing is there are no windows in the bedroom this is just the reality of the situation all of our rooms are surrounded by all angles and so there is no natural light coming into my bedroom how do I feel about that the weird thing about that is that if the lights are off it is pitch-black in my room no matter what time of day so getting used to like waking up in darkness was weird but I'm very used to it now and I can easily wake up at 7:30 in the morning so that's good the other thing is is you know how I get ill all of the time I genuinely think that it's down to having no windows like not being able to properly let air into this room or like see the Sun it gets messy it gets dirty but we're not afraid of calling each other out if we haven't done our dishes it's kind of like a free-for-all and every man for himself when it comes to cooking and washing up I feel really bad now because I've listed all of the annoying things about living here but I feel like if you are considering living in a warehouse you need to know it all Rosie asked is it cool hell yes it is cool I feel so lucky to be living here and the people are great every evening there's just people in and you can watch TV together watch films together have some drinks together girl things ask is it called what's the installation like it is so warm in here so so warm this is one of my favorite things about this place after living in student accommodation is that it doesn't get cold in the winter I can still sleep naked in the winter months here amazing not cold at all Nick asks have you decided what you're doing next accommodation wise so glad you asked Nick so it's news time I'm moving out so yeah I'm moving out I'm moving to a small flat with just two of my friends and there's just gonna be three of us living there and I'm so excited I'm gonna have windows in my bedroom the only thing is is that I'm spending way more money on it and for a lot less space Oh which means I'm gonna have to get rid of this bookshelf like the books are all still coming with me I will find a place for them I am moving on the 14th of June which is just before I go to VidCon so I'll move I'll have like a few days of settling in and then be like bye but then once I get back I'll probably have like a big housewarming in it but I genuinely have loved living here so much and I couldn't have found a better place to be my first home in London and it really does feel like that it does feel like a home whilst we're on the topic of me moving to a smaller place and not being able to take all of my stuff with me I have got loads of bees what I still have boxes of merch and there's not a lot of space at my new flat and the less I have to carry the better so I'm going to be doing a sale on my merch store Hannah Witton Big Cartel dot-com you'll be able to get 25% off everything in the store from now the day this video goes up and the 13th of June the day before I move out does that sound great so there's the do I look like a poster and then at the bottom it says there is no such thing as a and there's this drunk advice tote bags with the little images and drunk advice and then it says drunk advice on back yeah they'll be a link in the description to my store where you can get these buy as many as you like you know I need to shift some of these so I have left to take with me to my new house was that a great sales pitch yeah you wanna buy them because you know you'll be helping me moving house is stressful did you hear the house bit sneeze could you give I'm going to pause the last minutes all right that is it thank you so much for watching please give the video a thumbs up if you enjoyed it and let me know in the comments your like dream home like a dream living situation if money was not an issue and don't forget to subscribe because I make new videos every week see you soon bye

34 thoughts on “Living in a Warehouse in London | Hannah Witton

  1. I'm in East London, currently in a tiny double room (although I have a big window!) and am considering moving into one of the big creative warehouses in Hackney Wick so I can have some more space in a few months. I hear some have problems with mice – that's my only concern! Did you have this at all? (or anyone else who's done the warehouse thing..). I also hear quite a lot are real party houses – which I'm ok with to an extent!

  2. Huh? You don’t say “schedule” like most Brits I know. Like my old college roommate from London, he pronounces it: shhez-ule…like the actor Patrick Stewart.

  3. Good thing about warehouse, cheap and big space but for everything else about it move on by .

    I have heard and seen various things people do just to stay in London. London is just not worth it anymore

  4. My dream home would either be a beach house overlooking the Pacific Ocean, or the top floor of a canal house in Amsterdam. IME, living next to a body of water is extremely meditative and tranquil.

  5. My dream home would be a small-ish flat in London or somewhere close to London that I'd live in with one or more friends. Windows would be nice, some kind of balcony or patio or SOMETHING with outside space. I don't really want much, it's more the feeling of having my own space, but also being able to be with friends.

  6. My dream home: a house in the forest , maybe a cabin that overlooks a gigantic lake and beautiful mountain scenery. There are locals near by who do a lot of hiking and canoeing and the house is not even 10 minutes away from a ski mountain. DREAM.

  7. In Hamburg we have this hole warehouse district wich has been converted. Most of it is over 100 years old and you got streets on one side of the buildings and canals on the other. It is totally different from what you describe. It's been converted to real flats besides of the other uses like some tourist attractions and carpet dealers.

  8. My ultimate goal is the live in an industrial loft penthouse in the middle of a city on my own. I want the living area all open plan with double height ceilings and an exposed brick wall and bookshelves lining a whole wall and then a spiral staircase to a mezzanine living area which goes into a bedroom and office. I want MASSIVE loft windows covering the whole loft so I can watch the sunrise over the cityscape. ❤

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