Medium: watercolor on handmade paper
Size: 11 x 22 Inch
Tools: Brush and watercolor Palette
Place: Ghandruk
Color: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, black & white

step by step painting
How to paint?
Easy to paint

Camera: J6 Samsung

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hello friend welcome to big art gallery today we are going to do light painting at can rock this is first light painting at BK art gallery YouTube channel I hope you will enjoy in this multiple of painting I'm going to paint beautiful sky Alton and some clouds with in spending I will do as fast I can do Anna Padma is very famous taking area of Nepal and loss of trekker hiker come from different country owes the see here beautiful landscapes and Nepali our culture from different reasons and cast in this area plus a guru people are living here from 3 days every day Jenny so rude are little bit secret and from pokhara 200 spoke high power and we walk up an hour again to reach our destination where we stay the night guru cards in hand rope I come first time in 2006 till now I come more than 20 time here and I enjoy I here to paint and discover the culture of boring people and here now I'm back in the sky from this painting every minute cloud is smoking so it's very hard to cast the cloud on my painting Nasir is challenging me the first video on YouTube I put forgive me February 2019 this video I put for my student would like to learn painting new to so many discusiรณn asked me to teach them plenty but I don't have time and so many students they are from different countries so same time they can learn they cannot learn painting from there so now YouTube is very easy way to learn pending an appeal 2099 and till now I post 56 videos and there are so many mountain paintings and in acrylic and some watercolor paintings until now I've only one to flower 20 I am trying to put some drawings charcoal and some oil called painting also so please keep watching the catechol D on YouTube please please please don't forget to Like comment and subscribe on this channel in this whole month I will try to show how I think particle and Apple will be water color month in this whole month I will try to paint a different location off Nepal and I hope you will learn through my watercolor that to make a painting first time or when you learn then please don't take loss of subject because it will make you more confused way to paint and how to draw this all things so please when you start to draw try to take minimum subject on your composition and it will help you to finish fast like in this painting and we can do some detail also because subject will be minimal now I put my camera tried to put my camera nearby to show you the detail off in this painting and talit also what I am using the color the next video I will try to show the palette also the color how I mix with different colors and make the pending in time when I paint I am always surrounded by the people so sometime I get very positive energy to paint but sometime people are always surrounded by me so I could not paint I could not see the subject while I'm painting so I got this drug on so some time so in this painting I don't have any viewer to see the painting so I feel very easy to paint and in this spending so now I am trying to show the mountains and he please like and it's done thank you for watching

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