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you yes sir something odd cream for love what you say if I requested politics and racism well you said something and I'm not good at a context my college I could be said slip was out in the central but the whole white people from provisions working together clockwise the question from the gentleman to my left he states in the beginning of his question that he has been listening to what we have to say and some of it much of what we say he agrees with however he heard us say something to the effect to the people that they should hang around for a while and they will see the mask of the white man sit is asking the question does that pertain to a specific type of white man or are we saying in general that white people are inherently evil or something to that effect I think I've represented this question correctly it's a very good question first of all I would invite you sir to do the best you can to have a study of the philosophy and the teachings of the Nation of Islam because to do justice to your question we haven't got that kind of time in terms of how deep such a question is but what I will say to you is this what we are taught is that based on the way in which you were made when I say you I'm talking about Caucasian people you are a brand new people to our planet the black man the black woman we are the Ancient of Days there is no scholar no historian no anthropologist that can give you a birth record for black people we are the mothers and fathers of civilization all people come from us black is not even a color it is the base of all colors within this you can take brown you can take yellow you can take red you can take white all of it this is dominant according to your own geneticist people like Mendel Mendel's law black skin is dominant dark eyes are dominant white skin is recessive light eyes are recessive you can take the recessive from the dominant you cannot get the dominant from the recessive proven scientifically we are the mothers and fathers of civilization now I say that as a as a foundation for you to understand that you came from us one of our great scientists 6,000 years ago determined to experiment with same thing that he found within the black man and he determined to bring this thing out of the black man in order that we might observe a part of ourselves that we needed to deal with and never allow to dominate our lives this believe it or not this one tell you to study this this manifested as the Caucasian white man the process of making white people was one where lots of Lies and murder had to be employed in order to facilitate a process of genetic engineering or grafting from black into white it took 300 years of that process to produce a brown man what you might call Japanese or or what you might call South Indians it took another two hundred years to produce the yellow man the Chinese it finally took another two hundred years to produce a blond-haired blue-eyed pale skinned Caucasian white man this white man he is your ancestor and this process in order to bring this process about the midwives involved in the process over the six hundred years they had to murder the dark-skinned babies that were born married the light ones onto the light keep murdering the black ones keep marrying the light onto the light lying to the mothers about what happened to the black ones the baby said they died they went to heaven and order this stuff waiting for 600 years in the end we ended up with this very pale Caucasian as a result of what went into your making you have a propensity you have a lean in towards lion and evil and murder it is the nature of the person black people our nature is the opposite side white people have a nature this is why if you study your historians your anthropology you will hear them asking the question why are we the way we are why are we so violent why if you study Chinese history Native American history Indian history and they're not even called Indians white man calling Indians black history whether you study you will see that white people from Europe went in among these people and destroyed them why is it that white people have this propensity to go all around the world and do this to other people of color this is really really important before and even children you're doing that to us do you know that in Europe in Britain they had a hundred years or a hundred years of Perpetual warfare there has not been one day of European history where have not been at war Britain out of the hundred and ninety odd countries on the planet Britain is at conflict with one hundred and seventy seven of them this cannot be coincidence this has to be Alena if you and I drive in a car and every time you get in the car with me I'm on my home at every driver dinner whoosh and I've got a problem with every driver in the road and every day you get in the car with me because we're we're work colleagues and I Drive you to work every day you get in the car with me I've got a problem with the bus driver I'm gonna with the guy right in the bicycle I've got a problem with pedestrians I've got a problem with other car drivers at some point you have to use your intelligence and stop looking at all those other people and take a look at the person you're driving with because you using intelligence you're gonna realize the problem is with this person I'm sitting next to this is the logical deduction and so see based on your question based on your demeanor see I can't judge you as some wicked or horrible person see human beings believe it or not you've got white people who despite their nature they go opposite their nature and they do absolute good there are many white people like that on the planet you've got black people on nature is righteous but many of us do evil against our nature I said at the beginning you are not here Jeremy Corbyn he's a man like that Jeremy Corbyn they hate him they despise him why because Jeremy Corbyn has got a conscience jeremy corbyn don't just care about white people he cares about everybody else and they don't shut your mouth you fool you fool you fool see we're we're called anti-symmetric as well let me tell you something any person who hates a Jew because they are a G you are looking at a very very stupid person we do not hate Jews in fact we love and we admire every G who is true to the Covenant in the scriptures we respect Christians we respect Jesus we respect Muslims we respect religious people who don't just say their religion from their lips but they carried a religion into practice in the Bible the scripture that says they say they are Jews this is the Bible I didn't write it for this idiot over here they say they are Jews but they are not Jews they are of the synagogue of Satan so we know that not everyone who claims to be a G is a G not everyone who claims to be good is good we understand lip service and so I would say to you sir believe me when I say this I have no intention of labeling you a devil or some wicked person I would say to you sir in your heart you feel and you know that you're a good man be a good man you don't have to put on that hat you walk as a righteous person on the planet Allah God will bless you but what we're talking about when we talk about that mosque slipping are these wicked demons mostly in white skin they're not only white skin some of them blacker than me but these wicked demons be masquerade as angels of light when in fact they are totally and utterly demonic that's what we're talking about and you will see the mask of civility see I use the language there see they they want to give the world the impression that they are so civilized they speak so nicely but the mask of civility slipping and will slip and the people will see because when Tony Blair told this big lie and by the way you will notice that Tony Blair has no shame whatsoever you would think that having been discovered that this was a diabolical lie which has cost the lives of millions of people not tens of thousands millions have died as a result of that light you see Tony Blair is so brazen he comes on the television still talking about foreign policy still trying to influence governments still proud after what he did so this is see this is not the act of a human being me me guilty of taking one life I would be so ashamed much less millions but this man I can show you he hasn't lost one night's sleep he didn't get put off his dinner that evening because this is Satan in human form this is what you've got to understand there is no devil under the ground the devil is walking among us and human beings we have to choose whether we're standing with God or whether they stand in the Satan thank you very much for your question and thank you very much for your patience and listening to the answer just to say the things I'm saying the scripture in the Bible comes into effect though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death I fear no evil because you got to understand that your governments are murderous they are wicked wicked demons and this young lady he lost their life as a result of being poisoned by Nava Chuck they are crying crocodile tears they don't give a damn about her they don't give a damn about her life and you are watching international intrigue being played out in front of your face and it's all one big game that they're playing with the British people and I warn you in the name of Allah be very careful to be once again led down the garden path by these wicked liars we want you to go along with the narrative that Russia is to blame or that Assad woke up one morning and decided to just start killing his own people really or that Muammar Gaddafi was going to kill his people or that Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction and we can go on and on and on all of it manipulation and leading the people into a place where not only will the demons suffer divine retribution but every one of us he thinks we're innocent we'll have to pay a price because we went along with it when we should have known better because the people are the ones with the real control thank you for listening may Allah bless you as I greet you in peace i Salam alaikum Oh what is the greatest not may not Trump only Allah thank you you

48 thoughts on “Leo Muhammad | Hyde park Speaker's corner: The mask of civility

  1. i was born a christian and i have been woken up for about a month after waking up i can understand it …i have always listened to farrakhan and now i’m hearing a lot clearer in all his speeches including this brother here and i admit islam is accurate it’s just said no one around me sees this

  2. Good day to you, I have been watching your videos for a while and would like to know where I can purchase a copy of Message to the blackman.
    Keep up the good work my brother,
    Peace and Love everytime. ✊✊

  3. Brotha Muhammed tell a lot of truth but in Malachi 4:5 -6 speak of Elijah will be send in the End days.
    Elijah is not the Elijah who created the Nation of Islam. Scripture from the list books speaks of a land between two rivers in the ancient Times we were called Egypt. Now we are called Africa. Elijah was born as John the baptist in present day Zimbabwe 1 October 1914 and reincanated 31 July 1977 and lives in Ireland as we speak. I have evidence
    Whatsup me on 00263 772 472 746
    I have books and evidence anyone family interested contact me esp blacks in Ireland and London

  4. Its ver true father leo.. These whites come to Africa to experiment on our wild lives, and they knw dat once we feed on dem, we will b infested.. But they will stay quiet abt it.. Infestin our wild lives wid Ebola virus etc n will paint Africa dat we are made of diseases.. God will punish every evil white person

  5. There is one moral seemingly flaw I would like to point out… If it is true that Blacks "created" this so called evil accross 6 hundred years by murdering their "own" and propogating the lighter gene whcih in and of itself is an "evil" thing to do then wouldnt it make more sense to shunn the act of creating such a thing or race??? and can you really blame the white man in this theory?? Something of that doesnt make sense to me… The honorable speaker mentioned that the purpose was to bring the evil part of blacks out in order to learn how to deal with it??? I would like a genuine response and will seek the opportunity to do so…

  6. Brother Leo thank you for waking my conscious! I was a Mormon, turned Christian and now I reject religion. I admire the passion you have for our people and your religion! You’re a true model of unity and love. My mother loves you too and we are amazed that it doesn’t bother us that you’re Islam. I love you ❤️🙏🏾 great son of Africa❤️❤️.

  7. Let the truth be told… The slave masters religions judaism, christianity and islam were designed to keep you, fearful, scared and confused, also dumb, subservient, compliant and controlled and enslaved for ever, they keep you bound to outdated ideas, concepts and morality, religion stops your ability too think critically, it makes you believe in so called holy books written by unknown authors, that are full of contradictions, fairytales, mythology and lies, none of which can be proven or verified,

    With only belief and faith as your justification for following religions that have for thousands of years encouraged and condoned, war, rape, genocide, sexism, racism, slavery, murder etc all in the name of your imaginary sky daddy and fictional characters from so called holy books, that no one can prove existed.

    It's now the time to break loose from the mental chains of religion that were designed to tie, bind and shackle your mind, and free yourself from mental slavery, none but ourselves can free our minds, True Talk!?… 👑❤️🖤💚☥

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