English anti-Islamist activist Tommy Robinson will be in court this week to find out whether he should go through another contempt of court hearing, which could send him to jail, over his live stream outside a Leeds courtroom last summer. True North’s Andrew Lawton is in London to cover the case, given how flawed British press coverage has been of it.

There’s another reason: Canada and the UK are cohosting a press freedom summit in just a couple of months, yet the UK is the country that sent Robinson to jail for covering a story the mainstream media refused to.

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I'm in London in the United Kingdom to cover a case that should have everyone in the developed world paying attention because it's about the fundamental legal rights and the right to due process that people are supposed to have all around the world in free countries Tommy Robinson is once again facing potential jail time for contempt of court charge stemming from his desire to draw attention to a case that few in the mainstream media were Tommy Robinson will find out this week whether he has to go through another contempt of court trial for what he did back in the summer previous to here which was standing outside a courtroom with a live stream on his phone offering commentary and coverage of a case against Muslim sex grooming gangs that was going on in the courtroom in Leeds this was something where the judge looked out the window saw that Tommy was broadcasting on Facebook and had him arrested charged tried sentenced and convicted all within a matter of about five hours and he was then put to prison where he was subjected to solitary confinement where his rights were denied all because he flipped on the camera button on his phone when standing in a public courtyard now this was overturned in an appeal and then a new trial was ordered which took place or was supposed to take place in London in October and I was in the UK for that when the most senior judge of the Old Bailey in downtown London found that there were enough complexities to Tommy's case that the Attorney General would have to order new charges were it to proceed unfortunately for Tommy the Attorney General of the United Kingdom Geoffrey Cox did exactly that a new hearing was ordered and this week we're going to find out if Tommy is actually going to have to go through this whole thing again now this is going to be just a two-hour hearing and in it Tommy's legal team is arguing that he should not have to have another hearing well the Attorney General will essentially be arguing that he does but the reason this case is so interesting and why I as a Canadian here is because Tommy has become much of a lightning rod in the UK the press cannot cover his case honestly in the United Kingdom as I demonstrated with evidence last time I was here but also what's happened in his treatment in the press and I literally had a front-row seat to that in court sitting in front of a bunch of the mainstream media reporters that have been covering the Tommie case and I wanted to read a couple of things that they said to one another not realizing that I was actually committed to fairness ezreal event needs to be arrested he's whipped up hate another one about Tommy before the court case had even started and one reporter said this quote he is in contempt of court there's not really any doubt but more importantly the right to due process the right to free speech the right to press freedom these are all freedoms that don't just exist in the UK and some would argue they don't but these are freedoms that need to be upheld around the world and as a matter of fact in just a couple of months I'm gonna be back in the UK because the United Kingdom and Canada are co-hosting a press freedom summit and this is a summit where these countries are going to hold themselves up as the gold standard for press freedom and tell other countries how they can do better well we're here to look not just at the legal questions facing Tommy but also whether or not this case has wider ranging implications on press freedom remember Tommy was representing himself outside that courtroom last summer as a journalist he was there for journalistic reasons meaning when he was arrested and hauled off to jail for covering this case that no one else in the media was that was a violation of press freedom all of these cases are interconnected and I'm here to get the answers now this sort of coverage doesn't happen without you we're still crowdfunding for me to be able to come back here in July for that press freedom summit there's a link in the box if you're able to help out with a couple of bucks or a couple of hundred bucks it would go a long way but for now the coverage continues for true north I'm Andrew Luck

39 thoughts on “LAWTON IN LONDON: Tommy Robinson might be headed back to jail. Here’s why it matters to Canadians

  1. Britain’s left has managed to turn Britain into a socialist dictatorship. Arresting Tommy, convicting and jailing him within less than half a day could only be done in a dictatorship ! The police could care less about laws and the citizens as proven in the rape trials that Tommy was covering as a journalist. The rape gangs had been operating and raping young girls, children in fact, for over a decade with no police intervention. Why you may ask, because Muslims were involved and for some stupid reason the police feared being labeled “islamophobe”

  2. Lawton welcome to London and well done for supporting this noble cause . A capital city of the Western World that arrests journalists , jails them without a fair trial or time to prepare a defence . When they appeal and win the State attempts to retrial the journalist on charges that have seldom been used or are relevant to the supposed crime . By the way the alleged crimes were against criminal paedophiles and rapists who support an alien religion whose most zealous followers believe in the down fall of the West . This is Crazy Town !!! Just to add another level of bizarreness to this the liberal left are patting themselves on the back for how independent their judiciary is and how this country upholds the freedom of speech . Thank God Spain is my Country !

  3. UK a once great nation has fallen into absolute tyranny. I can't believe the British people have allowed their country to be overrun by the very thing they fought so hard against in 1939.

  4. Here in Canada many of us who demand our rights of free speech and free movement and a lifestyle to call our own, support whole heartedly Tommy Robinson in his crusade against tyrrany. The British press and justice system should not only feel ashamed of this tyrannical type of action, but must soon be thrown out of power and held accountable for their diabolical actions. It's like reading Robin Hood and the Sheriff of Nottingham 2019 style.

  5. No one actually cares about you scor9ioN. Your narcissism is a problem only between you and your mental health professional. No one else cares about your degeneracy.
    That you deleted your useless comments proves what a coward you are.

  6. If Canada and Britain are the gold standard for a free press, then the United States must be the gold pressed latnium standard. Where else do you have such a hate on for a country's leader by the MSM and still be allowed on the air and be a part of the press gallery. We don't see The Rebel or the True North Initive being part of the Parliamentary Press Gallery.

  7. They're after him because of his attempt to get into politics. I was afraid this was going to happen because he is making a real stir wherever he goes. They're afraid!

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  9. The timing is suspicious. Tommy is running for EU parliament to become a MEP. I would like to see members of the British main stream media interviewed and asked if they know or can explain why, how anti-free speech and undemocratic their country has become. Why can't they understand or see it?


  11. After thinking about politics more in the past year, than I have in my entire life, I am ready for it to get as bad as possible and as fast as possible. The snowflakes that are furiously wanting to tear the world to shreds are exactly the ones who will be unable to handle it when it happens. The strong and smart Conservatives will be the ones to fix all this and pay with our blood and tears, but we will bring it back to its glory.

    I am ready now. Not later.

  12. Press freedom… I guess that's what Turdope wanted when he gave half a billion dollars to the MSM in Canada. Oh, and the CBC is ALWAYS fair in it's reporting… hahahahahaha.
    Time to defund the CBC!
    As for the Brits, nothing will change in that country until THE PEOPLE MAKE IT HAPPEN!! Freedom isn't free!

  13. Thank you to you Andrew and Ezra for going to fairly cover the kangaroo court of the persecuted Tommy Robinson when hating liars like BBC refuse to. The elitist political class tyrants in Britain are nearly on a level with the cruelest dictatorships around the world. The reason masses emigrated from the UK over centuries was to escape the classism and persecution from the snobbery class. Sadly modern advancements and democracy have done little to dislodge the vile English caste system. It’s also the reason the ruling class allow such violence from (not all) immigrants to be perpetrated upon the working class English (ie the rape gangs) and why a majority of immigrants despise the country that allows them to live there.

  14. We will never get true freedom until we realise that we can govern our self's until then we will always be a slaves to the elite. As they have brain washed in to believing we have to be controlled by them.

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