Lauren London is reportedly pregnant by the great Nipsey Hussle.
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what's good YouTube is cute back with another video and we got some pretty exciting news today so reportedly Lauren London is pregnant with Nipsey Hussle child and for you guys who don't know it's been reported that Lauren London has been having a really hard time with the situation but there of course that she had fainted and bumped her head and all types of crazy shit so this may also shed light on the situation and help uplift Lauren London and get her in good spirits this is definitely something to celebrate for Nipsey Hussle 's family the fact that he has a child on the way after his birth that's really some iconic shit and maybe very symbolic that's definitely a victory lap plan if see I think that's pretty dope I know me having my pussy's you know if I was to pass to be able to have my children still pushing the envelope on my legacy especially with big shoes to feel like nipsey's I don't think that'd be a problem with a you know their background and that family so that you know the upbringing of their family his mother as you guys might have seen her speak on them she's a very intelligent woman as far far as his grandmother his brother everyone around him seems to be pretty intelligent so they'll be raised up in good hands and we've been seeing a lot of people online some people are completely fucking ignorant man they're bashing along understand that she has a baby by lewane and nipsey hussle who gives a complete fuck I mean she's an a-list celebrity she's you know a really beautiful woman who gives a fuck about any of those type of situations people just throw so much salt and shade at any time and people can be at all-time low and all they do is kick you while you down and that's one fucking terrible thing about the black community not uplifting one another you know this woman is going through a hard time just lost her husband her best friend her protected her provider and her children's father and people on social media are taking it into their own hands to say harsh shit about it to say shit that has no relevance at all let it breathe let the family breathe give them that space give them their peace and I just want to leave you guys with that and make sure you guys click that subscribe button turn on your post notification bell so that way you can get notified for every new upload that I release also make sure you subscribe to our other channels for the kids that's the kids channel so if you guys have any kids that would be a dope channel I have my son and daughter doing some dope learning activities ABC's one two threes you know fun stuff like that as well as the cue and Sadie's family vlogs for me and my fiance will be doing pranks anything family vlogs that has to do a couple life so leave you guys with that make sure you guys that subscribe button and I'm out peace

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