Traditionally KwaZulu-Natal pupils would gather outside their local newspaper office, hoping to catch a copy hot off the press.

since late last night these matriculants have been waiting for newspapers to be dropped off at sites in and around urban scores more have come through during the morning anxious to see their names in print the weight is excruciating especially once the 6am paper drop-off time comes and goes kinda nervous right now and tie it as well because you've been camping out here for like the whole night but besides that I'm really excited Oh excited no was tired everything all at once but the eyepiece daughter right now I'm quite irritated because if you know how nice opinion since ace of base o'clock in the evening and but I'm quite confident surpassed pretty much i'm actually i'm ready for what's about to come i just want to know how I elected nervous anxious he tried to sleep but couldn't get any finally a siren but there are mixed reactions to what's been pentane what good it's overwhelming I guess I did well but uh I feel I could have done better then I got my results five distinctions it was exactly let's watch over me right now i'm happy i just made it but a better marks will be theta others are anxious for loved ones to set for the crucial exams seriously you suck garage a soul while the matrix named here are now celebrating those who didn't make it now have important decisions to make they can either rewrite them a trick subjects search for a job in a hard pressed economy or consider courses which don't require mitrik either way they should remember minister angioma circles words that they not lose heart Judith's urban turban know more about your world en-ca com

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