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really wanna touch on something that has to do with Nipsey Hussle but more so his significant other I don't know if y'all heard about it oh you know you know about thank you stupid we all wanna smack I want to smack the shit out of him just know that we we have so we have to hope that that young name understands that he needs to keep his fucking mouth shut sometimes yeah because this is that was a disgrace yeah that was a disgrace and he's gonna talk about that another day maybe you probably don't want to go look Ellie no time so no but yeah we don't we probably feel talked about we talked about another day it's not gonna be relevant so we might as well go a little comeback oh you brought it up rebel you go along you take the floor okay so apparently kodak black was on instagram live basically saying day he wants Lauren London since Nipsey Hussle is no longer here he said basically give it about a year to him he had try to put his bidding I just rollin that's disrespectful as fuck we can't call it trolling brought like that that's oh so you want to come in my man's girl right now I'm gonna fuck you up especially with how it happened and the reaction that the that this is what he's doing to keep itself in the public eye he's saying stop that no like yes a shit now that was true look what he's doing let's let out disrespect no no I understand what it was with young me ma I understand any words disrespect but that had nothing to do with death why come on dude like I don't care how much you're thinking about it you don't speak on it before the man is in the indigo integrate his goofy airs gonna say man for her I'll be all like a b4 huh you can see yourself from your management so get your like that like that shit right there it kind of it kind of forced me because it's fine though you you got family that's that's in their life right right are you serious right now like dude like that is just the the level disrespect is too goddamn high on that right there like he should have kept his mouth shut he said kept his job and not saying anything about that like I like people who like all man he was high he was drunk I didn't know what I was doing now at the end of the day you're grown-ass person I don't care how intoxicated she is I don't care how drunk you is I don't care none of that right we used to say something as a grown-ass man your word is your bond Point Blank Point Blank if you say some to me that's how you feel you go to what my state you claim you mean I mean an end of the day is I mean he went from a guy that I attempted to check out just because I have something especially after the freshman class reached out he actually had a little bit so and now he's just the kid that don't deserve it no more no not at all you know and so people look at you and hopefully they don't make leaders words like mugs is doing to homie that they say killed nipsey you know I'm saying cuz he going through hell and how are you right now so if you want to expel me I mean in all cases you know say not only is him you know so I want to know how to he afford their more fucking million dollar lawyer yeah the same nigga net defended oh setup I keep saying I think it's set up but you know see here's the thing now they was it was said that with the whole Nipsey Hussle thing that the set will be fit within each other and some of the people in the set was actually trying to help him stay away from the police so one of them could front the bill for the lawyer so that that that's what it could be blood man like oh I wouldn't even touch that case I don't care how much it weighs pen you can who nah man hope his ass fry uh I'll let you later you know some shit like that call me back when you need no I'm not taking yeah like what yeah oh oh oh that he I hope he yeah I'll be the extension I mean xxx didn't I see y'all Oh God calls home you were too goofy let's make one thing clear mental health is mirror

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