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STORROR is a collective of seven elite athletes with big individual characters who were drawn together by a shared innate passion for movement and love of adventure. After growing up together and developing their skills for over a decade, the boys have built the most iconic brand in Parkour with an enthusiastic following to match.


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This video features Parkour performed either by professionals or under the supervision of professionals. All members of team STORROR have been training for 12+ years and insist that no one attempt to re-create or re-enact any ROOFTOP activities performed in this video.

yeah we were joking we're not gonna stop YouTube we're back on another adventure this time in Israel of the Holy Land turned up local spot better training today and then a free mega video we're gonna start shooting in the next few days somewhere else and if you really thought that we're gonna be up YouTube you don't really know us we're gonna be here for the rest of your Monday years ago I think this this area is like a theatre or gallery or something so they're just like fun to load of like Colin concrete we just always amazing for us it continues down these levels beams coming out this is so sick Oh everywhere found ourselves a little descent mission coming from here I like put your hands in the French I think but from here I think you can just like drop so yeah I mean we just started training we're still figuring out the formula of this descent it's a bit awkward with the spacing with your feet coming down on from the arms on position yeah it's just like you've got to figure out the best way to do it everything about that but definitely the worst bits you had maybe it's just a confidence thing but also you don't wanna fall off that I mean with every descent you've got to start slowly because of the consequences of falling down the drop so start slowly people work your way up and once you feel the motion when you've know the gaps and the spacings and the technique that's when you commit and get faster not bad not freaking bad that's every sick that motion is fluid that motions just to let you guys know that was my first palm flip in about three months and it was spontaneous okay now to connect it all in the ball okay coming down Oh there we go one hour later descend smoothly done completed flipped out at the end 20 yeah it's gonna say 20 touching on 20 that's a lot of repetition but turned out good like it like we were complaining about how techie and all could it was do it 20 times to become semi-natural it was the final bit where it's like we had it down and we had it smooth but just to get that extra step quicker and that's basically what we're looking that's some really good accuracy that's here like oh these concrete beans this one here is pretty grim it's like a big drop down and if you overshoot it into the forest don't want to bounce off you don't want to overshoot to worry about it's making a good precision and I've done loads of good ones before oh yes clean as a whistle solid as an ox yeah look it out look at that look at this that's it lovely mission completed it's cheap send it too far this way Oh every time on purpose just some challenges that you see in our videos are like oh they look kind of cool kind of fun kind of easy so in the reality of the situation is some of them are absol actual human puzzle to figure out between distance power technique this is one of those things the temptation as always one more offer than one more after the one more so add one more on after that one more that's Enosh Enosh there is always one more after the one more just do it this one ha ha one more under the one more come on my powering powering oh good anyone there's any locals the ones to have a go I would like to see that done actually because that is a very very very tricky challenge this is a spot we went to last time actually held a workshop here it's like a Contemporary Art Gallery yeah I remember it being really good well I can't wait to see this looks like a kind of spot cheeky little plyo here as well Wow this area just looks like it's very Park or dense already fuck you know one thing about having blue eyes everything bright it's just painful whoa more round there to top top top top shit eyes this is an awkward run-up using you there you don't have to think about you run up it's a black but the gaps and blocks I'd separate your run up to make it harder kind of caught a gallop gallop gallop kind of like you've got a cramp in your two steps like boom boom and then last two you want to stretch them out further but you've got this tiny little space to do so I was like oh that's easy second I was like that's hard third one even harder that's absolutely fine if anything we're doing are on top of our last doubles double appreciated but to actually perform something we have to do all kind of things to protect you yeah that's understandable we're getting kicked off that is the sound of a kick off one more go one more go and then we'll leave that's perfect thank you like fuel and Jellico never really had a kick off that nice before Wow so that's one more go I think I think she she said two more yeah I had two might say yes pretty nice Oh structured piecing out that sad and unfortunate unhappy cry face emoji sad emoji well at least you've got the challenge I got the challenge but there were a million more for us and everyone else's on that in that spot that's a shame oh well at least one challenge was ticked off so you know you can't really call it a failure if at least one challenge was done vengers found himself a little challenge take off this stone hurdle this rail and land on that pillar pretty gnarly yeah more power so don't tap my legs and just sail it over pretty sure the distance the direction is right your legs control so so much more than I think you think probably got 10 15 more minutes left the light Toby's found an incredibly hard cat fast challenge as he does I couldn't even cat parts as well as a high wall YouTube it's like peeking over to look at the cat paws [Applause] what Southstar army hope you enjoyed that video I was in Tel Aviv training next week you've gotta tune in because we're making a video here next week for a cinematic special live at 5:00 you can't miss this but it's gonna be special subscribe subscribe

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  1. So, last week was an aprils fools joke… BUT it is true, YouTube have demonetised our entire channel – we do not make any money from YouTube adverts anymore. If you like what we do and want to support us – buy some clothing. Thanks again!

  2. I swear I never get tired of watching Toby do nasty cat passes. The technique in that man when he explodes and just starts flying is insane. Like actually go back and look at the succesful run and replay the jump frame by frame. He actually just starts flying.

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