What better way to hit the town, than hitting it mo-town style. Join us for an exclusive look at London’s Kensington Roof Gardens, featuring – funky music, funky dancing (incl. Ash’s interpretive dance moves) and a roof top garden.

Best thing about this place is that it’s right opposite Ranoush Juice, which stays opens late and is very hospitable.

Modern British, 7th floor restaurant, set beside 3 rooftop gardens complete with flamingos.
Address: 99 Kensington High St, Kensington, London W8 5SA, UK

The magic of Motown and classic soul relived!
Celebrate the weekend 100ft atop London and enjoy A night of Motown classics infused with other golden soul music hits from the likes of Otis Redding, Sam and Dave, Ray Charles, Wilson Picket and Sam Cooke.
Hear the hits delivered with unparalleled passion and accuracy, as you dance the night away.

Silent Partner – Above and Beyond
Motown Revival – Ain’t too proud:

[Applause] I've got no idea we're on our way to a Motown club night at the South Kensington rooftop gardens I've chosen to dress in my red bull gasps you look beautiful babe thank you and over here I'm not sure this is actually what motor sound looks like I was looking on Google really like quickly and apparently it's lighted room and glitter so let's see if they let us in let's see how your dress their purses Motel appropriate Kensington we're about to get our groove on let's go she saw her at the collision roof garden we've been barred entry apparently we look to you from the council that if you're if you're brown you can't enter unless you go government government [Laughter] I'll be and somebody shit yo my candy girl this is a resolution and this is how to make a proper speech that works damage unlike the other place the edge rewrote a bullet Seabrook quality paper London's find its Arabian cuisine hmm to get some Dario unlike the other place the paper actually unwrapped and the face no recommend look at the food look at the even gluten-free chips of down place is amazing my finest moment I was looking around the garden and some guy came up to me goes bro bro is that your way nose like yeah cool guys you know everyone's a bit friendly they was available weird Oh some crazy druggie guide is dancing with her on the African lady just bumping into each other the outside area was really ashamed a it's cold in this country they should they should have put more heaters like that we did have like patio heaters but they should be like maybe hundred for the the security guys at the beginning were a bit dark they mainly cue on the outside even though like there was no cue yeah and there was no heating downstairs it was cool because one of the guys looked like Ricky Gervais so we couldn't really say no to him just a random guy more about the company again and he was around on the dance floor when she get in the middle of the dance floor I felt kind of nice and friendly there was a couple of guys will you just turn around and then avoid them no I definitely it wasn't it was well lit it was it was a nice one it's freezing cold Oh [Applause] hi so cold baby it's so cold outside I got the air scarf on and the bumpy on

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