you now look at the weather forecast with Kate good morning it's a rather gray and damp start to the new working week but it is feeling perhaps a little milder than it has done as this rain clears out of the way though the temperature is actually going to get a little cooler through the afternoon and that's when we see the sunshine now the outbreaks of rain this morning aren't going to last for too long and the cloud will be dragged away with it the Sun will come out and the temperature just steadily starts to drop maximum around 10 or 11 but it could be at a couple of degrees cooler by the end of the day now overnight tonight there's less in the way of cloud so the temperature will drop a little further so a patchy frost expected as we head through to dawn tomorrow morning out in the countryside perhaps a little cooler at around zero Celsius towns and cities those staying perhaps just above so a chilly crisp start tomorrow morning we should see some sunshine first thing but it will cloud over from Wednesday some outbreaks of rain they could pull a little wintry and it gets colder for the end of the week that's its don't forget to the beam

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