Justin Bieber Attacks Paparazzi In London, Download this song here:

fácil ya día a día [Música] [Aplausos] y existe pero no [Música] como él [Música] despierta sí sin duda si me digas de parís y negro 6 ya esta huella luz crowe your own wife con sus triunfos

29 thoughts on “Justin Bieber Attacks Paparazzi In London 2013

  1. I dislike Justin Bieber like every single person out there, but what kind of paparazzi goes after someone famous, only to insult and provoke him??? O_o

    That bald retard should've been sued and fired!

  2. my cousin is paparazzi and just got into a scuffle with JB YESTERDAY. he broke my cousins phone and shoved him. and after my cousin said he was gonna press charges JB started crying like a bitch.

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