This week Derick met with Sammy, who is a Portland native and a music artist. Sammy is dropping an upcoming project this summer titled, “Not For Nothing.”

They discuss the cultural divides that exist in Portland, learning how to make music on non-professional equipment in the mid-2000s/early 2010s, Rest in Power to California’s own Nipsey Hussle, and the ability for music to resonate with people at a deeper level than solely auditory perception before hashing over how extraordinary words are beginning to lose their original meaning, the value and importance of community leaders, the contrast between Portland and New York, individuality vs. team-building, grasping inspiration, and lastly, learning a trade as a means to contribute to your community.

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okay Sammy are you doing dork oh very well not very well it's nice to see you again I know I always kind of see you out and about you know do anything around town kind of supporting the scene you feel me just a local accent what not as well as being a music artist yourself a musician yourself right so the first thing I wanted to dive in I wanted to get straight into it basically is what do you think right now is the current state of hip-hop music in Portland Oregon the current state that's a good question current state and hip-hop music in Portland is it's good if some want to come up for sure it's like there's been people that already now I've been doing it in the you know Portland in the local area Kunitz shout out coolness and it's my capes been killing shout out my case I actually just couple in his uh he got the black is Black Caps I got it over to him after bringing I don't make a guest appearance on hey yeah Rachid Jamal no there don't people to like this they're older than me so I kind of like you know whenever they're I like my affair I my show for example up I like go walk up to them afterwards I had I do like what something not gonna prove on and stuff like that so they're they're like more the elders in the in the Portland rap community I guess r.i.p Starchild he was killing to like he was like a promoter and like doing a whole bunch of stuff with the local hip-hop community in the community in general I so sup man that's what's up those are some familiar names when I I started kind of doing this videography stuff that I do with Brandon mal London shout out now London and you know as some of his shows that's what you always see you're gonna see a mic cape so you don't see a receipt Jamal you know I'm saying like some heavy cast and I really enjoyed the stuff and which is why I kind of see you like yeah they are a little bit older so they're kind of paving the way for the younger folks in our age demographic right so with that being said man you do your own prod that's right you do your own music stuff man so when did that start how long you been doing this for I've been making music since I was in Middle School really um I did I didn't get really serious to like after I graduated high school but it's always been like a passion of mine and always know I love music so after after high school not like really started to record like everyday type of stuff like really honing in on my craft like in high school I would always write raps all day long like I'll be in class like writing raps and in my head welcome to the hall like I used to be like a super rapper like a super rap for a type of person like I said I love rap I used to be like back in the class with a hoodie on type- like thinking I was gonna rap at a high school it'd be that way though man especially when it comes down to what your environment is right so it's like if you around those types of cats who support that and or you know you busting out circles out lunch and shit and like let's freestyle that you do freestyling all day long like but in the middle of the hallways lunch tables we'd allow this because I want sellout white school or white high school and we had our little black clay black table and we just banging on the table hello ignorant life interesting it's interesting how that works though right you know I'm saying like I think it's dope because I got a similar experience and it's weird because I didn't I mean when you say you went to well why were you from actually I'm from okay so shout out so when you do say you went to white house you meant to you meant it right and then I went to I don't even go to a power to a private school so just imagine the public schools in Portland are white so I just imagine what a private school in for a little bit like yeah yeah no I definitely feel that it's like extra extra but it's still in and it's one of those things man where I find it kind of difficult because it's like yeah there's that stigma right you got a little bit of a culture shift a culture difference but at the same time you could still kind of find your own way within that system right so like you said you got your own little clique and everyone kind of cliques up that's just kind of how it goes right but so you got the origin story doing the music like most of us right we just ask school we just doing it because we want to it makes us happy whatever the case may be right but when you say alright I'm you know making songs on my computer making beats or whatever the case may be right like house was it a setup like this where it's like alright I got a laptop you know just like I always encourage people to do it this way everyone wants to start off in a studio everyone wants to start off it's super high production but your beginning stuff is gonna suck anyways so why not learn how to do it yourself to empower your so and not have to go through oh let me go gather a $500 or again so it's like empowering yourself so have you had that a little bit of a mentality coming up so I first started recording like women like broken ice on you do you think maybe that like a you know like those webcam mics back in the day like they're like a steak type of thing come on bro that's the first thing I started to record on and with like it on a desktop the sound recorded so I'll click like start like you know a voice memo on your phone yeah it was like basically are they equivalent to that our press record and play the instrumental off speakers and record like the speaker and then rap like to the mic so I would have to do everything in one take cuz you can't pause that and edit it and stuff like that so we have to do everything one take if we mess up you guys start over do it again so that's how I first started and my cousin's they would hear my raps that we like no like I don't like oh thank you i won it's not good to you cussed and talked about all this if you're not doing alright now it's that persona because we all think that I don't know what we can we all think different things right but yeah I think it's important because that also brings up I and when I was young stirred doing that kind of same mold right it was we was one take Drake in it everybody know me but that's what it's like you clean if you could just want to take that like oh you fired bro you know I'm saying well homeboy over here stuttering after every other word know is mad all my homies I go again you know take 87 they all right let's go you know I'm saying it's just funny how that works to me personally because I so a little bit of context you probably most likely don't know this I grew up in a music studio so like I grew up with Antti stuff the booth and all that right so I learned off that to only not have that what I actually wanted to do it so now doing like I used to make a couple songs or whatever until I you know just kind of like move past that because it was something that you know I love poetry and things of that nature but something about being a musician you got to be in it and if you're not fully in it and willing to give some of yourself you're not gonna really make good music you know what I mean and you know what I'm saying when I say like give some of yourself like you gotta talk about things that you might not want everybody to know you found me yeah so how does that come into how you create man like are you from my experience to seeing you out you seemed like a revert reversed reserved type of cat you know I'm saying very like if I know you you know I'll say what's up it's all cool whatever if I don't I'll just kind of mind my business you know and I'll speak when I got something to say right but one comes to music because that's often an outlet for people are you given you know everything there is to give or you still find in that path because that was my problem I couldn't advance because I I could never get past that barrier right um you know I tried to be as honest as I can in my music like I cuz if I listen to something and I know I'm not if I were I could say if I make a song and I know it's not like we're still working looking for my god if I know it's not genuine so like who I am I'm I'm Orioles my values like what I believe in this even doesn't matter how slamming the song is how if it's a banger and I would be like I'm not putting that out so I got to do something for you it's not even like aw people probably won't dig that you like nah I'm not really digging this oh I'm not yeah that's interesting because because some of my best songs like my friends was there on my best songs and are like as far as in the context of like bein your type a shit like it sounds good I never put them out because they weren't like whatever you know what I really want wanted people to view me as one and to like I wasn't comfortable with the world scene like dealing me that way I did so alright that brings up a very good topic that I've been knocked out of my mind a little bit I want so this is gonna come into law I didn't want to reach this this quickly but we gonna go there anyways Matt so first and foremost I'm gonna look at the camera for this one because this is important to me I need to take a moment out this is the first podcast I've done in a couple weeks I did take a little bit of a break you know I'm saying so one thing that's happened recently I'm sure that you've seen is uh we've had the death of Nipsey Hussle and or you know no rest in peace rest in power straight-up I never ever ever feel the type of way about like celebrity things of that nature you know but this one struck a chord with me because I listened to nipsey since high school you know I'm saying like like why so I want to give a shout-out to to my guy a sage as a peon he put me on to Nipsey Hussle like in ninth grade this is this white boy that's like you know auto white boys you know artist so you know but I was just like how do you notice dog and he was like come on bro I've been on that like you feel me but anyway the point is is that the reason why I really enjoyed Nipsey Hussle is because it was this notion of real rap to me it was let's build businesses with by bought by back to block let's actually discuss all this gang bangin that has occurred but know that we're not necessarily promoting it we're saying this is the story of my life and I got to tell it in order to tell you where I'm going to advance past that so all in all rest in peace nipsey because I was a big one for me but the topic I want to ask you about is real music real rap what's real rap to you and the reason I say that is because like you said a lot of the banging shit is fake it's not real you know I'm saying is talking about oh I'm gonna pull out this cartoon video game gun and I'm gonna blow you away in this like yeah okay but don't be like all right but you know what's really real so what's real rap to you what's what does it mean to make real art to you to me it's like when you make something when you create something that one does something for yourself like it's like a like a reflection of you you know and to I would say people people recognize it like people recognize real from fake oh of course that's why it was they felt nipsey so much because they knew he you could see like the realness and it's unshaken like it couldn't be shaken no matter what so I feel like real art is up to to the person viewing it you know them because art as art is self it's like subjective is very it's like it's like what what the person sees like I can make something and put it right here and I guess I know what it is and what I want it to be but you you see you can see it completely different from what I do you know me so that that's really art is it's it's different for everybody one in this light no no no I dig that to you specifically into Sami what does it for you what are you listening to that are that's real bro like you know I'm saying like I say for me artists like and nipsey artists like there's there's cats where it might not been as legit man but I grew up you know off bay area music so you got catch like the Jacko hustler you found me aware that you film you know where it's just like okay these they spittin something that's that you resonates tell you would you like resonating with me type of thing like if like there's it's crazy how music can literally speak to an exact situation that you're going to that moment you know and that's I feel like real art it doesn't even have to be that person going through it they might not even went to that you know they mean but it's not it's not for them to go through is for you to you know to help you the perfect example of that man I think Jay Cole yeah Jay Cole like not to cut you off no you go you're the Kevin Hart song for example that that probably that helped Kevin and like people deal with that on a daily basis like I was literally going through that like when that song dropped and I'm listening to it like lyric like my girl got a diploma like my girl just graduated college was like I was doing dumb shit well no you know and I heard that song I was like it's resonating it resonated so much he phoned me that it hits you out like at different level it's no longer just auditory it's like it's hitting you in there right but I was gonna say for the Jay Cole joining he got a song where he started talking he's like I wrote this song about addiction to help you all up about addiction like I ain't addicted but I know some of y'all are so this for y'all you know I'm saying here you go and yeah sometimes man this song isn't it's like this is what I think about cats like Jay Cole and these cats and I'm not saying specifically them but people of that stature right sometimes I honestly believe man they're at that level because it's not their experience records are a conduit right they can give the message in a way that you will listen it might not be their story but someone gives them that story and they can convey that to you during us exactly a vessel of conduit whatever you want to call it but something deeper than just an artist man is I feel like we're throwing that we throw a lot of words around man but I think we're throwing that word around a lot oh they're an artist everyone's an artist right yeah of course if we're talking categorization of course right but I think we still need to reserve some vocabulary in our vernacular for people who really do outstanding things right and I'm not sure if we have that currently what would you call someone what would you call an event that was extraordinary without using the word extraordinary like something were you like damn bro that blew me away I don't even got word for that that's what we say right I'm got words for it but what would you say just out of curiosity for what seeing some crazy shit being micro that was you did something I'd never seen before what word would you select to place on that and if you can't find one didn't doesn't that imply that we just throw these random words around just cuz you feel me like you got to reserve something for these people all right you got anything sand or so yeah that's what I'm saying I think that we definitely got to improve on that man because you know there's people do incredible things deal right yeah but with that being said man I want to transition a little bit over to something else you do that I think is very important you might not think it's important as important I it is but I still think it important so we will talk about it so outside of doing this music stuff man you provide a service to the community right yeah yeah cut hair right no a furro furro and that's what I'm saying like I take this very seriously so my mom was a barber for many many years so I was laced up never had to pay for a haircut till I was like 16 you felt like a long that kids come on but that's what I knew you before before music anything I was like oh that's a meet a barber like that's the neighborhood barber he cuts everybody's hair and I think that's important because what you lace and everybody up getting everybody fresh right it's that plug where it's like there's something nice about having that guy that's my guy you found me so when it's like alright you that guy right how does that make you feel you know like I said it might not be big-time to you because you like yeah I just do it every day or whatever the case may be to pay a bill or whatever the case right but if that's a trade that's a real skill right right so tell me like what does that like knowing that you have axles a trade this is some it's cool you know it's definitely took some time to get good at and things like that and it's comforting to know that I got you know stuff I can fall back on yeah if you know if music doesn't translate monetarily I can you know it just cut hair you know do other things that I'm doing at the moment so but for that that impact on like the culture right would you mention we importantly Portland Oregon I'll tell you when I first came here man I was like yo where you get your hair cut at talking to you know some cash that you go to like bishops or something you like hold on and for those who don't know shout out to Bishop you know they do they thing but that's like that's like the super cuts you feel me is like being like yo let me go ahead over to Supercuts one time it's not a barbershop you folks gonna miss you hit it you ain't here for me no no I'm joking I'm joking no but no I see it seriously though it's like you feel what I'm saying for us brown people to have certain types of hair you can't go to decide enough for us exactly so that's why I think it's important because it's literally like without barbers where would you gonna fade me up exact how am I gonna go to a man the man that created the Fate deserves a billion dollars he needs to be high up on a pedestal up with autumn Martin Luther King's and Malcolm X's the man who ever created the fate and I'll promise you as a black man it's probably a black man created well that's the thing because there's a little bit of a difference too because you see there's like this typical failure right and then you've got the cat's I've seen it and this is like becoming a new style again but this is like Russian cats Aussie or it's like the fade except there's no blending it's just yeah I don't know what's up with it weird but hey man if that's what y'all get down with I mean you know if people could put there's some people that could pull it off you know like any anything could be pulled off if you're if you're you know fly if you're a fly individual so you know what I actually agree with that man so let me ask you about that a little bit man what you think about I'm using the new verbage for the kids the drift you dig in terms that the drip right I am of this camp I'm of disbelief I haven't been into fashion in many many years I'm broke I can't afford that right but what I do think is exactly so it was like you don't I could be wearing I've had this Jersey since high school I've had you know this black I appreciate you man I had this black tea since high school right throw on some old shit but if you've got the charisma if you if this is the the man make the clothes the clothes don't make the man and that's why I think you can see Kanye West pull off some show you I hold on Broadway like you weren't all old white tee with holes in it and everyone's like yo I'll give you a bill for that right now that's crazy so that's that's true like a lot but you know Muse even music is is is like people don't really people don't even like some people's music you know what do you mean by that like I mean they like their music that they might not be the most lyrical rapper or the most like you know talented person but it's just maybe aesthetic level that they like you know that me and that gravitates people gravitates them gravitates people to them just off by the way they they walk the way they talk their charisma their personality well I think that's and you know this is how I feel about the 6-9 situation that decoction 6-9 I thought that that's why people mess with it wasn't the music man it's just the way that he carried himself he's feels funny he's hella funny like just talking shit got rainbow hair six 9s everywhere he's got the jigsaw on his face in this like that's what's interesting how much does the Music Matters today to be successful as a musician as a musician how much does it matter I don't matter that much but like give me a percentage if you had a probably like I mean it really depends on the individual like if it doesn't the music doesn't have to matter if you're if you have all you know if you do if you have other stuff that equate to lacking of the music I mean example if you're funny if you're you know just cool person you got money you got money things like that god jewelry got women yeah that's because that's and there are some people that are straight popping just only from the strength to their music you know that me like do people like the weekend and Frank Louis like they don't do interviews people don't know what they sound like you know here's the thing about Frank Ocean real quick just to go on inside that I think what's cool about him well I think people like him I think people like him because he doesn't do interviews if that makes sense I think people like him because instead of doing an interview he'll write a tumblr post he told me like I don't know if your follow his tumblr so know well this was like years back right when like channel orange had just come out right you know and he was having all you know I'm coming out is whatever the case may be we don't even need to get into it but you wrote it out on the tumblr blog you didn't do an interview he didn't go and do nothing he's like a normal dude who was like this is how I expressed myself here you go write up a little forum post a blog post right that's how he came out yeah yeah you know hidden at least to the public from what I saw and this was in high school right but the point is is that he didn't he did it that way and I think that resonated to a lot of younger people who are like really really like him now because he did it that way instead of they're like I'm gonna go on Breakfast Club and I'm gonna go announce this you thought me different methods but I agree the weekend to an extent I think that there's catch like what do you think about like currency currencies dope his music is music is fly and I've saved her see like if you want to break down percentage-wise just like my own opinion is is probably 50/50 I find his 50 of his I guess following love him for his music and the other kitties love him because of who he is and like yeah his coat like the way he talks it was like a cult following and way like his his persona but that's the thing I wonder if it is a persona or is that if that's just him that's him yeah like you're just other word personality because yeah yeah you know he'd just be mob and a lowriders you found me I got that's a whole cult like he caters to a whole culture yeah whole culture people that are into that type of well that's when you talk about demographic right and being like you not as an any type of entertainer of any sort your job isn't to please everybody your job is to please a specific demographic right and then that's what need to talk about kevin hart right so Kevin Hart what do you think about this man you like you like comedy yeah so you watch like you watch stand-ups of stuff right okay so Kevin Hart right did you watch him his earlier stand-up when he was still coming off like scary movie and like doing like you know that's like though he was he was for a specific demographic then he got bigger bigger bigger bigger till he had to please everybody and that's where the demise comes you know say one wrong thing now you can't host the Oscars now you can't do this now you can't do that and it's the most recent special that just came out which is called irresponsible something like that right I watched it knows really funny and I was like this is what I remember like when he put out I think it's called seriously funny there's one he did a couple years back right but I think that's what I remember because he went back to that specific demographic sound like I'm not here for the Disney Disney Channel kids you did and I think there's something beautiful about that man in terms of a comedy where do you think we're headed in the state of comedy right now if you do keep up with it a little bit but do you think it's in a good trajectory or a bad trajectory I think if it's in a I mean it's we're in a weird time like about a weird time but like times is different than when they were like back in the day like I agree there's a lot of people can't really say a lot of things that you you know say why just how do you feel about that I feel like is this people have freedom of speech people should be able to say what they want to say should it be believe what they want to believe it shouldn't be you know scrutinized for it but even if it's like you know there's a flipside to that like if somebody is saying stuff that I don't agree with or I you know feel attacked by will be uncomfortable for me and stuff like that and let me ask you though do you ever and you don't have to answer this if you don't want to but do you ever have you ever heard some shit in you like I feel attacked I feel personally exactly I'm sorry I've never never in my life and you can you could say I don't mean it as a matter man you say some racist shit you could say it's like words I grew up with sticks and stones may break my bones words will never hurt me right I get things being offensive right but for someone to be like I feel it I feel like you're singling me out off of just our random statement that was made I just think that people don't quite understand how little people care about them no I just I honestly I just think that thing about this have you ever thought in your head right people are gonna judge me for doing this or this specific action that I make right and just overthinking a bunch of little things when in the grand scheme of things people like bro I haven't seen do it in a couple days I don't know fucking doing it doesn't matter I got my own shit going on everyone got their own shit going on yeah so I think it's interesting because it's like you know I would say I feel like there's gonna be like to date back in comedy going back to the comedy sense of it they'll be like because you don't have to listen this is come to an age where you we don't have to watch things that we don't want to watch so it's going to be a point where people will only see what they want to see and I think we already know yeah we all right yeah we're already there because when you aren't YouTube you're all the suggestions is all shit that you watched before image or that you like that that's how the rhythms so people aren't gonna be if you know they won't be offended because their devices will only show them stuff that you know want them or will agree with them or you know I dig I dig and I think that's going I talk about this kind of lot on the podcast it's groupthink you know what I mean and so do you have friends man let me ask you do you have friends who I would say are different than you and not different it's like of course everyone will be different than you right but are like yo this dude is like completely different than me but that's the homie because whatever the case might be and you got any of those I mean no and it's interesting to kind of sort through the friend list and be like alright you know you're all kind of like if we had if I brought up one topic what everybody had the same opinion on it that type of stuff right so I like to have like to be friends with people who have a completely different opinion right I got what one of my homeboys from college man like he kind of politically did everything opposite than I did not excuse me not everything but like you know had we had a lot of like debates about things I thought that was good because I said what good does it do for me to bring up an idea and to just agree with everybody what good does that do you right it doesn't really do anything but when you hear the opposing point and you see like oh okay that's why you're saying that that makes a little more sense you feel me makes you more well-rounded person and I think that that's the scary part about like Facebook and all the social media is right cuz it's just saying like if you don't want to see it you don't have to see it but that doesn't mean that it doesn't exist right the world exists and the world is not curated towards you the world doesn't give a fuck about you but now you specifically but you and the general sense so like it's it's just crazy to me man because I think it's not going in a good place and I think comedy is not going in a good place either because I think this rule you're from Portland bro so is this normal to you this is not normal to me being from California people are just say a lot more fucked up shit and I'm not saying it's a good thing I'm just saying people that subjectively would say a lot more fucked up shit that people would not bat an eye towards out here though people are very like yo don't say that we're gonna get you fired we go and that's more about over overall new thing right but has it always kind of been like this important I mean I don't know because I'm just now entering the adult world and being aware these type of things like when I was younger you know that stuff was it wasn't on my radar so I would assume that it wasn't you know just from off of things that I've heard and how things are transitioning in places and workplaces that I worked to hold assume that is new Portland in general is a very like nice place you know my people are hella nice you're like that's a good thing no man I was in it is a good thing you know I was I was in New York the last summer last summer for three traveling and it was like oh my god I always wanted to go to New York I love the idea of New York rappers is to make the all this stuff and like just everything about New York we kind of sighs about it you know so I got over there I loved it for a little while and then after two weeks there was take me home so that's a long times it's like yeah it's like hell the trains is packed they don't care like who's in there with you everybody trying to get to see all women you know like people aren't getting enough for oh I'm like I'm a porter that's what we do like that's but not even for Portland just how I was raised like that's what that's what I do so I see a whole woman would you like to see here man oh yes they have some respect yeah even like kid I'm getting up every but I'm just getting up like there's a boy laughs I know I'm just getting like somebody's no need to see I don't miss it no more I even when the train is full I mean empty I just will stand up cuz I don't get packed there veteran and when you walk in like people pushing use a little people on one side walk like when you come to Prague you or buy stuff they just give it to you and you leave like importantly people smile and that's you and you have to write hi how's your day going thank you how could you have a legit conversation with him in New York there's no time for that you got 10 15 other people in a line wait I don't have time to talk to you sir I dig that and I think that for some people good go to New York do you thing live your life like that but I personally I enjoyed the conversation how you doing I'm doing well thank you for asking yes that's that simple right just to brighten up somebody's day be like man it's nice to see like that's it right but it amazes me how cats are so alike oh I'm from New York I think that doesn't excuse your shitty behavior I don't care where you from you feel me like over to get respect you have to give respect right that has to be – hey no but in it but there's not a shadow in New York I loved it there I'm not gonna like but the diversity is crazy like you walk down the street you hearing all different types of language like you never you don't hear English unless you're in Manhattan the if you're in the Bronx you saying you don't see why people you see makes you see Spanish Puerto Rican do any kids like this you don't see white people it's amazing no I know I did I dig it if coming from that contrast from Portland I definitely dig die I've never been in New York I'd love to go you know go see what I said see what it's like and I do I got a couple homeboys from there would always just tell me you got to go down to the bodegas go kick it with the Dominicans you shit and there's chicken over rice come on bro that's a state but that's the beauty is cuz me not being from here Mara I grew up around basically all Mexicans you found me like what's your heritage what gang of things man I did the ancestry told me on everything in a whole nine but I say like primarily it's hard to say man I I go I'm so on my ancestry and it says like I'm predominantly like said some shit like Wales you know I was like yo no but like you know French Mexican spent like a gang shit right I'm just I'm kind of all over the board black fucking Middle Eastern you know the whole spectrum right which is it's dope but let it say I'm glad you asked me that question man cuz this is something that you might be able to relate to me with Matt you're from Portland Oregon right but you're your heritage is it alright you found me yeah do you feel any connections at honestly being and I'm out of course a connection but I'm talking a real connection you feel me I don't have I don't feel any connection with like the motherland or all these other places first I haven't been there second we like being an African American is different than being an African right so I think that if this is our culture this is it it's a common I don't know man you know I could I could use something else I could I would like to just go to wherever it's supposed to be you know the motherland for me personally right and and just kind of see if you can get any connection I just think that there's cats like shout out to Teo jokes out on my god Jordan Lou Yamba yeah yeah you told me it's like when you step in Africa it's different it feels different it doesn't feel like it does out here and that's you know you can only say so much right because it's really when it comes down to it I see me experiencing it I just don't think that my entirety my being is fulfilled in the United States of America where you felt me so what do you think about that I feel you like I'm from my heritage is ethiop I'm Ethiopian like my parents emigrated here in 91 so I have a direct connection connect connection to the motherland and things like that um have you been never been got go tell me how it feels broken saying that's I really want to go and hear hearing that but you said Jorun I said that's a it's exciting to hear in out I mean growing up as a kid like you were like no I'm not going to Africa people are starving over there it's Flies on their face type of type stuff so it's kind of ills that it's kind of sad when you think about it that's the perspective that we get that we get not that we have but that is fed to us yeah and that's that's the part that really blew my mind is because that's a conversation I have with Jordan as well is that it's like they want you to think that this is this poor disgusting land when really this is a place where people prosper you feel withers you know I don't know how do you feel about the notion of people calling every like you know this is in black culture specifically you a queen you will you a king you a queen you found me but you found me everyone's kings everyone's Queens how you go about that just on a quick side note as far as black people we are kings and queens you know we were the first people on this on this planet like the you know Mellon ated people people of a from Africa that's where humanity originated from and we are we should be held like you know at a high standard you know we are held we should be held to a high standard out and we are kings and queens and we should walk like that it's interesting that's interesting perspective it's just something I've been trying to grasp for a long time I just so like once again if you called everybody this and this who is really but this in this you fill me if everyone's a king and queen who's really the king and glues the big king and queen you found me who's top notch and I don't know if that's me just sorting for hierarchy or a salute I might just be missing the point completely you from you because I mean I feel like this is more so to empower people yeah you know it's not this enough for for people to use this hierarchy I don't think is for people to look in the mirror and be like I'm a king I'm a queen I can do I can do you know do things I feel that I feel it's be man that's something that you gotta really think about at least for me you know what I mean just because it's like yeah I get the empowerment thing I'm all for I'm a weird guy in this sense man I'm just a weirdly individual if that makes sense and not individual like I'm special individual as in I just believe in like you it takes a team to make something happen but the end of the day you could have the greatest team in the world but it starts and it ends with you the individual you know I mean so it's like you can support is important but you are the only person stopping you from doing whatever it is that you want to achieve and then when I think about it like that that's how everybody a king and a queen you know but then again like I said that's just me kind of going off on it but I want to take an aside man and let's talk about a little bit man so you got do you have two tracks that came out this year at least two tracks that are publicly available currently one is titled pull up that dropped February 20th 2019 on YouTube one's called lay low featuring Mao London shout out Brandon homeland so off of those two I'm gonna play lay low I've been bumping that I've been having that on repeat a lot lately man I really dig that one so yeah man basically without any further ado man let's take a look let's take a break in with play test right so I'm gonna play and then imma have you talk about a little bit after all right okay people so this is lay low by Sammy and mal London coming right up I just I just wanna my okay so when I was lay low by Sammy and Mount London so my man talked to me a little bit about just the creation in that song and before you go into it I want to tell you what my synopsis of this song is and I like to do this because often times I think that the viewer the listener spent so much time decoding and breaking down something that the artist is like that had nothing to do with how I made it but I'm glad you interpret it that way so this is my synopsis of lay low a story of growing up and getting after the grind to create a better day with a head down mentality I really enjoy how you gave the the be room to breathe some people don't do that I don't like that you can't you can't surround you can't like swarm it and like smother it give it a little that's a beautiful 100% 100% so that was kind of my idea behind it it just felt like you're saying like listening you know where you going where the wind blow is that you what is the wind blow anywhere you know wherever I'm just going where the wind blows that was the idea behind it yes I thought that was deep man because people were often asked and this is on my fallen victim to myself man is sitting here and being like all right you know like I'm gonna do this I'm gonna calculate him and formulate everything when at the end of the day man life kind of just happened and you kind of just go with it and if you spend so much time trying to control something that nobody has ever been able to control that's when you have the most disappointment yeah right strength stress so what do you think would how how close was I for my synopsis you use those it was close man you are you are it was it's really uh it is it is that like me wanting to be that do that and just put my head down and lay low and you know do you know work and get money and you know just live my life and make music and things like that and this is more so a conversation with the female know with the significally in my head it was me getting in an argument with with with my girlfriend like in the in the song like the painting is me getting an argument with my girlfriend and it's me storming out and then the conversation starts right there where are you going or like like really like my consciousness asking me like where you going where the wind blows deep man and that's what I'm saying is that it's like it's so much time spent being like alright you feel me this means this and that whoa that word phrasing oh that's crazy that means that but you know at the end of the day man sometimes and tell me what you think about this and some of your song make me sometimes it doesn't mean anything you know sometimes it just is and I'm starting to grasp that a little bit more I had a really hard time grasping that bro I was like how can something just be you boo me but sometimes it just is and sometimes there is no real reason behind putting something somewhere it felt right you know and that's one thing that I haven't put a name on it yet but that feeling so powerful is I got two things I'm gonna say like going back to the meaning looked like the meaning of the song or whatever it is also the conversation is telling me I'm telling like the girl lay low and hold it down to this label I want it down for me you don't got to do no extra stuff you know things like that and also that what you're saying about the like the not meaning or yes the natural flow of things like that's that's how I'm a make most of my music is off I mean just hearing the music and then turn into Mike on and going from there and just you know making making the melodies and but just filling filling stuff in after I'm done making all the melodies and things like that and it's that's how this song was made I didn't write not one lyric down not a big man so what do you think about cuz this is this kind of goes hand in hand with inspiration right so we think about inspiration I think about this this is what I'll tell you before you answer right I think inspiration is this thing man that is it's like a butterfly there's gonna be crazy crazy metaphor but it's like a butterfly imagine this butterfly floating in the room or whatever right an inspiration is like that butterflies floating all the way up at the ceiling so I can't get to it right I can't grab it but sometimes for you know a couple minutes during the day it'll fly just low enough to where I can grab it but I have to use it at that time at that exact time I have to use it I can but you know you feel me I can't put it in my pocket and be like I'm gonna put us out later the butterfly did you phone me but when it's floating around you can capture that sometimes there's other more important things that you need to be doing but you say this takes the most precedence because I captured that inspiration for that brief period of time and I think that that's why our dues are like I got to spend all day in the studio because you just never know when I'll catch that one piece inspiration that'll change my life forever and now will the change your life forever I don't know man you know it's not it's not for you he's just for you to make it you know but I definitely feel that like you when it that inspiration for me and a personal a sense of it I feel like when I'm like making a song or something I could feel it and I was higher I got to keep me keep going and then if you don't feel if I don't feel it how to scratch it scratch it yeah and hosting the whole thing maybe not the whole thing well I might just like scrap I just know like I got to come back to this or is this not it type of thing also know you good I want to ask you a question man so well who do you go to you already talked about you got somebody's og cast they could be like yo how did I do XYZ who do you go to to be like I have my people who I'll go to specifically for if it's like some video type stuff I got my homeboy I'll be like bro let me send you this I want to know what you think because I know that when he sends me that reply it's not gonna be like oh brother this was so amazing it's like alright you gotta fix this this this and this and that's what I need I need you to tell me that right who do you go to for that I go to my little brother shoutout mother my little baby shouts out shouts ah he's nothing he's a C he sings he does like worship he's like leads worship at uh for this youth he's group or like youth church type thing so he's musical himself so I I just send it to him because I know he'll be honest with me like he's my little brother so that's what you're looking for him is like yo tell me the truth don't be like a bro if I fire like this opinion and I know like he has a gear for music trust it well yeah for music is him know and that's how it be you know it's for different things right you got one I'm just curious if you if you already rose above the ring for it but for like Harry do you ever send a pic and be like yo bro how's my how's my face like how am i doing you know I'm saying got to work on my taper a little bit I'll have no issues no more st. no more you fella me my cousin tawanda he's a he's the one that actually like got me into cutting here and really taught me a lot of a lot of stuff also this dude named Will Will Smith shoutout Will Smith attended he's a barber as well he taught he taught me hella stuff up I really appreciate him cuz he he's really what got my confidence up like as he will let me cut his own hair like he's a barber like yeah and I'm just like not even I don't even know I'm gonna just start no name here it's a lot of trust me I fucked up on his head – do y'all have to run a fade or some like shit it was like kinda in the back so he couldn't really see else I'll bet he noticed after a couple of days I got you on the next one but he did t he taught me a lot I need to have been with him actually yeah shoutout – what's up so I want to ask you a couple more questions before I talk to you about some other music stuff so the first question that I got for you man it's about being team we've talked about this a little bit about you know just team build in a nature but do you think how important really is the team to your success like do you have your own little group your own little fountain everyone has their own little foundation right but does your team have to be big can your team can not alter what you specifically just people can a team consists of two three people does it have to be 15 people how much success can you been I'm not talking about music here I'm talking about in life do you know what I mean whatever you're trying to if I'm trying to do this stuff this is just part of my life stuff you know what I mean and I have a small team around me but I don't have like hands on deck you feel me like there's not people in the background right now running around doing a bunch of shit right now not yet at least one there but not yet you throw me come on bro say no more but how do you how do you feel about that man you know like do you think it's that important I think yeah a team is very important just look at these companies like take like the biggest companies or you know they all team oriented there's not you know you can't do stuff on your own no matter how much money you have like you could buy a store you're gonna need employees a team like you can't sit there and work the whole store by yourself you know to me so a team is is essential to any type of success if you want on any scale like if you want to be multi a fortune 500 company if you want to be a small business owner you should need a team that's in it's interesting man I'm and I'm seriously asking this out of light for me because man that's one thing that I think about it a lot and it might not be like they don't have to be like doing you know a whole bunch like for example like just somebody that responds to emails for you or somebody that just whenever they're out just whenever they're talking to somebody networking they're plugging your brand in your your whatever your you know your business is if you're a fear a rapper and you're out of a bar like something good like book shows or something right things of that nature like that managers somebody took a castle who's another like a rapper in Portland and it's coming up he's he I spotted him at a club one time and I was like oh that's such assets he could probably ask them you know some gems okay I could pick up so I just like walked literally just walked up to him alone Sam yet music is dope was there anything that like you could you know tell me that could you know help me grow my brain and things like that he was like get a manager because there's been times where I there's places I can't wouldn't be able to get myself into and avenues that I couldn't I couldn't fall in but your manager can put you into those into those avenues and into those places but it really depends on your manager if he isn't who the people he knows castles and managers post Malone's manager as well where you go that helps I think that man honestly because that's something that I've had many discussions about and I don't know I say it depends it depends on your circumstance I think there are people who are like I want this team I know believe he's post we're gonna Google check that here that's watch and listen it but I believe that sometimes people would jump the gun and say I need this team around me before they need the team around them if that makes sense so saying like I need a manager but don't really need a manager yet like you're not there yet like you thinking about I'm not saying you I'm saying the general sense you thinking about step 5 when you want step 2 mm-hm you're not there yet right but it's like one day that's and that's kind of how I think about it like I'm not on step five so I don't need a team team running shit I gotta wait till you get a deal or some you feel me going going across where it's like alright money's coming in let's make this happen but some people when you're on the the foundation the grassroots right I think what's most important is that word-of-mouth haven't catch that about for you that'll be like yo so I'm so come on bro you heard it from me in there like okay gotcha you know I think it's still so important but I think the team is important as well it's just something that I don't know man because often times you have to have really good friends that'll be part of your team or else you got to pay for that right who's just gonna come kick it for me for X amount of hours working like come on yeah and that's the problem that's me well it's it's the what's in it for me mindset right you know cuz at the end of the day I don't care who you are or what you think you're doing it what's in your best interest in generally speaking most of the time right yeah so you know so – yeah and that's important just having those people you know I'm saying that oh that'll you know just Rock which you off love off of visions oh yeah I respect him very much yeah he didn't have to do that you know yeah exactly nobody does but you know it's good to have them in there so let me ask you man like you've been as as a reserve type of cat man I'm sure that you probably weren't across I mean I see it when when I'm out and I see you out you know a bunch of people but I'm gonna use that word no very loosely right how is it because sometimes people that are on the more reserved side that are still it have to do extrovert type things like perform on a stage in front of people right yeah you know of a lot of people if you don't know a lot of people are so like everybody coming up shaking your hand what's that all bro show was tight but you don't really know these cats right how do you deal with that you know because for me it's something exhausting about even while I'm not that I'm not what people came to see and it's exhausting for me having to just shake so many hands and be like you know oh what's up it's always love I love to see these people but have these conversations with people or you're just meeting and being constantly around people you don't know yeah that type of stuff how do you deal with that man it is exhausting I'm not the you know I'm not famous in any way shape or form but just where people know you so in that sense it is exhausting like even it's very exhausting but it's you know this I appreciate it you know because these people don't gotta come out they way to tell me you know a good job or I liked your music like that's I mean that's what I do for I do it for I mean not for people's acceptance not I but to you know inspire people and have people really feel something when they hear my music so it is it's a it's a good feeling and I don't mind shaking people's hands and being exhausted like this if that's the price I got to take then so the price I gotta take there's yeah it is exhausting and I've got and arguments with people that feel like I didn't you know give them enough attention there and when people's coming up to me oh you're talking to that person for do long type shit so it's like let's see that that's interesting though man because it's like coming I always look at it from the person coming off the stage doesn't like that's not my time you found me if that makes sense I always say I'm gonna let them do it everything I know there's a bunch of people swarming them I've come talk to them after you found me just out of respect I know you got people rushing you you don't mean so but the same way that you walk up to people yo can I get a you know wouldn't any tips whatever the case may be how do you react when people do that to you just come up oh my I love it I love it that's you know I if I could help somebody excuse me especially in the context of like music and being artists and things like that I'll extend my hand to you alright appreciate that because one it makes me feel like a value like all this guy was coming up to me because he thinks I have some knowledge or something that he can take take from me another one that really that's really more exciting to me than somebody telling me they love my music somebody coming up to me like for some type of advice or knowledge can you put me on beter og and just you know put me on a man I'll put you on gay yes not put you on you know you gotta put yourself yeah you're music gotta speak for it for you for you when I say put you on game no it says yeah that give them the tools like oh yeah that it would be wrong with me are we doing a disservice if I didn't hey man shoutout to that I'm know I said all the time and people don't feel me often times when I say it but I say that if there's the the number-one most selfish thing you could possibly do in my mind is to have knowledge and not share it yeah and that's already what we do that's what colleges they say oh you want this all you got pay for that and we'll give it to you and that's why you know I'm about to graduate you know I'm becoming more and more jaded to the college system you know just because it's a violates one of my fundamental principles which is you know what I mean give knowledge what does this what is it the slogan in Portland let knowledge serve the city but I gotta pay for that like come on you know but anyways my own contradiction yeah exactly exactly so let's talk real fast man not for nothing mm-hm not for nothing tell me about not for nothing project coming out soon I don't have any other details besides that talk to me talk to the people what is not for nothing not for nothing that the title of it really means like I want to like I mean I heard somebody say it in a song before and like I just said or like even in the conversation like not for nothing like it's really like I didn't know about him what they meant by it but then I I just like to put my own description behind or my own interpretation of it it wasn't mean to you so yeah it means like just like whatever I'm going through or anything that happens to me whether it be heartbreak or failure or success or whatever I guess not it's not for nothing I'm not it didn't just happen for no reason because there's a reason for it okay so I took that's what I take I took from it and how I want people to to take from it as well like all the struggles that you going through you know you missed your rent you didn't get you got fired from your job it's not for nothing there's there's a struggle there's a blessing for your struggle and I learned in lesson behind everything that occurs that man like you dif I always say you fucked up good that means you should learn from it you know don't do it again if you didn't fuck up you you know there's other ways to not know which is what I pride myself on just learning from other people's mistakes but sometimes you got to make the mistake yourself you know what I mean and that's just how it goes right but give me a little bit more man so that's the that's the name behind it what type of project are we talking about it's gonna be super super soulful sure as my name is super soulful Samuel I'm so full underscore Sam so it's gonna be have those elements to it must be a lot more vocalizing than I think people are gonna be used to me doing one and probably didn't know I could do so it's a magician never reveals all those tricks right you show to people what they need to see so like look out for that be more I guess singing you say I'll be singing more on that on there man having more melodies and harmonies and having guest people on there I was well singing so talk do we got a number of tracks do we got it should be seven okay I want to see be seven short oh sweet and you know have people hopefully excited to hear more sure let me ask you about that just about the system not about the project specifically what about that system so when Kanye West just released a couple of his last projects he did push a tease Tiana Taylor's his own I think he did kick cut he used to write or something like that it was all seven tracks a lot of people didn't like that a lot people did I personally really liked it because I liked short and sweet you know concise to the point every son got to be a banger if it's anything that that was my perspective with this project and just like any project I wanted to drop I want every song to be slamming so especially if you're doing a short short project every song I got to be a banger it's like and it's beautiful because what a lot of people do right as they say I'm gonna compile all of this material then I'm gonna shrink it down shrink it down shrink it down until I got my highlight reel mm that's what it is it's the highlight though it's the best of the best right and then you just let it sit it there and you know let the people do with what they choose to do with it out of it do you are you putting this up on all major streaming services is your streaming services epic music Spotify tidal hold on my stitcher fuck it you dig that's important tapster yeah come on that's important do you can you name any of the features or we gonna leave that for a later date we're gonna leave that for a later date keep the people interested my producers on it it's all produced by this dude named Eric towbar and enemies kasaya Kasai yeah they're their local local shout out so down they've never done a lot of work with people as well out here so they call producing it each each each all the music on there is them both on it mmm East is like our major miss his stage name he performs a lot of live at lunch at PSU also sup cheb out to that venue the live at lunch at Portland State because I see a lot of cool cats that have performed there and it's just every knees don't doing a good job the lady that like booking the people and stuff you know and it's just cool it's right there on campus people literally meeting lunch you phone me like it's literally perfect but no shout-out to that man so I got one more question for you and this is something that it's kind of revolving back around the Nipsey Hussle topic that we brought up earlier but this isn't anything in mourning this is more what does it mean to you to be a community leader and what value do you think these people have on their communities truly because I looked at nipsey's hustle for his community as it leader I said that's somebody who's saying listen I know y'all ain't up on game in terms of the education of the knowledge that we would like you to have however what I can say is I'm gonna teach you through these songs I'm gonna say buy back the block you know I'm saying invest in things that appreciate that don't depreciate then you know simple things of this nature do you know of any people out here currently that you would deem to be a community leader and if so or if not just what do you think it takes to be a good community leader yeah I think cats like Mike capes and Rasheed Jamaal they're definitely people that are involved in the community and I'll say are community leaders and then that's you know something that I aspire to be the community leader and I think it takes a lot of that knowledge like you got to be very mindful of your surroundings and well-read and I just you know all-around intelligent person like you can't Oh Glenn what go Glenn Waco as well he's like he's like a activists like furro furro shout out shout out to him for I think it takes I think the number one key cuz you got to be mindful you got to be knowledgeable but I think there's one aspect that a lot of people can't be consistent on you have to be present ya have to be there all the time you know what I mean some people can handle it some people can I think it's important for those who can be present you know because if your present mad people it's giving people something to aspire towards and like I want to be like that type of cat I want to aspire to be a community leader one day and you know it's just the way the way it works out man I think that if more people are aspiring to want to lead instead of wanting to follow we'll have a much better Society on our hands yeah but not everybody's a leader mm-hmm shout out to Nipsey Hussle me and you know it's messed up and this is sad because you know i'm Eritrean and Ethiopian as well so he was he's eritrane I believe so he like on I identify with him y'all guys more than the average person would just cuz we come from the same cultural background and my community the same as that so like when he passed it was like damn like that it really hit that hit the AirTrain you know he's African community heavy like does it felt like he was like our you know like on a leader our our person to go to that's yeah and when it resonates today to that level you know what I mean it's just different so I I'd very I do pride myself in in the morning of I'll give yourself I'll give myself a day to be sad but any thing besides that think about this and this is gonna get dark for a very quick second but I'm gonna bring it back but we gonna get dark for very quick so again when you go when I go when everybody goes it's inevitable right it's all gonna happen we know this we shouldn't be surprised it's gonna happen one day yeah I I like the the Mexican tradition of mourning which is it's a yes that's a party it's a you know celebrate my life instead of mourning for me celebrate me because I know that what my impact my impact doesn't want to involve crying and you know like mothers crying and all that man I want to see smiles on people's faces I want people to be genuinely filled with joy you know what I mean why because you're celebrating someone who impacted theirs their reality I just that's the goal impact this thing called life however I can because if you don't impact it or you don't strive to impact it what are you doing what are you doing why are you here and I'm not saying everybody needs to go out and have a goal things of that nature but I do think that it's important to want to strive to make this world a better place man you know so long story short like I said it's about being happy and about celebrating what Nipsey Hussle did and the knowledge that he taught us and I listened back to man he got a song I encouraged everybody to listen to it it's called that's how I knew and it's off of his project it was a mixtape called mail bag money and a mail bag mailbox money and you know it's just I'm not you know I'm not gonna play it when I'll talk about I want y'all to play but it's one of them joints man you know that's how I knew that's how I knew I was different yeah come on you know I'm saying so shout-out to nipsey also one more time and he's filming I'm really happy we were able to make this happen in terms of you know coming back from my little hiatus and celebrate people the right way man but at this point of the show dog I kind of want to ask you you got any last words for the people may I appreciate the conversation it always always out for for not for news can do we have a day this summer and there's no date yet don't be you know towards the middle ER and the summer resort so look out for that and take a listen I promise you guys won't be disappointing just give me a little bit of your time and you know if you if you would be kind to finally kind of in your heart to listen to a stream and play it and you you know 100% myself at our Portland Oregon is Asbury yet shout out Derek hey shout out Shadow Man I appreciate you coming on before we end this though plug your socials tell people where they can find you follow me you could follow me find me on Instagram a soulful underscore Sammy Twitter Sammy as well my hat is Sammy lost child which is my government name you probably won't be able to find its belly but it's fine you'll find me something else there again if you slow like me and you couldn't pick all that up I'm I have it all linked below so we're good for that you know and love so like I said man appreciate you coming on and it was just a wise people stay safe stay real to whole nine and come visit us next week on Tuesday cuz I will be back again so until next time adios thieves

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