WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange has been arrested at the Ecuadorian Embassy in London, police announced. #CNN #News

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  1. My opinion of Julian Assange has changed over a period of years. I initially viewed him as a sort of freedom fighter in the sense he was fighting for freedom of information and trying to pull back the veil on government's secret doings. Through his actions Americans learned of the slaughter of foreign noncombatants by US troops. That was a good thing for the American people to see and it brought about change demanded by the American people of their government and military. But working with the Russians to influence an American presidential election by releasing Hillary Clinton's emails served zero purpose towards freedom of information. It was simply the act of a merry prankster with a personal grudge enjoying his newfound fame and power. Today, I've come to believe Julian Assange was never about anything other than self-aggrandizement. A self-aggrandizement he pursued regardless of cost to those around him or world stability at large. A little man found himself on a large stage and had his fifteen minutes of fame. Time for him to fade into history and the damage he wrought on the world's largest democracy be repaired. Make no mistake. Assange and the Russians put Donald Trump in the White House.

  2. Wikileaks revealed the pedophilia that runs rampant through our government that has sold this country out to Israel and Saudi Arabia. The Deep State recently paid the Ecuadorian government $10 billion in "aid" and now they don't want to harbor Assange. 🤔

  3. All those state secrets and yet, not one revelation on Israel's secret doings.  Assange is CIA involved in a family CIA fight.  Clinton was too statesman like and wouldn't have been a good Israel puppet. Only Trump would do.  But the great opportunity to end that pesky journalism came with this internal fight.  That's what LEVIATHAN means, people.  From all sides and from below and from above.

  4. thks for all you did for us JULIAN ASSANGE …rest in peace …your a true hero …say hi to seth rich ……there sould be billions of people protesting on your behalf……but we are all cowards or dont care or brain washed/Dead

  5. History will be the final judge – The courageous acts of Julian Assange to expose war crimes, versus those who are ashamed and embarrassed of their actions, who will be the one revered and remembered 100 years from today?  No matter what happens from here on, Assange has made his mark on history forever.

  6. They should dig up all the paperwork on the Agreda treaty signed by Ike and publish that it will turn America inside out and put more crooks behind bars tha n you can count, it would be the csoope of a lifetime so make it world wide because its what America does behind everyones back purely for their own gain and sod what happens to people, a treaty EVERYONE SHOULD SEE AND READ, and then lets see just what America does, any country who has a copy of this should put it up for all to see because it was agreed on purely so America could lord it over the rest of tbe world because at the time they were the only ones with nuclear weapons and that how they wanted it to stay, it also accounts for why there are so many missing people in the world, all at Americas doing.

  7. There is one who will judge the works of tbose who put this man through this ordeal, all for telling the truth, if the documents were corupute fthen those resposible are corrupt.
    Americas idea of finding the truth is torture and those who put him in the hands of a country who is known for this, America, are guilty of a crime far worst than anything Julian Assarge has done.
    We have a country that is totally out of control, America, interfer in everyone elses affairs but is prepared to kill if its done to them, the very person that the documents pointed out to be ilegal is still on the loose and still out there making money purely for themselves, in the same way she did while in office, she is the one who broke the law but despite all his big talk Clinton is still free even after the documents proved her guilt, what sort of country is that????

  8. I was just thinking as well by handing over this guy it also protects potentially bush and Blair things like this always come to light and are often swept away but in today's day and age it's harder to do so.

  9. NO “freedom loving” Patriotic American, British, or Australian military defended Julian Assange. NOT ONE! I thought you guys valued honor and honesty? Julian Assange honestly informed the public of heinous abuse of power and the murder of innocent people by corrupt government officials. Yet, ALL you Active military (and veterans), who took an honorable oath, did NOTHING to physically protect Assange from being kidnapped and put in chains LIKE A SLAVE.

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