Jordyn Woods is reveling in her newly-heightened celebrity … drawing a gaggle of paparazzi and loving every minute of it.


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48 thoughts on “Jordyn Woods Causes Massive Scene with Paparazzi | TMZ

  1. Disclaimer this isn't David Lambert it's his girlfriend he's letting me use his old cell until mine arrives. Disclaimer.
    Well damn. I'm sure it's difficult to hide your smile when your astatic with for once all the focus/attention directed to just u but it would've been much wiser to keep those feelings in just a little while longer. All else the selfee pics for your fans, the politeness, awesome!! Just not the grin at least not so fucking big.. She needs to keep it mystery because when a headline is hott and your expression isn't giving everything away all at once is a much smarter strategy. If u give everyone what they want to know just like that then there's nothing for them to come back to. The Kardashian family have that shit down to a science and it proves effective! Anywho onto something lighter & funny i swear that grin of hers leaving the restaurant is straight identical to Kim's from back in the day when she herself was the shadow to a certain Paris as her assistant and friend. But seriously put Paris & Kim 2006 in the search engine and watch a few compare the smiles the moment the paparazzi begin to ask Kim if she's dating Nick. Then tell me that's not an identical 😊😊😊

  2. I don't care for the kardashians (at all) but I keep seeing all of social media being happy for her I mean what did she do that was so great? I mean she should definitely move on from that whole scandal (dude kissin her) but she doesn't seem like she cares about what happened.. she seems like a person that finally got what they wanted (fame)

  3. She's a very beautiful girl. Pretty eyes, skin, lips, all of her facial features. Mostly natural, except for the teeth. However, we need to stop acting like she's completely innocent. She even admitted to resting her legs on her friend's man, which is highly inappropriate. Does she deserve to be called a slut? No. But she's not better than anybody either.

  4. Yo she loves this attention I would too lmao 😂 I wouldn’t be surprised if this was all staged just so her and Kylie could be rich and the topic of every gossip blog just to get richer together. And fun fact it worked out because she’s not ‘kylies best friend anymore’ she wanted to rid of that title so bad and she did just that. you guys believe anything. 😂😂😂 I cant help but stick with that scenario.

  5. Awww she deserve this publicity after hiding behind kylie so long.I know the kardashians are some where screaming at the their phone and each other. Work it giiiiiirl 😍. She is such a pleasant break of fresh air 💨

  6. I love kylie and kloe ,but everything happens for a reason, never cry over spilt milk girl be your own person ,do you. .. been in the background long enough. This is your opportunity to shine make the most of it good luck.Everyone makes mistakes. Should we condemn?what about second chances?🙏🙏🙏🙏

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