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Majority Report Contributor Michael Brooks is hosting the show for Sam Seder today. In this clip, Jeremy Corbyn has a very popular proposal, just not with corporate media elites.

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23 thoughts on “Jeremy Corbyn Wants To Put Vacant London Mansions To Public Use In Times of Crisis

  1. Unbelievable. I can't believe otherwise intelligent people think that stealing property is okay as long as a majority votes to do it.

    The host is correct. This is true socialism. The most evil idea that has ever been unleashed upon the world.

  2. The U.S. has appropriated lands and resources that lay under that land from it's very beginnings .Just ask the indigenous peoples who were here first .. The railroad did it and the government still does it. They are expected to offer a fair market price for whatever they appropriate , but they can still take it if you refuse .

  3. Not only sitting on real estate but driving property prices up making the homelessness problems worse in the first place. This happens all over the world. Vancouver, Canada, for example.

  4. I cant believe what im hearing. Have you given a thought to where this story goes? On its own, this is a reasonably small and trivial first step, but it opens the door and it moves public expectations further Left – how long do you think the rich will want to live in a country that does this? About three nanoseconds – capital flight is real – so then what? You cant let people and capital leave on a mass scale, so you stop them – and again public expectations are moved, and so on, until you descend into communism. I know thats a long way off, but its a historically slippery slope and im stunned at how willing people are to start down it. This is madness.

  5. Yeah, totally let's completely destroy confidence in foreign investment, by confiscating private property, on the eve of brexit negotiations. From the idiot who praised Hugo Chavez.

  6. The Queen herself met with victims. Safety concerns were not the problem, it is criticism.

    Under this plan, at least the owners of the abandoned mansions will get rent payments. Without this plan, squatters will simply break in and use the abandoned mansions anyway

  7. If Jeremy Corbyn is so generous then why doesn't he let homeless sleep in his house? Of course not, he wants to use class warfare to his advantage by stealing property from the wealthy to give to the poor.

  8. That's communism, also rich people have the right to enjoy poor people suffering on the streets and begging for money, so the rich are able to show magnanimity by throwing them a few coins.

  9. The reality is that Kensington and Chelsea is virtually empty because many of the private residences there are owned by Russian oligarchs and Chinese citizens who don't reside in the country. Bars and restaurants are going out of business because of the huge council taxes that the borough charges for things like rubbish collection, parking and also the lack of patronage.

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