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More about this programme:

Jonathan Ross presents another edition of the current series. His guests are: actor Colin Farrell, Russian supermodel Natalia Vodianova, comedian Jason Manford and chatting and performing, the biggest rapper on the planet, Jay-Z.


41 thoughts on “JayZ talks about Beyonce – Friday Night with Jonathan Ross – BBC One

  1. You know he plays the humor card just to dominate the talk without telling anything real? I mean how much can you overplay the host, it wasnt a pleasure to hear nothing but voices.

  2. I don't think Jay is being funny here. I think he doesn't like these type of questions about his wife but uses humor so that he doesn't come off offensive when he does not want to answer

  3. I don't think Jay sees what we see in Bey. We see her as incredibly beautiful, awesome body, singer, dancer. I think he sees her as just another girl… He's surrounded by tons of beautiful women. Probably prettier than her. Nicer bodies than her. She's average in his eyes.

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