This is a miraculous story in a naval battle happened in Surabaya, the Northeast of Java Sea in 1942, was summarized in a book by a Japanese Self-Defense Force official who had been impressed the story talked by Sir Samuel Falle. This story wasn’t known by anyone unless Sir Falle visited Japan. “I visited Japan to say thanks to Japanese Captain Kudo face to face by all means before I die. I have never forgotten him even at my age now 87.”

Lieutenant Samuel Falle was one of the 442 crew of the British Royal Navy Destroyer “ENCOUNTER” saved by Imperial Japanese Navy Destroyer “IKAZUCHI” commanded by Captain Shunsako Kudo, who never told anyone of his accomplishments.

Ikazuchi (meaning “thunder”) was a destroyer of the Imperial Japanese Navy. During the first months of 1942, Ikazuchi participated in the East Indies campaign, including the invasion of Java and the battle of the Java Sea on March 1 in which the British cruiser EXETER, destroyer ENCOUNTER and U.S. destroyer POPE were sunk.

48 thoughts on “Japanese Navy saved lives of British Navy in WW II – 1/2

  1. Doesnt remove the fact that the Japanese Mavy commited tons of crimes , including having POWs tied to poles on U-boat then submerging , eating livers of downed pilots , shutting POWs in hot humid stuffy and small areas of ships then force on Sampans for target practices

  2. I can't stop laughing that how american believe their war history made by "them."
    "Japanese are devil"??? huh
    Atomic bombs killed 0.5million people(if i include people who are effected and killed by sickness of radioactive, the number beyonds word.) "Innocent people" They were not navy or army, literally normal people. when i talk about this, most of american say "but you guys attacked pearl harbor!" it's bullshit. We chose military basement cuz if we attack innocent people, it's against to Bushi Do. Do you guys know how Hiroshima and Nagasaki are selected as targets of atomic bomb? the weirdness of conditions of selection will tell you how they were evil. We hate being called devil by devil. We killed a lot, but we saved a lot too like European solders did but the truth won't be corrected cuz you(America) made history not to let us against you again.

  3. My father, from the USS Pope, was one of the people Captain Kudo rescued (two days after the Exeter crew was picked up). He said that after they were picked up, they washed and were given dry clothes and fed. Unfortunately, when landed they were sent to Makassar POW camp, the treatment by the Army there was brutal. 20 years after WWII, Fleet Admiral Nimitz spoke to japanese Naval Cadets about a "Brotherhood of the Sea." Captain Kudo's actions back that up, and the overall treatment does show that the "brotherhood of the sea" is something unique.

  4. 基本的に戦争なので現在の価値観からいえば皆が悪だっただろうが、それでも連合国軍より帝国軍がマシであったと信じている

  5. 戦争なんてしたくないしたいのは上に立つ人間だけだ

  6. Two of my uncles were on board the Encounter, the ship mentioned here.   One was killed during the battle, the other was picked up, presumably thanks to Captain Kudo.   Unfortunately treatment in the Japanese prison camps was not good, his health was very poor after the war.  He died, still a young man, in 1955.

  7. 最後のサムライ?冗談を言うな!

    Last samurai? Do not say a joke!
    Samurai Spirit, we continue to live in the Japanese mind!

  8. これは実に素晴らしい歴史の1ページですね。と言いつつも、その他の救済された海兵はボルネオの俘虜収容所へ移管された後、どうなったか知りたいのです。 当時のボルネオに置いてたサンダカン俘虜収容所を例えにすると、彼らはSamuelさんみたにに戦後まで生き延びず、死ぬまで強制労働されたと考えられます。

  9. They ask, "Why does nobody know about this?" Because America, even today, have made sure that the Japanese of that time are treated as nothing more than monsters, and will be eternally accused as monsters for as long as they lived. Little people actually know about this story in history about a man who was the enemy rescuing enemies. Too bad though, that the Japanese Army treated these men like shit.

  10. Why make such a big deal about a single destroyer stopping to pick up enemy survivors? This happened regularly in the European theatre of war. Perhaps it is because there are so few examples of Japanese sailors behaving humanely.

  11. And this makes up for the barbarism of Japanese military personnel in general? I think not. A horrifically mis-guided nation that had its morals stuck in 1300, not 1942. The British handed them a series of decisive defeats in Burma, thank fuck.

  12. 第二次大戦中、日本の軍人が敵兵を救助したり、米軍の攻撃から街を救うために脱出して犠牲になった話はよく聞きます。中国や韓国は残酷な話ばかり大げさに誇張して後世に伝えていますが、人道的な軍人も多数存在した。

  13. The foreigner who has struck Japan is a crazy thing which believes the lie of China and South Korea, and the propaganda of a victorious nation.
    Because there are many countries troubled as Japan is a bad fellow.
    At any rate, you the foreigners will be good anyhow in truth, if Japan can be struck?
    sauce — Wikipedia — without it makes it laugh.

  14. I'm Japanese.
    Japanese that living in wartime are more faithful than now.
    You know Japanese of  today.So please imagine the Japanese in wartime.
     I wonder why you think  Japanese in wartime are the devil's army.

    Only lost the war.

  15. Nobody actually cares about the most barbarians:Chinese. China raped, killed more innocent civilians in Uyghur and Tibet. China should apologize and compensate for Chinese barbaric atrocities and stop killing innocent civilians immediately.

  16. Norman Todd also confessed "it was a fabrication". I watched his long documentary. Yeah I know British raped and killed countless Indians, Indonesians, they actually committed more atrocities in Asia and not to mention in Australia and USA, so the UK government has no rights to bash others. Iris Chang committed suicide because of her lies in her book was revealed. Anyway, don't be deluded by lies made in China.

  17. Nonsense. It's the real story. Also, Chinese Mao is listed as the worst killer in human history who DID genocide their own countrymen up to 78 million and modern Chinese are brainwashed NOT to learn about the shameful history. Moreover, China massacred 7.5 million people in Uyghur, 1.2 million Tibetans, and China is still murdering those innocent people daily. Open your eyes.

  18. Nonsense. There has been hundreds of books written by both sides in the 70+ years since the wars end. Acts of humility by military in war were very rare. Furthermore, in regards to your other post about "Mao" (Mao Tse Tung) being innocent of genocide then you are truly a fool. Only a practicing communist/leftist would utter such a pretentious statement. Keep reading that 'Little Red Book'–the world needs more "useful idiots".

  19. Hahaha! Oh Lord. Since when was Douglas McAurthers' English so bad? I find no website or book that claims he said such a thing.Typical right-wing nonsense. Mao never mentioned the massacre because he wanted good relations with Japan. The same reason why the UK government never speaks of the barbaric treatment of British POWs in Japanese captivity – they want good relations.
    Alice Chang? I think you mean Iris Chang. There are several errors in her book, every historian acknowledges that.

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