hello my name is Jeff Moses my name's strip Moses own the host of The Improv funded podcast and I'm we have James Erskine who is a guest of the improvement in Assad cast hi hi how you doing yes yeah do I want to tank James Alexander Husky in this video yes I do I'm tagged yes I have attacked you have you I was how was the recording of the podcast for you nice yeah enjoyable I felt like I definitely had a point where I'm not sure it was anything to do the question I think we probably yeah we probably found out about you right as a person give that's were yeah exactly so we found out we found out about you so that was good yeah what did we talk about skinny remember we've talked about James and I classic Andy mm-hmm those are groups yep yeah that's things podcast that we do you know I always say yeah yeah yeah we talked about the amount of James's you have in your life no that's true no you have more James ain't you have more James's in your life than I have Stewart's I think I was reaching a bit late because I my boss's boyfriend just don't even move I don't know many Stewart's right I mean obviously you know there's Stewart Lee but I don't know him he's doing Stuart Maconie you either – no there are no Stewart's vanilla no significance to it there is there's a guy called Stu who I met two or shuli that the my dad's retreat over the wall but he was nice I was happy to share my name to me okay but generally I don't think Stuart's playing well of other Stuart's I really haven't have one per team I think so where's you you've got yeah if you're stuck with James yeah yeah I hope at some point we can get James whip to do the podcast and I'll do the three James yeah that would be if anyone has any questions for James yeah or any requests let us know we'll we'll give that again so yeah so we talked about James and I we took a podcast we even encourage people to listen to your podcast yeah which helps yeah listen to James's podcast yeah tell them tell a problem where they can find out your podcast James improv calm and it's on iTunes and all that stuff podcast apps you know so it's James and I the image is like it's supposed to be someone with a pigeon coming out of their mouth I'm not sure how a readable that is on that someone with a pigeon was about someone who was at war it was about cancer really weirdly yeah I'm not sure how that came up but he was sending messages to it by a carrier pigeon okay inspired by that pigeon came out I mean in many ways except that we kept there that's good yeah that's good I mean I didn't realize that was what the image was but and we knew many ways trying to describe an improv scene it's like trying to describe a dream right yeah pretty interesting if you were there yeah I mean people could listen to it yeah but if they really care all right so go back and find the first house serves it was the first Podcast yeah first show that shows how thorough my research is so if anyone's got any questions for James or requests for I tonight you're James I'm I who never agreed in the group no idea that was the third thing if I'll bring we remember that to find out the context for this you will listen to the episode yeah what was the third thing it was about which way if you're wondering which one of us is called James and then it would be a different person used so what I've done sorry haptics so before we do this show it's barely intro we would say if you're wondering which my investors called James and then we would decide at that moment we'd like make eye contact and decide who you're gonna say was right okay but both of you record chains yeah so that's that's humor arrives we're always right once again you're playing with the audience yeah we're on the audience I'm really interested in how improv groups interact with the audience so teasing the audience that's kind of like that's an interesting approach yeah I think it's something that works better in your head yeah maybe things work better in my head than they do in reality if I'm fair and then you just see an audience and people just happen they're like yeah yeah yeah thank you James neither he James I mean we're building up a big yeah why not no I'm just here because it's winter I feel sad I need to like be entertained a voice Bruce lifted I don't care yeah please I didn't care what your name anyways do something you know you seem to think it's really funny of them difficult James I mean it's interesting that knowing about how much fun you're having on stage whether that translates yeah to how much fun the audience is having sometimes there's a correlation and sometimes there's the opposite of a correlation I don't know what what type of find you're having it is communicated and what top foot isn't communicated I think it's something that I'm quite aware of usually when I'm performing I'm pretty aware of how the audience is reacting and I'm trying to be in a place where they're on board which I guess it's not always possible but as much as possible it's like we're doing and that's just having them there which I suppose is less possible in the podcast listen we're judging that a bit more about our reaction to things whereas in the live so you have that immediate feedback so I mean I kind of play up to that let's do that thing yeah I'm really interested in interacting with the audience I'm less and less interested and there being a fourth wall because I think you can I even acknowledge the audience it can even address the audience hmm and then you can still bring it back it doesn't it doesn't ruin the reality of the scene I find that I can I mean I'm thinking about what I do with bring with doctor to probe here in that I'm very conscious of the audience I don't know if he's speaking that but there's a there's a rendition of happy birthday going on behind I mean nobody we get bunny bunny and that sort of stuff so I just saying so by acknowledging the audience yeah you can still snap back to the reality of the scene you haven't broken I don't think you've brought compromised in reality of the scene just because you've certainly interacted with the audience that's just my personal opinion I think I understand that in theory but it depends it depends on the show I think yeah but you know the audience is there it seems weird to ignore them right and I wouldn't ignore that that's definitely kind of plays into how I'm playing something and I'm aware of roughly maybe what their reaction not exactly what the reaction will be something but you're like okay given the information we have so far of how people have reacted to things mmm then that plays into it so they're absolutely there but for me it is never a point where I wouldn't actually they cross the arrow fair enough depends on the so it depends on yeah so if anyone has any questions for James night oh I just yes James and me happy to take those other words thank you to the nursery for giving a space to record oh forget to thank the nursery thank you very much the nursery and we have some questions that have previously come in right so this is a question from Andrew Gentilly okay have you ever melted something that was not edible and melted southern Iowa interesting question you must have many things milk that's it the things about is that your take your message about everything but service cherry it's a message yes do you think of something specifically you've melted that wasn't edible I probably married just like plastic I'm sure yeah you got pain awesome at school regularly do you want to do it once right okay maybe it may be a wooden yes hi Kate and we have a question from Kate which is why is that do Gentiles so center of melting stuff well he many things himself or is he encouraging other people that is very much a question very much rancher Gentilly yeah okay okay says as Andrew Gentilly ever melted anyways yeah I mean I I imagine he has and then reformed I wasn't really thinking about a literal melting now I think I'm at like terminator happy see where the t1000 disposed 3400 yeah okay I mean it's an interesting choice Tim hell no say if you're building a terminator yeah bitch they offer now well I mean this is a situation I imagine there are certain things Kate was thinking like she has so if you were building a terminator and t1000 tone 18000 or two or 400 whatever any time any terminator you're probably gonna want it to look you will probably convey certain messages with the way in which your terminator looks okay so normally they're quite tough looking right I'm not saying Andrew Gentilly isn't tough enough I just don't think he looks like a terminator I mean yeah and that's fine because I don't want Andrew Gentilly to be me that's not what I want from him mean this is not my peers wearing shades and like that yeah it's like you're there because I've the future it's really horrible there so I'm gonna try and avoid global warming yeah you know climate changes we call it now oh right a part of your identity does a good term yeah okay well I always it to a thousand right well okay so we're we're we're the bicycle hub so you know I'm on board from it you can let's go point of view yeah so brilliant recover that to go with that okay how do you know that Andrew does a good Terminator impression what was the situation in place specific terminator wish model they are which model you can get back to some that that'd be really great well Kate's thinking about that um this is a question from Nathan Keats okay he says when were you last rained on when we lost so rained on that you would disgusted and upset disgusting that's been rained on and then felt disgusted I think I'm fine with it I think a thing that happens you get so you can wear it's okay it's natural I think this is pretty much what every improvise I have spoken to you broadly no one's ever been discussed in upset because I've got so rained on yeah but why don't know is where the fence because I'm speaking to improvisers from a scientific point of view I feel I need to actually go and speak to I need a control group of people that don't improvise to find out whether they think it's like a self-selecting yeah I wonder if I wonder if being an improviser means that you're more accepting of the offers that nature gives I'm gonna yes and the reigning William says I know I do does it good Christopher Walken I forget if I've heard his Terminator lies I'm really feel I don't know Andrew Gentilly at all yeah yeah I need to get more the podcaster maybe you talk to about today ask him directly because he'll say no tonight yeah fine Terminator training are you a terminator they go yes [Laughter] yes oh yeah generally improvises thank you upset about getting wet okay don't go so that's what you've learned that's what yeah it's not been helpful secretly what this whole project was for is yeah I've done the 120 episodes just to sleep that question in playing the long game I question from Amy cook Hudson elephants don't forget so which memory is your memory socks elegant elephants don't forget so which memory in your memory bank would you never like to forget would I forget everything else no no okay you can just hold on to one thing just an important memory it's a big deal to me unlikely it's big deals I guess but it's not normally this big a deal no this is the most exciting thing yeah Wow I mean in some ways I'm really flattered and pleased in other ways I think I mean normally people cut share like you know intimate moment here and it kind of just round things off nicely something you know something real you know saying we should share an intimate way I should yeah do you believe we should probably turn the camera off come back in say five minutes two minutes you're just looking at me now yeah sure memory delivery obviously I have forgotten everything I use somebody bad to forget are you a forgetful person hmm no not in general I remember things I need to remember that's good my brother remembers stuff remember a little all the time he brings stuff up oh well you said this when you're right I was a member that and he just he knows the older stuff younger yeah younger so I just trust him at this point he could be making it up he's been right before right okay you were talking about completely unrelated you're talking about when we made my sister think she was invisible of people doing this and we did it my sister well I had a magic Burke and I was like oh just bail and I made her think she was invisible and then everyone said you can't see her including my mom and then eventually my mom gave in but yeah my brother I think my brother remembered it better than I do you remember – which sister was Chris well that is a good memory you never like to forget but if you do forget your brother who's remembered it I think the things I remember are things that I would be happy to forget like I remember oh this orchid thing happened that was horrible these are the things I hold onto and trickin that's the emotional climax that we're looking for important questions [Applause]

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