JACKIE CHAN (Rush Hour, Chinese zodiac) immortalized in wax at Madame Tussauds in Hollywood,Ca USA January 11, 2010

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my name's a sword is synonymous in a 200 year history of fate of interacting famous people and who better to recognize and I'm delighted to say that he is here with us today to unveil our latest figure here on Hollywood Boulevard Jackie Chan don't Kentucky well without further ado well lost Jackie – and if you want to come this way Jackie and right in the middle here otherwise it will do the countdown everybody five four three two one there you go Jackie you want to say a few minutes Jackie O say a few words good morning everybody good morning and thank you for coming and happy to be here and I inside just wondering what happened the Old West traveler melted but but they said too popular this everybody touching it really melted there's a new one and thank you mother – so and also Yashiro for god Oscar Tucker and thank you again and thank you Thank You Jackie I think I've been having a wax for so many years I just know one by one they asked me again at the end again I just let me to prove then I was wondering why there's so many West then they probably cheat to me they may try to make me happy they said you're the most popular west in every country so this why they need me again again I'm so happy I've been doing so many years suddenly recognized for every country every different people given religion then this makes me happy I hope one day when I retire the people still remember me the one thing the good things is the West they never get old always the young Jackie Chan what's he make of your likeness smiling this is Nicky right here I go yeah Thank You television

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