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hello good evening well we've had high pressure in control of our weather for some time now all that's about to change as things become more unsettled with rain or showers for all of us in the next few days our Met Office when a flow chart shows what's going on and basically it's a case of these lows and weather fronts down to the south getting their act together heading our way and bringing cloud and rain to southern parts of the UK tomorrow now back to tonight's and we have a lot of clouds around clear alerts out to the worst especially so the Northwest there and then some showers along the fringes of the south coast there as well as the eastern side of the country a windy o night with it especially through the channel and temperatures generally coming in at around about nine or ten degrees into tomorrow morning still some sunshine around especially so in the West and in particular the Northwest virtually unbroken sunshine there more in the way of cloud further south especially so the southeast with some showers cropping up then June of course the afternoon with heavier outbreaks of rain pushing across the southeast and heading Northwest towards overnight with temperatures still disappointing but a high of 19 in Northwest Wales and Scotland goodnight sponsored by paradigm producing electricity whatever the weather an ITV movie premiere being dead could change our life we've decided to give you another chance but there's one condition thank you dangerous it has to be forever Bridget Fonda is the assassin Monday at 9:00 on Carlton it's a big night if coca-cola Cup action on Carlton Sports right after London tonight next they now begin Woolworths promised parents that if you can buy any of their toys or games cheaper somewhere locally where there is a twirling ballerina Barbie or an action man snowboard Raider they will be fun the difference the end it's true the Woolworths toy price promised it's no petty story its back at a sweet Center near you the furniture blockbuster the whole world is talking about 1998 your first payment featuring no deposit nothing to pay until 1998 with stunning support from interest-free credit until 2001 on every superb sweet or sette 1998 your first payment its back and a sweet Center near you for a limited period in 1993 Colgate launched a toothpaste that was so advanced it was proven to go on working for 12 hours so unlike some toothpastes it carries on working against plants tartar cavities and gum disease long after you finish brushing now however another toothpaste has been proven to do the same and the name of that toothpaste is Colgate Total fresh striped Colgate Total the new Colgate Total fresh stripe the two pastes clinically proven to go on working for 12 hours Elvis was the king I was the king got me and his shocked ill sounds experience how mergers of course today I've modernized my act by including Visa Delta visa Delta is a debit card it's easy to shush with Delta as it is to pay with cash I must say giving my new shop chills sound experience an entirely new dimension visa Delta making cash you could sticking over the past revertas the dance sensation that's taken the world by storm buddies and perfect motion feet in perfect harmony riverton's no booking in 1997 now let's see you get a first-class seat for a business class fare you get more personal space than in any other business class this my friends is the miles apart but seductive isn't it good morning madam I've come to buy some toys good morning I'm looking for action man that's me Bobby plays a big one sky doubts the council please shop with confidence at who worse if you can buy your child the same toy cheaper locally that's a Woolworth toy price promise guardians of 13 a mother by 14 she blames the lack of sex education tomorrow the shocking figures that may explain why over 7,000 British teenage girls are getting pregnant every year not enough sex education or too much too young joining the debate tomorrow on GM TV now here's the news in London tonight good evening I'm Mary Nightingale this is London tonight first a woman who went berserk in a Kent job Center after arming herself with four knives and five screwdrivers was sent to Broadmoor today tonight the leader of a civil service Union warned that security must be tightened or next time someone could die Christopher peacock reports he went into a job centre at Bexleyheath and found himself the victim of a crazed attack when a woman plunged a knife into his head today Simon bridge relived his ordeal when he heard she'd been committed to Broadmoor indefinitely I tried to actually pull it out I pulled it the wrong way and I swear not so glad now realized though saying I can get meself twenty-eight-year-old pearly natan had gone to the Job Center armed with four knives and five screwdrivers intending to cause great harm the prosecution said the reason would never be known because she was suffering from paranoid schizophrenia there was pandemonium inside the Kent Job Center it was full at the time women and children screamed and scattered as pearly natan indiscriminately lashed out with knives and screwdrivers and whomever got in her way the case highlights concerned that the risks faced by staff who work at job centers security grilles were removed eight years ago in favor of friendly open-plan centers but union leaders warn it's not on they plan a strike next week demanding new security measures to give workers greater protection we've had one but jacks axes we've had computer screens been ripped off counters and thrown its staff that's the risk that we face Simon is now trying to get fit again after receiving counseling to help him through the trauma but he says he will never forget what happened I was one of no who's in front of me and who's around me life if I don't know someone is coming at me in that makes me nervous the reporter of London Sir Laurence Bernie told Pearlie natan he was committing her to Broadmoor psychiatric hospital for an indefinite period he said that she was clearly suffering from a serious mental illness and was a danger not only to herself but also to the public at the Old Bailey this is Christopher peacock for London tonight the career of one of the Queen's police bodyguards is in ruins too after he was found guilty of a road rage attack on a woman in East London constable Stephen Dunstan slammed a car door into the woman's arm after their vehicles collided Dunstan a member of the royal protection squad for 15 years was convicted of assault he must also pay his victim 500 pounds compensation a second Australian has been charged in connection with the murder of Londoner Brian Hagglund at Bondi Beach Shaun Cushman in the gray suit didn't enter a plea to the charge of being an accessory while that was happening in Australia a plane was arriving at Heathrow with mr. hagglunds body on board accompanied by his fiancee Connie Casey she was with him when he was beaten to death 11 days ago another Australian is already in custody charged with murder a lorry crashed on the elevated slip road of the Westway today hand finished up balanced in midair above a gypsy site traffic right across West London was paralysed for six hours after the accident in Shepherds Bush Richard case fir'd reports perilously close to falling off the flyover the lorry that not only closed one of London's busiest routes but threatened the lives of those that live below it when it shed its cargo of newsprint right on top of them the road it was on the m41 a short fast stretch of motorway linked to the a40 the truck crashed in a notorious air spend the reason not fully clear underneath a council run gypsy site it's been there 15 years 15 years too long for those who live there they want to be moved and say it's just luck that no one was killed today up until last Sunday there was a caravan parked here with a young family living inside now where their home once stood 3 ton that rolls of paper are they came crashing down from the road above as well as the heavy cargo crash barriers and concrete ranged down from the sky amazingly damage was light and no one was injured up until today the camp residents thought pollution was the biggest risk to their lives now they're not so sure there's some holes in the back of the caravan horns conquer cantos I think more or less that the founders lived in the caravan the woman complicates our own in shock it's not so don't hear the stairs been under the flyover and this is the pro for the lorries driver escaped unhurt from his cab and investigations now begun safety officials will want to know why crash barriers broke and to how rolls of paper came loose so quickly turning from harmless newsprint to missiles that threaten to flimsy caravans parked right below by the Westway this is Richard gates but for London tonight and finally to City stock brokers have beaten the clock to make a transatlantic journey from London Bridge over here to London Bridge over there the charity trip started at London Bridge on the Thames and finished up the old London Bridge now at Lake Havasu in Arizona the bridge was dismantled and shipped across the Atlantic exactly 25 years ago it was bought from the government by an American millionaire for $1,000,000 the two stockbrokers Archie Struthers and William Tovey from Battersea eventually made it from bridge to bridge in 22 hours and 15 minutes raising two thousand pounds for the since Johns Ambulance in the process and that's all from us no football results from tonight's coca-cola Cup matches they're all in Carlton sport which is coming up next with Bob Wilson and we're back of course with bulletins in GMTV tomorrow and London's nights at 6:30 good night Calton whether sponsored by first choice holidays for a brighter outlook hello again a dry star but rain is on its way coming up from the southeast from quite heavy births around by tomorrow morning not particularly cold in numbers but if you add on the effect of the wind it's certainly gonna feel quite chilly I think tomorrow morning a lot of cloud around some showers from time to time some bright spells too but in the afternoon that clouds thickening up even more from the southeast some heavy bursts of rain getting in and not many places staying entirely dry through tomorrow afternoon temperatures well similar to today so 14 to 16 Celsius 16 is 61 Fahrenheit but again if you add on the wind it's certainly feel particularly chilly and the outlook pretty unsettled some showers from time to time and never terribly warm either temperatures around 16 or 17 here's a summary for a detailed forecast call weather update sponsored by first choice holidays on parade on one double one double O double O an ex-con has a secret that others want to share a secret that can kill in the park idea of Glassdoor last night taxi driver Gerald Wilson died of slash wounds to the straightedge razor I'd say mr. Gordon is it the killer wanted them dead it's murder on the streets of Glasgow as Taggart returns Thursday at 9:00 on Colton's now with coverage of tonight's coca-cola Cup football its Canton sports tonight on Carleton sport we follow Chelsea to the seaside will Ruud Hulett stars shine up a blackboard with a London derby at Underhill as Westham run the gauntlet against third division Bonner and its goals galore as we round up two nights of exciting coca-cola cup action hello good evening and welcome to Carleton sport the second round of the coca-cola Cup has taken center stage this week as the Premiership teams with the exception of England's European contenders come up against clubs from lower divisions the Charlton Athletic manager Alan Curbishley is with me tonight good

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