Anjem Choudary wants to turn Buckingham Palace into a mosque, impose Sharia law in the UK, and destroy the porn, gambling, and alcohol industries.

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[CHANTING IN ARABIC] ANJEM: We are here maybe saying
to you, look, there's a better way of life. You don't need to live
like animals following your own desires. The big industries you see
nowadays in the West are things like gambling,
pornography, alcohol, drugs, homosexuality. REPORTER: If you took over
Britain, you'd ban alcohol? ANJEM: Of course. Alcohol would be banned. Drugs would be banned. Pornography would be banned. Gambling would be banned. But the money saved– REPORTER: The Queen? ANJEM: There'd be no monarchy. [CHANTING IN ARABIC] ANJEM: Yeah, we're basically, we
were inundated with threats of violence, with threats
to kill and murder. We had hundreds of them in the
two weeks when we were advertising the– on the text, via email,
on blogs. Basically, the reality that I
envisage was that Piccadilly Circus, which is a place of
rallying, would have been occupied, and the people were
planning to attack us in Trafalgar Square. Now, I have with me women,
children, elderly. Therefore I had no option
but to relocate. DAVE: I don't think any person
with those views, no matter what color, race, or religion he
has, has the right to speak on the street. If I came out with half of what
he said about beheading people, et cetera, et cetera,
I would be arrested for incitement. ABU: First of all, I believe
that the British people, they are very ignorant about the fact
what is happening abroad, even about Sheikh Osama. If they came to actually verify
with us, rather than show an ugly face and be angry
with us, they'd find that Islam is truly something
they'd like. [INTERPOSING VOICES] MAN 1: These are extreme
Muslims. MAN 2: No, he's a Muslim. ANJEM: No, he's a pure Muslim. He adheres to the Islamic
text completely. What does he do that is
wrong in your eyes? ABU: I've spoken to many
of my colleagues, for instance at work. One instance was about
the Shariah. Where they were saying that,
how barbaric chopping the hands of the thief was. And two weeks later, his laptop
was actually stolen. And he [INAUDIBLE], he said, I
feel like killing the man, chopping his head off. I said, for God's sake, all we
said is chop the hands off. Don't go chopping the
man's head off. ANJEM: Shall I take you to the
training camp, where we're doing Al Qaeda training? And where we're making
nuclear weapons? Maybe I'm doing that
in my garden. INTERVIEWER: It's underneath
the football pitch. ANJEM: It could be, it
may well be, yeah. There might be a bunker
underneath the [INAUDIBLE] Mosque. Maybe we need to dig it
up and have a look. You don't want to believe
everything that you see and read in the media. One of the problems of the
media is that they'll fabricate something. And then they'll start believing
it, you see? That's quite dangerous,
really. You invent Frankenstein and
Dracula, and then you start to become afraid of it, forgetting
the fact that you invented him in the
first place. [MEN ARGUING] ABU: My name is Abu Sumayyah
from Stoke-on-Trent. I became Muslim about five years
ago now, March 5, 2005. Basically, whatever Allah
has given for us, we are going to take. If Allah tells us that we lash
the person who doesn't pray his prayer, we lash the person
who doesn't pray his prayer. If he tells us we stone the
adulterer, we stone the adulterer, only because
our Lord told us to. That's all. Whatever our Lord told
us, we follow. ANJEM: [ARABIC GREETING]. We're going to eat downstairs. I've brought some
crew with me. You don't mind, do you? MAN 3: Have you seen
this before? MAN 4: That's the American major
in the army who turned on his colleagues. ANJEM: Well I don't think
he went crazy. I think he woke up to his
reality as a Muslim. And he realized that
[INAUDIBLE], in fact, his so-called fallen comrades were
going and occupying Muslim land, killing innocent men,
women, and children. And it's something that he
could not handle, when he realized that he has
a responsibility. And he probably did what I think
many other people may do within the US army and the
British army, even, if they continue with their
foreign policy. It is a very severe lesson for
the British and the Americans in Afghanistan, that the Afghan police are killing them. And even their own comrades
are killing them. So they need to pull out. They cannot possibly win. I don't feel sorry at all
for the non-Muslims. Because Allah said in
the Koran, he said, [SPEAKING ARABIC]. He said, don't feel sorry
for the non Muslims. Allah destined for them
not to embrace Islam. He destined for them to
die as non-Muslims. He destined for them to
go to the hellfire. So why should I feel sorry for
people who ended up like that? MAN 5: Is that chocolate? What, chocolate's
your favorite? MAN 4: When we're eating, at
the end of it, we lick the fingers, as the prophets
did then. And Muslim scientists have found
that these three fingers release a chemical. And when it gets to our
[INAUDIBLE] system, it helps us digest the food. ANJEM: Do you feel
enlightened? You're not going to look at
a Muslim the same now? INTERVIEWER: In the press
you come across as quite scary, guys. ANJEM: I am a quite scary guy,
for people who don't believe, who believe that they
can occupy our land. And they can just discriminate
against Muslims, we're very scary. But for those people who believe
that we can live together under divine
law, we're not very scary at all, really. If you broke wind, that would be
a natural bodily functions. If we did, they'd have Hans Blix
down here, seeing if it's a weapon of mass destruction
of some kind. [LAUGHTER]

50 thoughts on “Islamic Extremists in London

  1. Islam must get rid of these fucking leaders ……..who brainwash and radicalise the youth.

    Sharia law is a 7th Century law which is incompatible in this new medoern world..u can't just beat a man with stones, its stupid and illogical.

  2. So they come to this country and start protesting. Please they are making our religion look bad. Do not come to this country and do this. Your parents brought you here for a better life, not the same one you had in your old country

  3. UK people are idiots haha. Such brainless people. A fucking terrorist is calling for fight against U and replace your secular laws with the law of a mad man from the 600s, The Sharia. And U guys are okay with it ? Are U guys nuts ? Islam is not a religion. It's a plague. It's Rabies. It's Zombie Virus.

  4. Wait how are these people allowed to preach things like Islam will dominate Britain, and Buckingham Palace will become a mosque and bringing Sharia? If a white man were to say this, he’d be put in jail immediately!

  5. Are the British this spineless ? Mohammedian Goons marching through their streets calling for Barbaric Sharia ? These people will end your culture forever. And by people I meant Muslims. There is no moderate or radical Muslims. There are only practising Muslims and non-practising Muslims. Once they reach majority the practising Muslims make sure that other Muslims adhere to their ideology and an Radical leader would be put to power. They are religious fanatics. They breed like anything and control the politics of the land. They will never vote for a secular leader but only for a muslim leader once they reach a sizeable population. And they vigorously convert people to achieve maximum strength. Once they reach majority then that's the end of road for the indigenous laws and culture !

  6. What is the thing in the world that is causing wars and disturb the peace.. Incessant operations like the oil industry.. things that think that sabbath does not apply or wont benifit from it. So the next time a soldier for the most holy thinks about its purpose.. evaluate this.. a warrior who takes his day to glory the holy and rest.. Is a warrior still. God bless.. and Holy is his name.

  7. Lol i watched this video after 7 years….britain going to be islamic in future…god bless non muslims….we hindus in india will face big prob soon…muslims creating big problems in india

  8. I was actually intrigued until one of them said three fingers secrete a chemical that helps them digest food… good fucking shit. I’d like to read that fucking research…. 🤦‍♂️

  9. Licking their fingers reminds them of sucking dick, which helps the body digest the load upon load they drink every day. Ignorant, closeted, woman hating dick sucking fanatical cult members they are. It's all just a way to condition your body to accept being a complete bigot and a true infidel. What sad prehistoric " men". Just suck a dick and be satisfied you big bigoted closeted queers. We in the non prehistoric west will be proud of you, and still love you. Don't be nervous!

  10. Hold up, how is he able to live here and reap the benefits yet say we will get rid of the monarchy. Like wtf. Who does he think he is? He thinks he's following in The Prophets footsteps yet the prophet didn't do such things. He's not welcoming at all. He is spreading hate.

  11. If they did take over we will not be free to choose what we do. It makes me laugh how they are forcing it upon everyone. I am so happy that I can choose what I do and I choose to believe in God. No one needs to poke their nose in my business as to whether I pray etc. At the end of the day no one will be going to my grave, I will be going to it.

  12. You are being led into a trap. We will destroy you once you think you have total control and we will destroy Saudi Arabia when they are low on oil and we will get our revenge against you. I’m an American and killing you by the millions is what your gonna get for fucking with us and thinking we are so helpless. You are retarded uninventive people and you our in the west and we will kill all of you then destroy the Saudi government and make all of you slaves!!!!!! You will never conquer the west it’s a trap to kill you and you will regret thinking you got the upper hand because you don’t and we are not the weak Britain we are Americans with weapons and we will destroy you and laugh at you

  13. So hold a minute he wants us to live under his law and hes saying were better as one well live with our laws in this country or leave simple as. What a contradicting ass wipe Tommy Robinson is classed as an extremist racist hes never said what this tit has said and hes always inside as people class Tommy as a threat but what is this bellend then a fairy ? He should be locked up for 20 years the ideas and things he has said on record fact.

  14. Hmmm… the image of islam is bad enough in UK…but that way will only worsening it…plzzz we can find something to accommodate us🙏🙏🙏

  15. Your Lord hasn't told you to do anything of the sort. It was a sick book called The Quran. Which was written by mortal people. No god no lord just simple writing no God has ever spoken to you or to anybody

  16. if the English are very ignorant. The why is it over Iran and Iraq you are living in Durt. and filth. You drink from water the animals have pissed in. Biggest part of your homes do not have electric or running water or sewerage so where do you shit. And you have the balls to call English ignorant. That plane you arrived on also goes back to you came from. If you don't like our laws our way of life go to a country where you are more accepted. Because you're Sharia law will never be accepted in England. Because it the law what do anything. The English people will

  17. If you are totally against alcohol why does your Muslim Brothers sell it in the shops. Nearly every off-licence is run by a Muslim selling alcohol on a daily basis. This is apocrypha at it's worse. Why don't you target them shops. They also sell scratch cards which is gambling that's two of your vices. they're run by Muslims and that's ok. You have double standards

  18. Anjem Choudary. I totally agree what do have pornography we do have drugs we do have drink we do have gambling. But then again I've also got terrorist and every terrorist is a Muslim. Which one which would you prefer. It's saying that what the hell has it got to do with you as an outsider to say what England can and can't do. If you don't like hair loss there's a big pond all around England swim to your own land we have out these vices for many many years we have our own laws we don't need your laws. If you don't like it jump on a boat and piss off

  19. Islam needs to be reduced in number in Britain. If not, Islam WILL rule!
    Islam is incompatible with Western ways. They are here to occupy our Nation and install sharia law: 7 the Century rules.
    They are bringing the middle east to the West and we will loose everything
    British citizen's fight for your homeland and you children's future. Repatriation of many is the only solution. Continued migration is going to make it harder.
    You will regret doing nothing!

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