This talk was given at a local TEDx event, produced independently of the TED Conferences. Is Africa really “rising”

ALI A. MUFURUKI holds a Mechanical Eng. Design from the Reutlingen University, Germany, 1986. He was a Member of the Board of Directors of the Tanzania Central Bank, Member of the Board Directors Technoserve, Inc. of Washington, DC and Board Member of Nation Media Group of Kenya .He currently serves as Chairman of the Board Wananchi Group Holdings Kenya, Chairman of The CEOs’ Roundtable of Tanzania, Trustee–Mandela Institute of Development Studies (MINDS), Johannesburg, South Africa, Chairman of the Board of Chai Bora Ltd, Tanzania, Chairman of Muhimbili University (MUHAS) Grants Committee, Council Member of Dodoma University, Member of the Presidential Investors Roundtable of Uganda (PIRT), Member of the Tanzania National Business Council (TNBC), Member of the Advisory Group on Sub-Saharan Africa (AGSA) for the International Monetary Fund (IMF). He is a Henry Crown Fellow of The Aspen Institute Class of 2001 Founder and Chairman of The Africa Leadership Initiative (ALI) East Africa. Mufuruki is married with four children.

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50 thoughts on “Is Africa really "rising" | Ali Mufuruki | TEDxEuston

  1. Tanzanians learn from this. It takes 30 times more money to export items out of our borders than to import. Education per capital in the last 60 years is still at 3%, we are still in a decline.. Far worst is that 30% of fresh water is amidst our land thus lake Victoria, Lake Tanganyika, and Lake Nyasa though some name it as Lake Malawi. With the growing population density globally water will be a scarcity and a serious cause of wars. Tanzanians, you are still playing the ocus-pocus game of gallantry and veneration of outdated self absorbed leaders. I was recently mesmerized at the political party power shifts.. How could a scandalous leader leave the main political party CCM and move on to Chadema and by popularity attain the position to run for office without scrutiny.. Then embark at the final stage to return back to CCM when his quest to gain the top chair failed and still have people cheering for him.. No these leaders must resign and move on with their lives as normal citizens. How could another one who was responsible for the startup of the opposition party Chadema fault back to CCM and still maintain a leading position while seriously jeopardizing Chadema.. And you are all still clapping and praising these scandalous forms of political maneuvering. No these leaders must staff and move on with their lives as regular citizens.. There are plenty of educated minds and well versed people ready to fight on our struggle to be part of world leadership. We will never achieve real prosperity by venerating and upholding popularity games of yester year pseudo colonial leadership structure and control schemes. Remove yourselves from mental slavery. Our current leader Mr. John Pombe Magufuli after gaining power did not address his main political party CCM for almost a year if am correct and ratified all that was sickening our country and took a serious risk in breaking the chains of slavery and colonial style contract bindings that were exasperating our nation effort and resources. Yet you bashed him like a ruthless dog and some of you even begged for his demise.. Take a close look in the mirror and ask yourselves if this train wasn't derailed years after Nyerere left office. And now I am seeing another game at hand, where there is a financial maneuvering that is clearly set to drop us all. Someone is running around the world asking for sanctions upon us all. How ridiculous are we??? How blind folded are we??? Do we need a cultural revolution or an electrocution to span ourselves out of the mental misery, sluggishness, indolence and whatever else gluttony and decadence can offer.. Lets wake up and hold hands and really bring about a much needed change. We should strive to get an even better leader as a way forward and seriously tighten our belts and bite the bullet of change and chances.. WE should encourage our government to build new business ventures and improve by far our infrastructure and come out with better financial services and entrepreneurial means to make this Tanzania and east Africa a real market economy..

  2. Sadly, you could tell that Ali Mufuruki was a banker: No mention of the predatory neocolonial CFA frank in 14 (if I'm not mistaken – fact check recommended) African nations…

  3. He is actually wrong with one thing. The Chinese, Indian and Oil or commodity companies didn't come on their own initiative in the '90s. The Indian community in Africa came as enforced labor by the British or as traders to East Africa. The best example would be Gandhi in Durban, he wasn't up for Safari when being sent to South Africa. Same as the first Chinese and Malaysians. The Chinese also actively participated in the support of the anti-colonial struggles. Hence both having a long-term stand in Africa. The oil companies are there since the 1920s. As a matter of fact, access to commodities was the primary reason for establishing a colonial Africa. Resulting experiences reflect in the reluctance or caution shown nowadays on the African side of the table.

  4. Africa will rise when they start doing their own thinksand not let other eople come and dowhat every they want. the new form of colonialism, westernism Chinism, cry, cry, cry

  5. I saw a Chinese comment stating that Africa had the resources, they just don't know what to do with it. True or not, It's apparent that more needs to be done to accelerate Africa's growth and cement its power. Showing that you have tall buildings and nice houses just like every other country is not impressive, if you don't own your own resources or can't use them wisely. This may be due to the fact there are 54 countries and each country needs to work out what's needed and wanted for THAT particular region. Africans must figure this our for themselves!! I find Africans in America to be VERY intelligent, but all the one's I've known seem to have this mentality of help coming from outside of Africa. Where's the self reliance? I remember when Obama was president. Africans talking about what he could do for them. Really?! This mentality concerns me. Africa has all of the resources it needs to do for itself. It's the resource of education and knowledge that appears to be lacking. All the Africans I know tend to stay in America. Why? They're educated! Time is running out for Africa. If the rest of the world begins to need the resources that only Africa can give, the rest of the world will come in and take it. Are Africans prepared for this? If the continent is not strong, it won't be able to stop this. Africa may be rising, but is it rising fast enough? In the 21st century Blacks have run out of excuses. Africans need to either get it right, or give it up!! Any future exploitation will be due to Africa's lack of preparedness and togetherness.

  6. He should've compared Botswana's growth to China, since Botswana is one of the few African countries with a fairly high standard of living and good economy. It went from a poor country after its independence in 1966, to one of the fastest growing economies in the world.

  7. How can you compare a whole continent to one country like China? Africa is a land of many countries and ethnic divisions, while China is a country with one unified ethnic group . That's a major difference. You can't lump all of Africa's countries in the same group because they're not all growing at the same rate. Now if he compared Nigeria to China I would understand his point.

  8. The love of money will be the fall of africa if some thing isn't done to educate the people about the value of life land and people..
    They would sell any and every thing to anybody for greed. It makes me frighten to think of the future of my people and our children to come.. The western model will not work the united states of africa will…..

  9. This is sincerely sad. It really bothers me. One of my dreams is to mobilise young people from
    African descent at universities abroad and encourage them to invest back in Africa in their specialities (what they studied). How I will do this, I am not sure! but I am determined to.

  10. You're talking, but where are your solutions? African leaders don't work with good council of exports, they try to wing it by themselves and make grave mistakes. Not just for themselves bit for millions.
    Desalination should be a solution to the water crisis where posible, or a solution of samd and clay to make / layer ponds, for irrigation catchment during the rainy seasons, for farming enterprises.

  11. No shame for the king who did not know the value of diamond. The shame is to our presentents, after the knowledge of the science and technology driving this world, the only thing they care about is: the upcoming elections.

    Countries are sending their youngsters abroad, get knowledge and come back develop their countries. How many Africans are coming back? If one happen to come back, how many are given places where they really can contribute? With the best of lucks, they become secondary or college teachers. Not researchers, not advisers, not consultants, … just earn a living and die.

    Knowledge is not valued in our countries.

  12. Good luck africa do not let the west destroy your country or its beautiful beings do not let these sick morons send then into anialation 89 murdererd again fir ivory this has git to be stopped they are killing 3x more than are born they will be gone forever stop hunters and poachers please heartbroken uk i support to save good luck

  13. Before we you lecture Africa
    Remember there's an outside influence such as France and British that interfere with Africa leadership causing the slow in development we see today

  14. Nice talk with huge portions of mistakes: he is discussing Africa as a country as that of China, Singapore and the others; AFRICA is not Africa but a continent of 54 countries. You don’t do such comparison 🤔

    Take one of the developing countries in Africa and compare to one of those developed nations and that would make sense.

  15. I understand what he is saying, however, i disagree in one area, china is one country, with one government etc etc. Africa is 54 countries, 54 different governments, so AFRICAN growth is not as easy unless Africa has a united governance.

  16. The power of Africa is really in UNITY…just as it is for every world empire that existed in the past and today. Ancient Egypt, Assyrian, Persian, Babylon, Greek, Roman, US and EU and now China. To take control you must unite a people and pursue one vision as one people, one voice not two and nothing will stand in your path.

  17. We need more people like this guy in the lecture circuit because he does not mask all the sadness with lies. He does not say every economic market is booming in africa. He admits things are not going good, why is it that. Then he ends with that he believes things can rise but we need to do this and this and stop doing this. Maybe easier said than done but he admits it, states the problems, and looks formpossible resolutions to get the motor going. Thats how you do it!

  18. Kick out the western appointed leaders and foreign parasites, i.e. Chinese, Russians and all Europeans and those Africans with European mindsets and rise She will.

  19. Africa is not one country. It would be difficult for any continent to rise together. No on talks about the rise of Asia. That would be rediculous. We see the trouble Europe is having rising under one economy and aparently it is not easy to do. Africa is not rising like China because China is one country guided by one government.

  20. Its simple. I get his point. But having considered where the continent was in general, 10 -15 years ago, starvation, wars, corruptions – then it becomes understandable why people would declare minimum to moderate growth as a 'rise'. The bottomline is any growth is better than the named atrocities that have plaque Africa for centuries. Until Africa realizes its responsibility to itself then more reasonable results will stay hidden in the murky depths.

  21. .. 30% of the freshwater .. 6% of the farmland irrigated in lands relying on 2 short rain seasons .. crazy .. our family farms are in the Southwestern Highlands of Uganda and with enough water for iirrigation, we could easily support 3-4 times growth and our goats and cattle would not be stressing .. which includes 1000s of timber trees because Uganda has a wood shortage of 30% .. which affords a wonderful opportunity for small farmers .. you just plant many more trees than needed .. show the farmers and village cooperatives how they can profit handsomely .. in 10 years time you'd have net forest cover gains and perhaps wood and finished wood products to export .. but start with clean pressurized water systems for health, sanitation and irrigation .. Africa could feed the world and it can not feed itself reliably despite having 40% of the farmland in the world

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