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Mesen Castle was built in the 17th century in a city called Lede, Belgium. The castle began its life as a royal home and stronghold for the Bette Family. This lasted until the late 1700s. During the early 1800s, the castle was made into a industrial building for large businesses. It was used as a gin distillery, a tobacco factory, and a sugar refinery. This all lasted until 1905 when the castle was turned into an impressive Gothic Revival Chapel and later, a boarding school.

After WWI, the school was used as an elite boarding school for French speaking girls. These girls would wake up early every day for a 7am Mass, followed by exhausting classes and activities until the evening. The girls were taught how to act as members of high society. There were academic lessons as well as lessons on how to do proper housework and manage people. The school demanded very strict Victorian discipline. Girls were only allowed to have one person to visit per month, and could only return home for one month out of the year. Girls were usually sent to this school at age five where they would stay until they were eighteen, hopefully learning how to become proper members of high society.

Eventually, in the 1960s, the school closed down. Ownership of the castle was passed on to the Belgian Ministry of Defense. Under their watch, the castle was neglected and began to decay. The building was named a national monument, but was never kept up with. The damage and looting got so bad that the Belgian government deemed it too expensive to repair. Sadly, in 2010, demolition of the structure began. Finally, in early 2014, the entire castle and all of its surrounding structures were demolished. Nothing is left of this once grand castle, rich with history.

38 thoughts on “Inside The World's Biggest Abandoned Castle

  1. If the Space Agencies who are currently receiving $330 Billion a year as well as Billionaires Musk, Branson and Bezos who are also faking Space would have been exposed early enough those monies could have saved this Castle.. May all who have known that Space is Fake and the Earth is not a Spinning Space Rock Covered With 70% Water and continue to lie about our home for their own personal gains receive the appropriate punishment.. Flat Earth is not a Psyop it Destroys all Psyops including the destruction of landmark properties like these Peace on the Plane Brothers and Sisters

  2. I'm going to be a bit pedantic but this is not really a castle but a residential palace -I know there are some exceptions like the stunning Castle Howard in Yorkshire U.K. but castles were originally fortified places of defense with some residential amenities and by the look of this place it was never a place for defense and protection from invaders.

  3. It should be preserved and become a land mark for the government put dome offices inside and keep a part preserved as history for people can see the original designs do beautiful. what a shame to let it go to waste a lot of time and labor went into building such a large building not yo mention the money spent it is a treasure the foundation is probably still very good

  4. So sad to destroy such a beautiful building. Part of your culture, a building to be proud of your heritage . It showed the world how beautiful your engineering and architecture, was in the past. A great artists work destroyed. Your Government should have made it into a wing of a University. Or something of that importance.
    So sad.

  5. But girls from 5-18 being without the love of their parents. 😢😢😢 What sadness. Why would parents have children and then send them away to be raised by others? The rich are often terrible parents.

  6. That's our government ! Yes, I'm Belgian. They pay fines over 1 million euro's each month for buildings of the government that are left empty. Instead of selling it, but then again… the money will go to pockets of honorable men! Yes, honorable. I think they have to rethink the meaning of the word "honorable".

  7. If Germany had won the war, everything would have been different. The castle would have been fully restored, structurally modernized, and probably would have served as a Belgian SS academy. And a hundred other beautiful castles across Germany & Europe, that now lay in ruins, would have gotten the same treatment.

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