Meet Ghanaian barber Nikky Okyere, whose enviable client list includes stars like Mr Eazi, Pogba, Mandzukic and Drogba. Okyere, who runs the Slick Rick barbershop in London, shares how he stays connected to friends and family abroad by sending money back home to Ghana.

Okyere and his customers speak about the culture of working hard to send money back home quickly and securely. Watch the video to find out more about how Okyere uses Skrill to send money home with zero transfer fees.

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we didn't come to England to quit okay you don't give up your route breakers we're game changes you're feeling me it's actually more than the show you get all sort of people from different different countries like Jamaica Nigeria Ghana cerulean Kenya South Africans also people with just like a family we all want to help somebody back home reason why this whole dancing thing starts in a barber shop is a lot of people caught talents talking about the community with mom about the value positive vibes I don't know anyone better maybe when I become a billionaire we could tell me yo Nicky you must got only my hair we also get so many footballers coming to get a haircut for Samantha Wilfried bony Sen Barbara man Zaha Christian benteke a couple of more why send money to my family back home my cousins my auntie's and it's one of the busy why I work so hard so I can support people back home supporter we work hard we help people back home love opportunity so why don't you do my life is bad when I dream I eat I sleep I drink bourbon you know zombie why we come to the barbershop not to cut your hair you just come because it's the only moment you can sit down and relax you know some people go pay your a piece to make them happy I don't use not various Clippers this barbershop is like a home away from home bringing people together blessing people and that's all we did [Applause]

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