Join us in our video guide to Madame Tussauds London where you can get up close and personal to Gandi, the Royal family, even Hitler! All in wax of course

Madame Tussauds was originally started by Marie – so as we were told inside she started learning by the doctor that her mother worked for she inherited his collection and then traveled around Europe for over thirty years showing these exhibitions they were basically deaf mass she made of decapitated people during the French Revolution but when the Napoleonic Wars broke out she couldn't go back to France so she opened up this museum here on Baker Street and it's been open ever since it had a little bit of controversy they let go one of the famous artists when they sold the family business and they say he even sent a parcel bomb to the family and also Hitler insiders will tell you about in a minute was decapitated in protest by a German the visited so all in all you get to see some fantastic celebrities sports stars politicians a bit of everyone and get to go right beside them which you wouldn't get to do normally and it's very popular it's one of the top attractions in London we have some of the most popular and unpopular celebrities okay street so and among all the most famous celebrities and the best world leaders we have a very controversial politician that in fact only a few years ago he was decapitated by an angry German man who came here and said he shouldn't be put among all the people that we look up to that's Hitler so let's go and visit him so it is kind of bizarre to see Hitler as a tourist attraction but it's important to see these two men together because they were so important in the Second World War a time that really affected London in the city itself so here we are with Churchill and with Hitler so this is about as close as we're going to be able to get to 10 Downing Street because the street itself is closed off to the public now at least we can get a good view of the Prime Minister and get right to the door here so this is a museum after the fire that happened in 1925 must have been devastating imagine all that hard work and it's all burned down you

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