Planning to visit Paris soon? If so, Rosie from the channel Not Even French, who has lived in Paris for many years now, is the guest in the video, telling you the most important things to know for your first trip to London. You’ll learn which French words you MUST know, why you should skip the Eiffel Tower (but what viewpoints you should go to instead), and more smart Paris tips for your visit.

Over on the Not Even French channel, Rosie and I talk about the differences between living in London vs. Paris. Watch it here:

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Don’t climb the Eiffel tower, get a great view on it instead:
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Cool rooftop bar/casual restaurant with amazing 360 views of Paris: – 14 Rue Crespin du Gast 75011 Paris
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Cool things to do in Paris:
Atelier des Lumières:
Women of Paris tours:
Have a drink on the river side at Rosa Bonheur:

**This video was filmed before the Notre Dame caught fire, which is why I mentioned it in the video. So sad to have temporarily lost this amazing monument. While we wait for it to be restored, I highly suggest visiting Saint Chapelle instead.

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if you're planning to visit Paris soon I asked Rosie from the YouTube channel not even French who lives in Paris to tell you what you must know before you go salut – love and ones and family my name is Rosie from the youtube channel not even French which is all about my life in Paris as an expat I'm here to give you guys some tips around visiting Paris I have been living here for six years now so hopefully this one things in there that you haven't heard before ok so tip number one is maybe a bit controversial but don't climb the Eiffel Tower so many people have told me that it's more impressive looking up in there than it actually is climbing it and of course once you climb it you don't have the view on the Eiffel Tower so what I would do instead of that is climb to the roof of the Arc de Triomphe that has an amazing 360-degree view all across Paris and you can always go to the roof of tour montparnasse it's a big black tower there's a bar right at the top and you can take a drink and have a beautiful view of Eiffel Tower you can also go to the rooftop of a gallery and that is that's a big luxury shopping center as well and there are some bars and restaurants a beautiful white sheep restaurant would be theirs um I'll link all of these down below and also you have a cool sort of hipster bar where you can take a drink on the rooftop which is called look peshwa and all of these are really really popular with locals the second tip I would give you is just to learn a few French words so that you can unlock the wonderful kindness and politeness that is prison all throughout Paris it's just when you approach a French person and you say hi can you tell me where to go kind of thing I mean they get a bit taken aback and sometimes some print people won't feel comfortable talking to you and English straightaway they much prefer and they'll be so much kinder if you make a little bit of effort and at least to say bonjour that is the golden word and bonus points if you can kind of say bonjour excuse him one hi excuse me that's even more polite if you're kind of interrupting someone as they're walking polypyrrole do you speak English that's wonderful as well and then then you can obviously ask them whether you had to ask them or speak to them in English and of course at the end of bed don't forget to say mousie or even better merci beaucoup if you just keep these very few words and mind your experience will be so much better in Paris now a lot of you may be wondering okay what can I do in Paris that isn't you know the typical tourist landmarks so of course if you're coming here for the first time you're going to want to see the Louvre and the Eiffel Tower and not her dome and all that good stuff but if you're coming back for a second third or fourth or more time I've got a few tips for you so at the moment in Paris and it's running all year and I'm sure it will be extended is the Atelier de Lumiere and it means the workshop of light and it's a digital art exhibition at completely immersive experience it's absolutely amazing so that's something come to do and there are beautiful parks in Paris that are often overlooked so there's the Jardin du Luxembourg the Jardin des Plantes there's actually a little zoo in this park which is really cool there are little red pandas and lots of different animals that's really cute that's still in the city centre and you also have a part called it boot show mom and that's kind of um you know on a bit of a hill and so there are beautiful views in this park as well so something really great that you can do is take a picnic and just enjoy and relax in the parks as well we don't often think of parks I think when we think about Paris I would also suggest walking down the canals on my turn and this is just you know a nice canal coming down Paris and a more kind of hipster area so lots of cute shops and brunch places and that kind of thing in terms of a tour that would be a little bit more original I would definitely recommend that to accompany woman of Paris walking to it and you can do a food tasting and beautiful walking tours around Paris but there's a focus on famous woman of Paris and the history of strong female characters in Paris and it's really really fascinating and kind of for a good cause as well you can take it the better moosh the better moosh are boats that go all the way down of sin the river in Paris and you can actually but by daily passes and they stop at all the major landmarks and it's just a beautiful way to see the city because you're kind of cruising along and you see the sights of Paris as you go and you every pit stop there's something different there's the musee d'orsay there's a Louvre the C Eiffel Tower I would also recommend that you take a drink on the sand at a place called Rosa Bonheur really popular with the locals this is the kind of place where you can just take a drink sit back on the kind of lounge chairs that they have available and people want which is also one of the greatest activities you can possibly do in Paris as well just people watching now in terms of pronunciation of some of the most famous landmarks the river that goes through Paris is called les n not the sign even though it may be looks like it could be spelt that way so it's less sin you also have you know the big famous shopping Boulevard which you know you have all the flagship stores like the original Louis Vuitton store and everything the big luxury shopping Boulevard it's called the shoals alizée not the shops allow these shows the nice day and I would also say it's important to know how to say arrondissement and you see I'm still saying it was an English accent so it's around this month absolutely fine but that means suburb or district so you'll often say you know I'm staying in the night or handi smart the Louvre is in the first at Hamdi small and so that's how we'd kind of describe the city of Paris there are 20 different arrondissement and if you don't know which one you're in look up inside the street sign and on the street sign there is always a little number just above the the words of what the streets called so you'll always know which over on this one you are in you know something a little bit different than I always warn people about when they come to Paris especially for the first time is that the pedestrian crossings just don't really work here I don't know what's going on I don't maybe it's cultural but just be really careful at the pedestrian crossings because most of the motorists will not wait for you and don't forget they drive on the right hand side as well as opposed to London of course where they'll be driving on the left so just be extra careful around pedestrian crossings because you're like oh they're ages away they'll stop for me no no a lot of people do ask me do you need to tip in Paris and the answer to be blunt is none you don't need to you won't come across as stingy or frugal if you don't tip now in saying that if you've had a lovely evening and of course the service has been great feel free to tip I mean it'll be very much appreciated and even if it's just one or two euros when you lean and submit on the table I'm sure they'll be very very appreciative but you know you don't need to do so I did also just want to mention two EPs which have been really really useful for anyone visiting Paris so the first is City method and if you have used this in London you'll know how great it is it's a public transport map but it links not just the metro and the buses but it also links the bike sharing system so you can see which stations have bikes available and all of that good stuff so it's all in one place so it makes getting around Paris so much easier and there's also another app could Paris offline Travel Guide and City map and again I'll link all this stuff down below for you but this actually allows you to identify which landmarks we're going to plan your itinerary and you know download it so you've got an all offline for you a day of walking around and enjoying the city Paris is known as a bit of a fashion capital so a lot of people are quite concerned about what to wear when they come to Paris and it's really just being smart casual I guess smart casual and you do think that coming to Paris you need to really dress up and wear makeup and wear heels and stuff like that as a woman that's really not the case very few people wear heels so let's and like pretty sandals or ballerinas or even a chunky block heel of like totally fine flat boots are very very popular in the winter for example and then usually that tames with kind of like skinny jeans or ankle graze of jeans and then yeah a nice t-shirt and a blazer or a blouse and a laser jack that kind of thing and for me it's it's pretty simple really a nice jumper trousers and closed toed shoes man sandals aren't really a thing here but apart from that it's kind of just think about being you know but tidy and classic and then if you want to have a bit of fun you usually use accessories so that's where a bright handbag or a nice scarf would come in handy otherwise it's pretty simple in terms of fashion I don't want to end on a downer but I do want to make sure that you have a great time on terraces just beware of pickpockets so it's about being street savvy if you're eating outside on the terrace don't have your handbag behind you on the chair while you're in full discussion you know it could be quite tempting maybe for a pickpocket and likewise if you're on Metro instead of having your backpack behind you I always like to take it off and put it down by my feet just so that I have a view on my backpack for example and if you see anyone playing kind of street games or selling trinkets and Eiffel Towers and this kind of thing and even if people come up to you asking you to sign petitions this kind of thing there are some organized scams around Paris and I'm not saying they're all scams not all Street games and scams and not all petitions are scams not at all but if you don't speak French and you can't ask the right questions to kind of challenge them and see if they're legit or not no and you can even say if you want to say no sorry and no dizzily dizzily is sorry no this isn't a say you know and make it clear that you're not interested I mean anything that seems a little bit off just avoid it because then you will have an amazing time in Paris and you want go home with any bad stories so those are just some of the tips that I had for you today I hope that by useful I hope you guys have a great trip to Paris Ibn – if you'd like to hear about how London and Paris are different you should go watch the video over on Rosie's channel that we did in which we're talking about the differences between the two cities and you can watch that by clicking the box that's popping up right below me

39 thoughts on “Important Things You MUST Know Before Visiting Paris (ft. Not Even French) | Paris Travel Guide

  1. As a Frenchie who's been living in Paris for 15 years, I couldn't agree more with everything you've said. I would just add Paris is small enough people should consider moving around the city walking, as much as possible. I feel so strongly about this I think I'll start organising walking tours soon. But yeah, love your advice and I'm sure you'll make lots of happy people with this video.

  2. (coming from a Parisian) please avoid Les Ombres restaurant. I was invited there for a business dinner and it was a huge disappointment. They serve better food at my office canteen 😌 for food with a view try the Terras'Hotel near Montmartre instead

  3. went in 2007 am possibly headed there 12/31-1/5 we will see traveling direct from miami to charles airport – hoping for staying in the city center – will see – my kid planned the last trip 2007. travel savey we are.

  4. The view at the Arc de Triompe was impressive! & I just kind of instinctively knew that learning a few French words would be appreciated. It actually made my experience one I still Day dream of 3 years later! Can’t wait to go back next year ❤️

  5. My wife, two VERY young children and I visited Paris in mid-May 1999 on our seven day trip of lifetime (followed by seven days in the Loire River Valley).
    We rented an apartment in the 11 arrondissement. We were well researched (my wife minored in French in college).
    We used buses, subways, the Batobus and LOTS of walking (all while pushing a double stroller loaded with diapers, jackets, camera bags (no photo capable phone those days) etc.
    We saw EVERYTHING!
    Unfortunately, during that week the museum workers were on strike. So the Muse'e d'Orsay, Sainte Chapelle, Louvre among others were closed. The Pompidou was closed for renovation. Just our luck! Probably the only time we would be in Paris.
    The did open the Louvre on the Thursday of that week, so guess where every one on their trip of a lifetime went?
    We were well researched so instead of waiting hours in line to get our ticket at the I.M.Pei Pyramid in the courtyard, we took the underground subway entrance and walked right in, no waiting.
    You name it, we saw it including Notre Dame. All on bright sunny days……..who knew what was to come (also no homeless/ political issues to deal with back then)?
    It truly was a trip of a lifetime! Thanks Paris

  6. Thank you for the video! I am enjoying your videos as I plan my trip (to London and Paris – and maybe The Netherlands). I'm glad she discussed trying to learn a few French phrases and the way to pronounce things. Most of us probably already know the basics, but I will be shy to attempt it. It's nice to know they may feel the same with English. Not only am I American, but I am southern! Sigh… I will try my best! 🙂

  7. I found the French very nice and helpful. I generally always say excuse me or hello to people before I start to speak to them anyway but in my nervousness I asked voulez vous parlez anglaise:;) and it stuck in my head so said it every time. But you know what people still answered yes or no or just a little. Lol. I'm embarressed now. Re scamming and pickpocketing. I was going through a turnstile on the metro when I felt a tug on my bag. I assumed it was just the swueesing through that caused it but when a man came after me and handed me back my purse( cash wallet) I was stunned. It had obviously been taken out and had not fallen out , so fast! And stunned that it was returned to me. I believe it was the man who returned it to me. I only had a bank card in there, no cash but still. I would have been stuck with no access to money if my purse wasn't returned. ( it was not used)I was also stopped by the petition people " do you speak english". I actually signed my name lol. But when I saw the amount of money people were putting down as donated, I knew it was a scam . I took my empty purse out and showed her. With a shrug of my shoulders she was gone. Lol. Moral is don 't bring cash, bring two bank cards but leave one in a safe place back at the accommodation. Fantastic time , will go again. Loved it.

  8. Great tips.
    What I have learnt is the French are much more FORMAL than Anglo Saxons. If you understand that one fact all will be good. When saying hello do add Monsieur, Madame.
    And always say hello to shop owners or attendants when you enter and au revoir, when you leave.
    And learn the French for your arrondissemente, so deuxieme is the 2nd for example. And also some people will refer to them as quarters.
    It’s the best city in the world if you love gastronomy, history and most of all wine.

  9. Great tips! I just got back from my first trip to Paris…my daughter teaches there so having a France speaker was very helpful. You're right, Bonjour is the magic word. She took us to the Parc des Buttes Chaumont…I liked it better than Montmartre which seemed the most touristy of any place we visited. The parks on Ile de la Cite are great…people out and about late into the night, and Pont Alexandre III. Also, the view from Centre Pompidou is great, and free to take the escalator to the top, and no lines or waiting. Also, there aren't many public restrooms, and some places will charge you 1-3 eruros… guys, keep your wallet n your front pocket and hold phones and bags tight if you're standing near the door of the metro…we saw a grab and dash on the train to CDG airport. It is a magically town. Study up on Haussmann and the rebuilding of Paris and you'll appreciate the buildings that much more.

  10. Thanks for this in the middle of planning my visit there so it was helpful thank you again . Also if your going to a place learn some basic language. So …
    Merci pour cela au milieu de la planification de ma visite là-bas, donc c'était utile, merci encore. Aussi, si vous allez dans un endroit, apprenez une langue de base .

  11. In 1998 we went to the roof of Galeries LaFayette – great views! And also going to Sacre Coeur (take a picnic!) gave us a wonderful panoramic view of the city (plus wandering around Monmartre's winding cobblestone streets was invigorating ). I love Paris!

  12. Hi, could you do a show on what it's like bringing a pet to London? How long is the isolation period? What does it cost? Can you visit your pet in that time?

  13. I was in paris 45 days ago and it was amazing. But I did get the petition scam the first day I was there. Also, I have never been touched (arm grabbed) so much before going to Paris, especially in the area around Moulin Rouge. This threw me off as in Canada we just don't touch.

  14. Notre Dame is complicated to see right now. Parcs are great . Tips are included in most restaurants bills À new scam is to stain your coat offert help To clean it and somebody else steals your wallet ID papers and so on

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