HIIIIIIIIII LOVES!! How are you? I hope everyone is spreading holiday cheer and are spending it happily with loved ones. On today’s video, I take you with me to LONDON! Now, if you’ve been watching me for a while all I’ve been saying is how bad I want to go to London and I finally made it happen as a birthday gift to myself. I hope you enjoy!

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hi hi guys welcome back to my channel in today's video I am going to London I am sorry I'm so excited so I'm all packed so I've just got old I'm gonna put this hat on but I've got my like personal so to speak and my carry-on I've got like my belt purse but I'm going to London this is a solo trip and I'm just so exact like so excited if you look back on my previous um New Year's resolution videos for the past like two years I've been saying I want to go to London and I really want to go to London so today on November 23rd 2018 I am treating myself to London this is a solo trip I'm so excited and I'm just supposed to go now umm and I'm just like if it seems like I'm not excited it's because like you might think I'm crazy but I genuinely like love my apartment and like I get a little sad when I have to leave her but today this little OCD nothing too much I've got my alpha industries jacket on pretty light pretty basic good bomber I've got on this long sleeve sweater from I want to say Zara and then I have on just um Kayla and then I just have on some sweatpants from packs times specifically brandy melville and then I just have on some sock boots some some red sock boots I added some more accessories to my braids I added weight of course I had I've had all these in there already but I added some like chains worthless I don't like a cross ooh you see that add it across and those are kind of but added some oh I added some like gold hoops in there too there's some gold hoops somewhere yeah so calm at uber I'm so excited like I think I'm just like feeling super introspective like man this is really happening yo I'm really going to London just demolish this food where am I Fronteras this was an amazing bring elbow so hi guys or should I say good morning I am in rape wreck of ik wreck of ik Iceland in Italy over in the bathroom currently needed to get myself situated but um it's about 4:40 a.m. and my connecting flight to London is in about 30 minutes so it's really really short layover but I need to get something to eat because I'm hungry and Flo mother nature is beating my butt and I just kind of feel kind of sick too I don't know there was like a lot of turbulence on them on that flight but yes ma'am so I feel good I feel blessed I just need to like probably just get something to eat drink some water and you know what it couldn't be because I just took a sleeping pill when I was living in Chicago so I probably go a little groggy than that but see you in London see you in London see you see you I just got off the train at the junction my hostess told me that this is the quickest way and I believe because I made it to my Airbnb it is so cute let me do a little tour so I'm in what you call a flat so it's like seemingly to me like a very spacious studio so I'm so glad that I have it just this is the we've got refrigerator and looks like there's a washer and dryer stove and just like so cute I love it so so cute and just like the stool and stuff with like such great windows like oh my goodness this is goals this is goals goals goals and then we move it on over here behind this sliding door this is the bedroom that I'm staying in nice long mirrors and nice windows and a place to do my makeup and it's just all really simple and nice and cool for just a few days and there's a hallway mirror and I just can't wait so what I'm thinking is is that like I really want to get like three more hours of sleep if possible cause it's still the morning here and I want to like do my makeup make myself look alive get cute you know that sort of thing so hi there so the time is now 3:58 p.m. and I woke up from my nap got ready hmm yes got ready and now I am going to be meeting with a friend I know off of Instagram and we're gonna go to this winter wonderland thing and go get dinner and stuff like that so that's it I'm so excited to be like meeting with Casilla I feel like you guys will see her name right I hope I am but we've been paraná I've been following each other for like a few years and I saw that she commented on my Instagram like Oh have so much fun here in London I'm like do you live here and then sure enough she did but prior to me meeting up with her I'm gonna go to Oxford Street and just see like what's up so the Hat is from Shion the sweater is from Akira and this dress is from Shion as well I'm gonna put on my Doc's with it it's gonna be swaggy and then my purse is from Target of course I'm just gonna put on my trench you'll see when it's time to go don't Donna this is my fit afford today outfit number one for day one just some ducks tights will dress turtleneck oh yeah I'm trying to debate if I want to leave this start yes sorry this is the floor so creaky right I'm going over to Oxford Circus Square station boom makeup is looking like just okay but I have a hat on so it's like so I decided to go with my scarf because I figure better to have it and like not need it and not have it but need it you know what I mean all right well I am about to get on the 88 which is gonna take me to Oxford but you're like all the cute shops and stuff and all that fun jazz so I need to cross the street to get on the 88 bus so like I've always wanted to come here now I'm here why walk in these streets that's so wild to me so similarly like Chicago the 88 bus and I'm going to Oxford Circus this is stop I'm at so it's not about one two three four months like seven stops and it comes every six to ten from 7:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. so should be here soon yes travel for the day from the airport I got it much to see Oxford so I just want to go get a chai tea so good but now I think I'm going to do a little shopping until I meet up with my friend who was on the bus I saw Zara so Ana mango I saw is ara next to a mango so let's just see him that's so pretty everything's so pretty my chai tea latte tastes different everything just is amazing I didn't know that they do Black Friday here – maybe that's like a I guess everybody gotta get their money though there's just Starbucks but try something different so okay I think I'm gonna do a little shopping how could I not oh that's so cute no one need oh my gosh so what I'm gonna do tonight so we can go to interest with it closer there we don't figure it out we won't fire it out I got you we got the GPS right we just dinner great conversation slightly a little bit tipsy just minimal shindig 23 minutes Wow yeah we should get on the bus then all right okay Asia and I are going to the winter wonderland all right you guys can see this a lot more better yes this is slight change of plans that was a fail we're not going the winter wonderland yeah that line was that line was disrespectful it was so disrespectful so we're gonna go to do a you know little looking around Oh Topshop is having oh yeah 50% off 50% off hop shot yes ok we'll hit soft shot we're okay okay sounds like a plan no oh look at the lighting okay quite nice a few things few things pardon what all of that for that price that is good thank you I look atrocious so I just went back to my Airbnb to what I showered and change into my wine down clothes I'm about to go pick up a snack and then kind of just call it a night it's pretty late so it's like I don't know midnight which is late for me so yeah I'm about to get a snack and be on my way I am back in my air B&B about to honestly just relax and like watch one Netflix show but I got some I have no idea that I think is just kettle chips it's just ketchup sea salt and balsamic vinegar absolutely nothing artificial and it says it was made in the UK so and then I just got some water so and I'm gonna watch a good show until I fall asleep cuz I'm gonna wake up and go to Hillsong so still gonna make it to church God first you know you remember LL Cool J used that

10 thoughts on “I SOLO traveled to London and it CHANGED MY LIFE! (Part 1)

  1. Stockwell used be very run down back in the days 1970s / 1980s / 1990s but during 2000s gentrification hit area big time whole area been clean up even some large housing flats estate built early 1970s now been transformed very new huge blocks apartments and old original estate massively improved

  2. I absolutely enjoyed watching every moment of part 1 and part 2 of your solo travel to London. I'll be traveling solo there in May and your video has given me the exact enthusiasm and confidence I need for my trip. Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful time there!!!

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