I want to be able to sing, but is singing a talent or a skill?
I was curious, so I tried a challenge – can I become good enough to perform live by practicing how to sing daily for 30 days?

Apps used: “Sing Sharp” and “Vocalist Lite”
Autotune software: Melodyne
My friend who helped with singing tips:
Youtube channels I watched to learn how to sing:
Felicia Ricci –
Superior Singing Method –
Eric Arceneaux –

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39 thoughts on “I learn how to sing for 30 days.

  1. You're really refreshing,funny and humble!! I was really inspired by your good attitude and hard work, always keeping it fun and positive!! Thumbs up!!:-)

  2. I love how hard he's trying and that he's really starting at zero. Very impressive and way more fun to watch than the people who put videos like this out there, already knowing that they're alright at what they're doing.

  3. Hahahah Justin Bieber what do you mean? Well, what do you mean? I need something lower, CHOCOLATE RAIN ^^ The lung capacity tests are the best. I think you should force your voice less. Keep going. I did like how you made this look like some kinda scientific biologie project for a science fair.

  4. Please make another video! This was very insprational. As someone who sucks at singing (your start is what I could hope to achieve after one month lol) seeing you start from average to a more developed sound it was great. I would love to see how far you can go! I believe you can be as great as you want if you keep practicing

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