If there’s one difference between women and men its definitely how they take care of their physical health. Men are not likely to go to the doctors until their body part is literally falling off. Why? Full Podcast Here:

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you know when you know that there's something wrong when you know that there's something wrong and you go to the doctors right and they're telling you some stuff but you just know that it's not that trust me keep going because I've been going to the doctors for the last year and a half about my knee and I've been telling them I got a bad knee like I need to get it seen now I need I need a scan kept saying to them I need a scan I need a scale need a scan and then I kept the client in me for a scan and then I was going to all of these physiotherapy I was telling me to go to this person that person I went to a chiropractor they telling me that God wrong them up patellar tendon and all of these type of thing would the what a patellar tendon I brought I don't even know exactly what I used to be honestly flames in the body this I know it's in the knee is in in the anyway any much hard patella but you know like they would like every person I went to anyway we're telling me something a little bit different I'm telling it and they giving me all of these exercises I'm going to the flippin gym doing them like I'm doing everything they're telling me to do but I know that there's a problem there's a there's an issue anyway in the end I managed to get a Scania and it turns out I've got a flippin torn cartilage I need to get surgery on my knee imagine that I'd you know do you know what the thing is as well yeah do you know how I ended up I think I ended up getting that the the scan in the first place anyway after doing all of this nah I was about to go private well what happened was I went to the doctors for the last time and I said to the woman here and she's a lovely woman but I told her see I'm self-employed yeah and if I can't walk and can't do certain things I can't get paid so you're telling me to do all of these different things and see all of these different people but I'm letting you know that if in the worst-case scenario my knee gives away and it had nothing to do with what they're telling me the next time I'm coming here it's gonna be a big issue so collectors just something since you take your health that seriously why don't you have private health care because I believe this L could possibly live with you because you you said you went there numerous times despite the fact that you know something wrong with your knee yes therefore you had the knowledge of knowing that wherever they were saying was absolute bollocks so you could I don't know I couldn't held I couldn't say oh you could say that because I just want I don't know the scan but the one thing we can definitely agree is that you didn't believe what they were saying so whether it was bollocks at the time or not it wasn't confirmed but you believed it was bollocks that's why you kept going back so when it's go private yeah it would have just saved that oh you would have saved yourself a year yeah fair but you know what I was looking at how much it was gonna cost me to do it and I was I was gonna do it but I just cuz I go to the doctors all the time and usually they always come through I just thought this is a process that they're sending me for I was just going through the process had I not of gone had they not have sent me for a scan this time I would have just went private I would have just done it but it wasn't that I didn't believe them it's just as far as I'm concerned you're telling me that it is XY and Z but if you just do a scan then we could know as a hundred percent that's exactly where is general you just done right there I know the child's mind but let's go and do a paternity that's just to make sure that I'm the dad like you didn't believe them you're saying you believe them you didn't believe them that's why you wanted to scan just to confirm that little 5% in your mind that was saying to you I'm not entirely sure which is even what it's not about me whether I believe them or not it wasn't like I didn't not to believe them it wasn't a scam I just wanted a scan just tell me for peace of mind that it definitely is my most piece of man but bro now I'm not saying I didn't believe them because they're specialists at the end of the day if you're specialists you're telling me what it is but as far as I'm concerned if you give me a scan then it just gives me that peace of mind I know a hundred percent man you know what you're talking about sweet it wasn't like um this man's telling me something and I'm thinking to myself this guy's chatting shit I'm like okay cool you're feeling my knee or whatever and you say that you've done it a million times but just give me the scan and then we can just go from there no yes I know that's not like that's not honest you don't believe not to believe someone it's not a deep thing it's not like oh I thought believe nothing you're saying but you can be like first is nobody not even just about believing it's about when you feel something in your body yeah that outweighs anything a doctor can tell you because you're locked okay could tell you are you feel fine you you look for you look fine but if that's a non-fan feeling just isn't going away and you're feeling it there all the time then our doctor says I'm honest with you well he told me to fast when they've told me the first time it's not like I left there and felt this guy's checking shit he's told me do these exercises and it should help strengthen the knee so I'm doing them I've left comfortably and I'm doing the exercises and stuff like that and I'm going back and I'm saying for the guy do you know what yeah nothing's happened it's like in fairness to you it does feel a tiny bit better but let me just get scan it does feel a bit better but let me just get a scan because maybe it's maybe is short term fixes that you're giving me I need a long-term fix I don't want it like I don't mind going for a process of doing something for a year or a year and a half for whatever it is I don't mind doing that but like I don't want a short-term fix so yeah is doing better but please do let me just get that in it so I know at this time no not yet I've got this I've got this go in a couple of days I mean I've got to scan a couple of days ago I had to follow up as well and yeah they're waiting for a phone call to tell me when I've got go for the keyhole surgery oh yeah that program private that would have cost me a piece no but yeah I would have had to have done that at the end of the day because you know life is getting broke I haven't got to a state I haven't jumped in about a year I'm scared to jump bro the last time I jumped it felt like my knee was about to twist all the way off the psychological trauma day puts in your mind after that he's mad because that happened twice or from then I said I ain't doing that again now like I feel it every day but it's not painful when I say something then um I don't know how because you know I was gonna do go private but then the family moved to Sweden so then that's just sort of like I had to reshape everything and then so I went to the back of my mind but you said it was gonna cost you a bit of money so how does the payment work in private do you pay one installment straightaway or is it like oh nothing you could do private payment plans I'm sure you can yeah I'm sure yeah yeah I had that really affirms in my mind yeah that next time Chucky just yes we're in a position where we're freelancers like you said and if we don't go to what we ain't getting paid yeah I just called private from because it may cost a bit yeah but you know what that might save you bear money in the future cause he knows what more further damage you've done to your knee in this year you don't even know but the other thing is it's never a waste anyway because health is well so yeah health is never wasting yourself in it yeah by the way I'm saying this as someone that doesn't have private do you go to the doctor's I do when you have one of those males and one of those males that kind of like puts it off until you feel that you and your deathbed type of okay if I got a cold I'm not wanted to do that run to get antibiotics or something like that I mean I'm going to Dawson oh I can I get any works but they're people do that wasters up this time I'll try to fire off but any obviously if it's reoccurring and that the chest infection doesn't clear up then I might have to do but that's like last resort with me yes see that's why I want to get more in the habit of just going for regular check-ups anyway pose with me in over Christmas my chest yeah and we had to pull up and go Hospital I think it was before it was only before we was on the way to the podcast with correct okay I went hospital that day Oh for real yeah like I was mad I had a mad chest infection and then we would drive in and bro I just thought I couldn't breathe and we have to pull up in some Mary's whatever the hospital isn't in like Warren Street pull up there and just run in there like how long how long was you know you know because when it's a small cause I got asthma as well oh now you say that when when you when when you got asthma and then you come with anything breathing related it's like a priority like you just skip yeah cuz someone could be over broken wrist but obviously that's not you know – yeah I like but you know what I keep it they weren't treating me with much urgency like clearly I wasn't having the medicine yes we attack boy here you go doctors like 21 one time I knew Oh take care of itself no I just didn't have sex and then when I was at our core was do that daddy would even have had but what you feel just mad symptoms when you won it's because when you have antibiotics you still need to have like a couple of weeks off and I did but like sex wasn't really a priority to me football manager was a priority I'm playing into him with the mandem like I can still do all the things I work to do so I never say weeks off you know no we don't they get that advice and they don't take weeks often oh no what in that you just fling a condom on oh I do firm no is that what first of all I want to disclaim that I've never had 100 lucky touchwood so well what I'm saying is last month I sweets a lot of random I don't mind I have never been so there were our names but they've never been you know opening saying they've never know that's mental a big men as well what's clean Midford big men mid forever than I don't never have gone I know a 42 year-old woman who doesn't have a driver license what drives everyday how'd you think so yeah I know it's mine in it but actually some people just copy us fuck it yeah but you know what yeah that is mad as well still nice all bad like the driver's license and in Oakland be so terrible think about no no no it's the dumb condom isn't like that is not necessarily that bad but it's bad with you having sex with them if you've never gone to that if you've never gone to check yourself out and you could potentially have an STD then having sex with no condom is outrageous it's our language raizy by symptoms though don't they you know there's something you don't get no symptoms for I know I know but that's how it may be oh you don't get symptoms from that no you can you can do you heard you can what discharge it even discharge anyways that's like sign that little starts calm down by the now I have to say like this child I know women have discharge of something yeah yeah yeah I remember I remember if a man has this Jermaine get this choice but I don't know what it is man get discharged yeah I don't know but know it like there's a certain let me see you know there's like way more bad things that frankly those take check you like this year image there's way more bad things that can happen from sex they're good but the good thing is just over ways the bad if you not I mean so the good thing is like you could have a babies that's a massive blessing that's the big one of the biggest blessings and that you could ever have but then you know everyone it's not for everyone yeah true but if you look at all the different types of diseases that you can get through having sex it's outrageous and it's even matter Fichtner maybe like once upon a time it just came from one thing like maybe one injection okay for one injection or one person and then it just went international it's crazy in it and a lot of these diseases are just like evolutions of other diseases like hybrids yeah yeah mix like see like when you get a common cold if you had a common cold you can never get that exact strain again so when you get another cold that just feels like a cold it's a completely different virus yeah that's mad because of what he builds them you need a virus serious yeah so you guys hold your what do you build them when you fight off your body builds it stores that anybody in your body and then when you get another cold it might feel like the cold you had before ways have completely different virus because women it's evolved and always lies much we know what are equalized lice and that like what is even happen my crap I think medicine makes a lot of money yeah you have to create all of these definitely problems so we can make more money that's all what you should do is getting the medicine business create some problems that we can make money as okay I would like someone in a pharmaceutical company like it loads a little lice and crabs and it just play on a human well I got human and now we go create a fucking ass small or like flippin uh no evil with some of the other ones it's just a simple injection in it imagine like let's just say hypothetically speaking you good yeah we talked about we're gonna talk about our later on as well but like let's just say hypothetically speaking here in school when they give you the BCG in that they could just give one child if I'm acting bro worried I've always questioned the BCG like why does of all the injections why do we have this little lump here anyways question did you know Mike is going about tuberculosis I need to be sure talk to me about that like yeah if you remember if you remember how comes you did it like because for me it was like the whole situation is yeah as I got older I just don't trust everything and I just know that if I know the bigger picture of the thing is the system's lying to me once I know that I have to be very careful about everything but I just let especially my kids that I only gonna have one chance so when I started reading up about all of these things a lot of the things were probabilities this might happen this might not happen it's like why am I taking something because this might happen so that was your decision not your parents decision it's my decision not to get a BCG and as my decision that they are they planned it to me I went to go to get the BCG and I stood up young independent yeah I was like numb and said I know what's going in there buddy and I'm understanding it and I'm aware of it then yeah go ahead but I'm so gonna put anything in my kids buddy cuz a doctor table I don't give a fuck about my kid you know what the maddest thing is I never even thought I never even thought one thing you know that is not I'm saying how are you from that age how would you so enlightened because my mom and that always said to me if you don't understand something you should question it doesn't matter who is coming from you got a question every that so when I looked at it I just said to them why do you have a BCG and it goes oh and her response was all the children can BCG that was all good it's all good mouth you're not explaining why you're taking that needle there and put any in my arm and even my mum was like oh just get it done and I was like but you told me so wait a minute so now I have no reason I'm getting a PhD Pham fuck it I don't want it and that's never great it's dodgy though only one that leaves the mark I've had bear injections never got bear injections no what I got is that is that do you think that's what I'm saying yeah that's what I'm saying you could just inject like saying let's just say all the B C G's or wherever it started was like we've been good intention right but as what poet said you know we need to create a problem somewhere so all we need to do is just do one like we just out of however many thousands of people we could just drop a little bit of something in this one and give it to any you at the end of the day the likelihood is at some point they're going to have unprotected sex and if you claim that person is gonna have unprotected sex or someone else then that put bro it's traumatic think about this as well yeah when you take a look at all the professions in life I just think about us right now yeah what is the two hardest professions that we can ignorant ly without too much for think of that's really difficult to get into you won't be in a doctor doctor a lawyer so if we know them to industry and we're gonna buy our secret bathroom is good and years and years of teaching to get into it that kind of means that realistically you need a lot of patience and if you're from the hood where in which things are happening simultaneously like all the time we're like cause you ain't even got time for patience per car bro I need money right now isn't it you're not really getting taught patience so that means though that knowledge and information predominately is given to the middle class individuals and the working class individuals like us are the people that have to go through all the pain of having to have doctors and all of this because we haven't got the knowledge we haven't got the know-how so now the middle class on the upper class have all this information and they're keeping it for themselves when on the wiser so I'm just gonna go to school and get this fucking injection and everyone's just gonna say well you're a little middle class kid you're my groom we're not gonna explain to you although the mostly nice a trailer for but that's the environment we're put in so now I'm not taking the beat and I'm not giving it to my kids as well cuz I don't have the knowledge and know-how that some people actually do I know this middle class kid that hasn't he's at my age this don't even take injections when he leaves the country bro he's not on it he goes the only place I'll take loads of injections for it's Africa because I'm fully aware that situations have been put there for us to hide a sound coming from I ain't gonna go to serve places in the hood unless I got a certain amount protection because I know regardless I'm gonna have a problem over there and that's his attitude to Africa and he goes just because you know Europeans are gone there and kill the out so that's what's left so you kind of have to put these you know things he hasn't had no injections when he was younger this study don't take no injections to go anywhere it doesn't give a damn and I'm just like what need the malaria whoa no that's what they left there and they've left it dead and I know this is part of a wider discussion which is a bit jarring I'm sorry about that but like that's the reason why I just think so deeply about these things I'm like right to be a doctor or a lawyer so difficult so it's like cuz I just can't agree with everything you lot are saying cuz it's not like for example the jobs that we've got there's always people we can talk to and find out how you can get into that field cuz in order to talk to be a doctor you've got to go and talk to be with our doctors and then you've got to trust the information and they're giving you because it's just long I'm just not on it know my own stuff I know the injection icon which country I was going to yeah but it's in my arm was stiff with time I'm in cinema after that I couldn't even move my arm after that I remember what I was going I can't even remember what my Duggal doctors or sometimes like in Russia they gave me third worst medicine for my tonsillitis like the best thing it was like the strongest thing ever ain't not me the fuck out I was sweating for like two days and shit so I'm not saying the worst or the best it was the best cause it was the worst like you know worst process of healing Oh cause it was so strong so I'm not I'm not against doctors by the way that's one yeah I'm not saying I'm against it but I just question a lot about what I want to say is we have to distinguish as well the difference between doctors and scientists in pharmaceutical companies they're two different things the answers are not in the lab when these things are being made they're just the people that prescribe it first we went and studied a curriculum you were told this is what you give out if this person they got nothing to do with the concoction of what people were taking but they may have other you don't eat but they may have the knowledge of what's in it oh yeah they do what they've been told that that's good for you they don't they're not make they're not made so you go over to the pharmaceutical companies where the scientists are making these things that's probably us and those are the real those are the real criminals allegedly yeah those are the real be still right in a sense like you saying it's fully right you know what I'm saying is is that like though to get into there is even must be more studying yeah together must be like a whole different and it's almost like we look at at that level without going all conspiracy because we know there's an agenda by it pharmaceutical company so to get in there as well that's almost like a fraternity that's good I mean a secret society right or like a you know I mean like because you've heard people like what I couldn't whistle blows well then come out and speak on things that go on in these institutions and companies and stuff like that and then they book on whistle blows they got to be on the run they go hey it's long they've got you see some youtube videos and this is the truth of the matter as well like obviously this is Matt as a very intense way to think about life every single day and I don't advise anyone do it I'm just saying this is the way I think sometimes because it's going in my body like this is the only thing I actually truly own is my body so I should be more aware of what I'm putting in it at least at some point in my life like semi was aware what he was putting in his body and I've only found out through this Nipsey Hussle death because I was kind of mad immediately stuff Donnie got killed from like my fingers just like if we're not aware of what we're putting in our body bro it's just at least know you're putting shit in your body so that we are not surprised when some yeah but I don't even think we're aware of the shit were putting in our body and then when certain things happen down the line were like how did this happen I went to gym everyday you just the professionals in just the pharmaceutical and doctors like and talk about putting your body like even the food we put in our body bro yeah nothing to do that's to do with agriculture farmers and stuff like that they're poisoning us on that level so people talk about poisoning food on a casual injections and stuff like that which we know drugs are a bit oh yeah yeah it's all about food I think we need to nourish ourselves with I don't wanna go on some deep vegan because I'm not even a vegan whatever I don't to go down I broke you know people guys preaching about cuz my diets crap bro my that's not good like deliver and ubereats know me I am I am a VIP client they know me like we need black cards out I can still get good now you can borrow what bro like video at the end of the day I don't know way is because at least if I go supermarket and bias I think I can flip the packet look at me what's actually in wormy and check if there's preservatives check if they're colors but when I'm be ordering it off delivery that's just getting chef top left right and center I don't know what I have no idea I can't read the ingredients I'm Jamaican all different types of sitting products in the same pots and pans as average shit it's a one hell of about my taxes funny enough for like one time going it being this is a bit different I remember being in Jamaica one time and I went and got like some jerk chicken from some place away over here anyway I've taken pilot chicken yeah off the pan or whatever Bess but anyway when I'm taking it back now I'm smelling it and I'm like and I'm eating a little bit and I'm not nominee smells like it smells like pork though it smells like poor detail Donny's yeah he's cooked the ting he's cooked them both in the same thing are you cause you get what I'm saying you can't do that most I know most food actually not eat it no not most but you can get away with it they will other ones the ones I'm John idea you got go to her law firm area I go to high allowed to be in my mouth fine eat that's one thing I should do Mitch's motto I need to be a little bit more intensive the food I eat cuz because I'm just sometimes that's what that's what we live on down our food broke place like it's not like I have to enter I'm not asking anyone to intensely do that so that's all mad but it's just Bo you have to be aware I'm cause I have no knowledge of these medicines cuz have you ever looked at like cowpower stuff cuz it looks like bad Greek names from I'm just looking at all these thing I'm like you know I don't understand she's gonna lose her muffler yeah exactly I don't know the long term that I don't know anything and then when you've got a child I'm gonna now ignorantly say to my child yeah don't worry this is I don't have a fucking these are the chicken like I say they look big man these are the problems eating chicken and these are the problems in that with medicine I have no clue but I am aware there are some medicines that we bloody well need otherwise cause your fingers water there it does seem like even amongst my bridge is anyway a man named don't go to the doctors and get checks as much as maybe we probably could do and like you know what I'm I'm I am the sake my mum yeah my mum is any up she goes she got a cold and she's gonna go on get so I'm checked out ultimately it's good because something my mum went through something at one point as well and had she not of done had she not have had that mind to do those type of things they would never have seen it wouldn't may not never of caught it and then it could have just been a whole different but but for us usually as you said like we'll go until the very at the very last second and then sometimes that can be too late to get me so you know you know why males do is because it is hyper masculine image we like to project a society of of ourselves like fruit you're not allowed to be weak if you go to the doctors you're weak men aren't allowed to cry if you cry a week is this all about me that I hear that I hear that yeah I've never I hate about to be honest with you I've never heard the narrative of going to the doctors being weak but I think that for whatever reason I can't speak for everyone laughing for whatever reason we always just think in our mind don't worry it would just be alright you know I mean doesn't that mean cuz I'm assuming here but it feels like men go to the doctors less than women yes unless ya want my friends anyway I can only speak for the people around me they're not really gonna go unless like I said you're feeling it like ruling can't move type of thing yeah is this a lost result even then I don't go one question I couldn't even move a genuine couldn't move and I just said you know strictly to war I'll be right back hair and football manager and that's what happens you know what the problem is yeah I'll tell you what the problem is problem is he's not a freak now we you see like that yes you like that example that you gave you where you had the food poison or ever you don't do what or whatever ultimately regardless of what happened you bet are in it he was okay you're now told you the reason why I don't go because I'm scared okay yeah and yeah exactly best if he's on top of all of that yeah it's like who knows I hear that no he wasn't bro that's why I'm trying to see I'm not I'm not justifying what I'm saying with logic you know so he's tending your way I don't go you Robin yes oh yeah I'm just a trap like that well hey and this is the ultimate point I was making is is that he's both of that and it ignorant is blissful also I'll be alright because the last one I got like you know meaning I felt shit but ultimately I got better opposed that's what my finger or whatever I might have broken but I put your back into place any fools alright so what does that mean though because I'm saying what I'm saying to you is if there's a reason why you don't go and do stuff like a genuine reason not like it'll be oh you know that's just a phrase I don't know what that's associated sure so I've associated I'm gonna be around I'm scared I have a fully aware I'm scared and man's mother chief at it but I'm healthy I'm good you know what I'm cool the only thing I'm scared about is the fucking you know the finger that they put in your what is it the the prostate thing I'm scared of that because of the procedure of how they do it where they stick the thing in your ass yeah and I've had that a couple of things people do that and by when you get to a certain age you're supposed to do that but like serious and every person that I know has done it has all said to me they've said that they've done it and I've said how does it feel and they're like mad uncomfortable not gonna lie and we're and and those are the things that make it worse because if I'm if bare man said you know what like yeah go ahead done yeah and you know what prick but cool but when man's telling you fam it's a madness so you're feelin makes you I have to I'm a guy like this year once I went once I get myself in a psychological space yeah I need to do it at that moment in time if that moment in time doesn't happen then we got away again it's the same with like bungee jumping for example I'd love to bungee jump but I can't say to you on the 15th of July I'm gonna bungee jump because my mind is might not be like yeah but I might wake up tomorrow and say you know I could bungee jump right now I need to do it right now I want no need to do it right now I could be like that with the doctors I have to psychologically get myself in that for that mindset of yeah I'm gonna go now otherwise if I plan to go it's different in I'm like that with sex my girlfriend I so it's a good like I some one point in my life sometimes I'm looking at my girl like if I don't feel like it cuz Netflix is still little oh it's too late ones when you're talking mad crud to the missus in that and in the black few days like the time comes when you're supposed to link up and something suppose up yeah I'm telling you it happened when I was single yeah I get it bro yes I'm saying I'm telling you that's that mean even going out like recently I don't want to go nowhere how she never asked but you know what one time the other day I did get this invite to this beach party now still wasn't going one o'clock hit me my friends that pole man it's lit though I don't even know what that meant to me at that moment it's a veranda bar yeah I will I came home I bit I was sick I was just telling you I ain't going nowhere now big man I just I just felt something I'm out I'm in there now active that's the same how I am Jesus AJ yes that's exactly how I am loved yeah it's like sometimes you act an impulse in it it's like you're not on something at that time but something happens so I mean the spirit happens you didn't that fuck it I'm going I've always been like I'll jump in my car just enough yeah I jump in my car and go everyday hell I want to go when I feel like I want to do that but sometimes planning things for me outside of work anyway the only time I can really plan things is work stuff and that can be really bad but there's times that some of my friends would be like are on this date we're gonna go and do XY and Z and cool but then like sometimes I might be like you know what let hit me closer to the time because I just might not be in that mind frame of 1 in to do that you know what so mad I think I'm 80% of that I'm down with that I am like that as well especially because of work but what I learned from how unhealthy my years were last year and my year was before that and was that that's all my life begin to represent it was just work I don't even know what else it meant how's pop what we do when were quickly you know I'm always telling people I'm working and just that whole like if I'm not working so I enjoyed that but the last time I was broke from when I enjoyed my life more so I was working and why am I so stressed so it was like my little things like la I booked it knowing I'm probably gonna get jobs and I even did but my whole thing was cuz if this might look or ten days away from absolutely everything on tape like I'm taking if I don't give a fuck what happens and even my holidays are impulsive sometimes no I can be I just like I mean you need the facts though I think you make a book Tybee for just I just booked IB for you know it sometimes I just and then then that way I thought now changed the plan because that's in loved us in the future now that I've booked it I've paid the money I can't change that yeah that's all I'm saying but if you like but if somebody says to me for example I know this is like a stupid example yeah but there's like a family thing that's going on at the moment here where some of my family's talking about yeah so basically in 2020 we all go sign or two months I'll give you our four year will not get your best two weddings and I'm like yeah yeah yeah I'm not big man yeah yeah yeah just call me when I get bookings for weddings I tell people all the time like just hit me like at least five months ago looking at work works work I thought my work are you know but but you know it's do you try to put me four to two I'm 20 21 I might be dead it's different it's different for nine to five is a finger it depends what you you need because I feel like 95 is you know you get a certain amount of like where is it and you leave yeah yes certain amount of days off you're in a bit more of a structured routine in terms of work and stuff yeah so you can like oh I'm gonna get Christmas off and have that next year you know I mean they booked it way more in advance when you're self-employed or freelance wrote that things change all that I was supposed to be a label poet hmm I booked it I gave poet the piece for the air B&B half the piece when was the book tur when did I know we booked it's gone are you blatantly watch it back free week freeze four weeks of up okay well maybe the best no I think it was I gave him the peas everything I put my two flights for me and I gave him half the piece for the air B&B is that everything that took long yeah and then a massive job came in and like and now I'm losing the peas like yep order for the flight peas yeah it's much for me this is where I'm like but I just I just think differently about everything like know everything just something's but look I like balance I've really like balance I spoke to you know Emory the other day he said something so lit he said to me that's slide now he's fuzzy it was hey I don't want to take back no responsibility for this quota slate he goes he needs balance in his life but close to fall down and the come up from wins and losses sometimes it's too deep yeah if you look a win and it's all the way up there when you have a loss you're gonna end up down here same way if you've got a loss and you're down here you would have bill up it's too long so you'll have exceptions like for example if I get a big job yeah might be up there for a little bit but I try remain balanced so that way if anything bad happens does drop isn't too I mean anything good happens I don't feel – on top of the world and feel like I'm untouchable you know I mean so for me I need to have that same balance in everything I do so even with work I appreciate that I'm a freelancer but I have friends that are nine to fivers so if there's gonna be an opportunity for us to all link up and do something I'm gonna find the compromise that the nine to fivers cuz it's like I'm a freelancer I've got more time to do it you know I mean so I think healthy balances bro its soul it

23 thoughts on “"I Don't Go Doctors Becasue I'm Scared" || Halfcast Podcast

  1. Please change the name half cast podcast!!! It's a old version of what people now called mixed race!!!…half cast means the black side is (cast away) meaning unwanted…

  2. Private healthcare is cheap . It’s cheaper than your phone bill with some providers and the NHS is a shambles , they still use type writers in some hospitals and the best doctors do not work in the NHS, going private is the way forward

  3. I don't understand why people have such an issue with Poet, I don't always agree with him but I don't always agree with chuckie either. It's nice to see a group of brothers being open whether they are right or wrong with there points even sometimes being vulnerable, like why are people so sensitive in these comments lol
    like this for entertainment, and to spark conversation you shouldn't be coming here to be educated.

  4. Vaccines are dangerous, children are being injected with autism. Real facts, our immune system has been destroyed as children.. humans dont grow as big as we use to and we dont live as long as we use to.. BECAUSE OUR WATER AND AIR IS TAMPERED WITH

  5. Halfcast podscast comment section is basically a Poet hate pinboard… and Chuks KNOWS the only reason ppl cm to his channel is to diss Poet… thts y he has him. on here… chuks is a sneaky cunt.. lol

  6. STOP cussing out Poet for having free thought, his own opinion and standing by it. You're so upset by him, why watch/listen to this podcast??? he mixes this whole thing up, you'd be so bored without him, trust me!

  7. Why am I not surprised Poet is an anti vaxxer 🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️

  8. Chuckie .i had the exact same issue which you had….i injured my knee during some football trials….sharp pain…immediately couldnt continue. i knew something was so wrong as even standing up was difficult…..went to the doctors……dude told me it was a SPRAIN / muscle pull or something…..then sent me to physio therapy…..the physio training me to strengthen my glutes?!!??!….absolute joke….especially when you yourself know the pain is not normal..after like half a year only then did he give me a referral to do a MRI scan which then i found our i had a mild tear in my cartilage. i put off any surgery because the pain is less although there is tightness there still and i am not as mobile….i can do sports and run etc but i have to be mad cautious…all that on top of the fact i was an international student so i didnt have like family to get any help or assistance from….it was a struggle man…..really wish they just help me get the scan sooner rather than later….smh

  9. Poet has a point … you should know what your putting in your body 🤷🏽‍♂️and you need to question everything and anything that affects you ….why are people so triggered 😂😂 …there’s a history of these pharmaceutical companies creating and engineering diseases and you man still don’t question shit ?? Sheep 🐑

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