omg welcome back to my channel !! i was so excited to film this haul because its been sooo long !! hope you guys enjoy .

I'm sort of hoping everybody and welcome back to my channel so in today's video I've got a hole for you because as you know you might not know but you will know now I went to London for the event of the big view day out does that make sense the don't I yeah so I went to the big beauty out we got so many like freebies got to meet so many amazing people it was like the best day ever and he was my first ever YouTube event which was really cool anyways so after we went to the big beauty day out we went and did some shopping in London because why would you go to London and not do any shopping this is why I'm here today with a haul leave a disclaimer some of the bits of got is not just for London I've ordered some bits online I've bought a few things from town but I just want to show you them anyway so I think we're gonna start off with the bits that I've got from London because I think that's a bit appropriate I don't know any event we've got a few freebies up I want to show you the first thing is some beauty products and I've been wanting to try this brand for a very long time but they're quite expensive so I didn't really want to like venture out so I'm so glad that gave me this product that I can try just so if I like it I can go buy some more of their products anyway it's the can you see that this light is really annoying yeah it's the Nippon fab exfoliate radiance booster concentrate for glowing skin yeah look how big the product is like what they gave us it's crazy open the bottle is this so it's really cute and I think yeah so what you do is you just pump out like that press that boy I'm definitely gonna have to do a new updated skin care routine when I've tried some of these products is that you add two drops to your night moisturizer or serum gently refine skin texture and boost radiance upon waking can be applied director skin as a target target ear to concentrate so I'm really excited to try this the second product that our receipt was illuminate is I say alumina alumina that's how you spell it anyway it's a Arctic do I don't know after a long dark winter comes in intense bursts of continuous summer light Arctic and Nordic plants have evolved to absorb and channeled the unique light producing high concentrations of potent potent nutrients an antidote I'm gonna stop reading this is really embarrassing how bad I am at reading I think it's like a bit like the one that I've just showed you I'm not too sure I mean I just can't believe how big the products are that they've gave us yeah it's a bit right beautiful oh that's really pretty it's really pretty packaging granting the ocean go and go it's just a pump again so does it oh yeah yeah apply morning or evening on a cleansed face and neck following with your favorite moisturizer and you get so much product oh my god yeah I'm really excited to try that so one of the products I can use for the day in the morning and one of the products I can use evening there we go so the next thing I received was oh my god I've got so many I don't know why my sister or any received it I think it's cause I won it I'm not sure basically you know Halloween glow from Primark while I received loads of their unicorn face masks so many and they're like free pound each it's not like they're even cheap I'm so excited to try these I'm definitely it so so for face mask now so many so yeah this is the Halloween blow rainbow chaser illuminating purple iridescent pilaf a face mask I love pilaf ASA looking off face masks it's so satisfying it's like when you put a PVA glue on your hand and then just peel it off it's really nice really nice family they also I'd like a little benefit van there and it was so cute and we all have pictures I'll insert one now and yeah it was just really cute I made a picture outside of it and then after you add the picture they gave us the pore pore fessional pearl primer soft radiance for face primer to minimize the look of pores and yeah it's a really cute did you on that yeah there we go I need to get it out I am so excited to try this they like to be honest I don't really get that many spots is quite blessed never used to be in high school I used to get loads I never used to got a lotus spot in high school I don't get that many now I do it obviously get the occasional spot so when the day I'm gonna use that and I'll get back to you and tight hollow high walls how it worked also at the event we got these like little keep bad from IAM first entered and it says my mood basically there was like this corner and it's like you could charge your phone say reminded me of a shisha lounge it was just like really like chilled in Cuba and I just got my tickets and stopped in there really special oh I'm a meal card another really good brand that was there was Kiko and I really like Kiko I've only tried actually a couple of their products one of them being a lip it was like a pencil but it was like a lipstick so like a lip crayon I guess and it was like a pink glitter and I've got that ages ago and it was it was like a really nice shade and basically I've got a Kiko Milano lipstick in the shade my lipstick so I actually haven't seen the corner of this yet so I'm going to swatch it for you well I really like that package in that's really cute like really cute it's like Matt one side and then it's shiny the other side I really like that okay I'm gonna swatch this for you I'm really sorry I don't want to ruin it though it's so nice I look how nice that is you know when you like first open a lipstick and it's so smooth nice breeze don't ruin it should I just do it anyway okay here we go guys oh that is smooth he's got like a pink undertone to it I really like it that's really nice and I actually haven't ruined it that much so the final freebie that I got from the big beauty out was another lipstick and it's actually a vivid matte liquid lipstick and it's in the shade gray MV and it's a Maybelline New York one and it is divine look I tried this the other day and I really really liked it like the color is just a really unusual purple but it's really nice and yeah just comes like that it's really nice I think I'm gonna do a swatch for you as well on this one just because I really like it will get it to focus first there we go oh that was a that was a very big spot chef yeah I really like it as you can see it it did very nice Oh get a wipe okay so now I'm getting on to the Primark bits and the other bit I got Primark in London is freaking huge it was like amazing and the other their own section dedicated to Harry Potter I'm a very big Harry Potter fan and I was fine girl it over all the Harry Potter stuff it was amazing I didn't actually get any Harry Potter stuff place so can't be that much of a fun okay so the first thing when I walked here I was in love of this bag but it was so nice and it's gonna look so good in Amsterdam with this outfit that I have in my head I think it will anyway so it reminds me of like a knockoff Gucci sort of bag like I think is key it definitely runs new Gucci and it's so cute and basically yeah it's this little did you I don't know why I keep saying that why that's so crazy yeah this is really cute little bag I don't if you can see this is like my bring light is there and I've said this before but my realize oh my camera's there and it's really awkward I really need to get a big tripod for my camera so I can like be on level with the light this really annoying shadow behind me as well anyway is really cute so as you see it's not like the snake there I mean it's got look there's all mean patterns here and it's got a gold chain and then inside actually I haven't looked inside okay so we've got quite a lot of room inside as well so yeah I just think it would be really ideal for I'm Stan so don't be like carrying a massive background with me when I go so yeah and it also comes with a longer strap so you can like adjust which is really cute I just anyway this is 10 pounds which I don't think that's that bad for Primark to be honest with you because it's a really nice bag and it's good quality so I'm very impressed so the next thing the bought was a belt just because I gave mine to Harvey when I didn't give him he just took it off me and he broke it so I needed a new one so yeah I just got your basic gold golden black belt always looks nice with a pair of jeans so yeah and it'll look nice with the bag oh and this was how much was it two pound can't go wrong with a Primark belt the next thing about that like really funky and I really like them and never never would normally go for like something like this but they were like they just caught my eyes and they were really cheap so there are pound and they were like these really cool sunglasses they've got like a purple tint to them as you can see but I just think with the right outfit these will look really nice she'll try them on I probably look like such an idiot for trying them on I don't know I just really like them and they look nice on the head as well of course oh yeah for a pound honestly Primark up sunglasses are the best ones by so many by all different coins for a very cheap price get your bargains the next thing I'm going to show you is so so nice honestly when I saw it it was like it caught my eye and I needed it I'm so glad they have my size but I'm weren't really my size I could have done with the biggest size up but I'm just settling for that size so I've got it in a size 8 what to be honest it is quite a nice fit and it's basically this like I can't explain the color it's like a pinky orange okay it's maybe a bit burgundy maybe I don't know what does it say actually oh yeah it's just burnt orange it's burnt orange on the label burnt orange trench coat but it's so cute and with that bug I'm not with this bag I just think it looks really cute and I really liked it it was quite expensive it was 25 pounds but I think the quality is amazing and it's gonna last a long time as these cute detailed little sleeves that belt yeah it has a little belt obviously you don't have to worry about you can take it off the pockets real the pockets are real get Primark the pockets are real long so you know likes and I think that it's right on and it's a clip here so yeah maybe I should talk about it as you can see it's a very nice coat very nice fit looks very nice for the bank a little bit how do you think it will go with so many things yeah okay so the next finger bought from Primark was a must-have every time I go to Primark I buy a pair and it's the Primark eyelashes these ones are the psaltery one sort Tresor try no no I understand I would these are the ones that I go for every time ago I just love them so much it's because they have that like really nice full wispy lock and yeah as you know there are Quidditch there are ball again all of them and they glaze a bit crap so I won't recommend using the glue I'd use your aid because it ain't the best but these eyelashes Oh gorgeous hey so the last few boring bits from Primark just your staples really got some bubbles for a pound because everybody needs bubbles obviously if you've ever a short hand you don't need bubbles or if you're a boy but yeah bubbles end of a must-have from primark because they're so cheap and get so many is a five pack of gold hoops I personally don't go for the really big ones I like to stick to like this half just because tonight I do like a big heap but when I'm going out just on the cashable just for a casual walk I like to go to the small ones these are only a pound absolute bargain can't go wrong with them obviously I was in London so I have to go to lush because it's the biggest in the world well that's what my sister told me anyway I think it is I think I believe her probably is because it have like three stories high it was free stories high it was huge absolutely huge and if you see my vlog you would have seen so I already actually use one bath bomb which one element sawed and sawed insert video right here and it was the spring force no Spring Falls was it the spring the Falls it will say on the label when you see the video and it was gorgeous like it was so nice I added bubbles to my box that you can't really see it that much but it smelt divine my bag sorry I didn't actually buy that much say the first thing I bought was the lush creamy candy bubble bar and it says crumble as much of a bar as you like under warm running water to create a mountain of luxurious film star bubbles for reusable bubble bar simply whisk in your bath water and hold under the tap yeah we don't need to know that they're doing there we go I actually thought what this looks like you know when you're gonna shop in and then you leave it so long then you just can't remember what everything was oh oh it's really cute actually it doesn't really remind me of spring so yeah it's just like this pink bath bomb of a little cute blue flower in the middle and it smells like sweets I think any way I can describe it it's a very sweet smell a little bit okay the next one I got was called it kill it called Baby Bop bot laughs oh my god that was like a frickin tongue teaser it called Baby Bop bah it called Baby Bop I think Oh Baby Bop okay this is been dropped into warm bath in warm bath your bumble away releasing his color and beneficial essential oils lie back relax and joy and I remember I bought this one because apparently it helps you sleep or something so you can probably imagine what this one is gonna look like this one was really cheap as well it was like one pound some thin so yeah I thought I might as well try it out and yeah it's just your basic blue robot I mean I was gonna give it to Harvey ball so I won it myself okay it smells like lavender a bit with a mixture like talcum powder top ponder however you say it but yeah it smells nice and if it helps me sleep that will be brilliant okay so the next few bits I got was from pretty little thing I really like pretty little thing lately I feel like they're really overtaking misguided does anyone else feel like that or is it just me this thing I've got was in the sale and it was really nice and it did Richard drew my attention I think it was 12 pounds in the sale but it just looks stunning on the model and it probably won't look stunning on me but I'll give it a go so basically it's like this it's a bandy dress and it's black and gold and white I really like the pattern it's better when I try it on so yeah I'm gonna insert a video here so as you can see it's quite sure or quite like it yeah it's really pretty and I just it was just the patterns that drew me to it like I've really liked the patterns and if you just move a pair of black heels black clutch bag and I've got these like really nice earrings to go over there which I'm gonna show you next and maybe some like red lipstick or something because I've just add a pop of color yeah I just I just really not a dress I still have something pretty little thing I'm gonna show you in a minute because I'm going to show you the earrings that I got to go with this dress they're from new look and they were five pound ninety-nine and they're just like these they're really big but I really like big earrings so if you don't like a love of big earrings probably we recommend and but yeah they've got like all the corners that are in the dress so I just thought that'd look really nice I'm gonna like sort up because it's got the gold in the silver in so I think it'll look yeah I think it goes I think it works it's so I only got two bits and pretty little thing not gonna lie and the last thing I got was an airport outfit got this thing on pretty little thing now which is sectioned for actually for actual airport outfit so nothing that is so cool because it's so handy because personally I always struggle to find an Apple outfit so pretty little thing you've got our backs I was going for like the casual dressy look don't know if it's gonna go or what I'm thinking of but I'm hoping it does so anyway I spit crease now actually it's been in the bag oh well it's this baby pink jumper dress you're not gonna be able to see you all to be honest try it on yeah it's got these like little cute coughs and I think this was I can't remember actually I think it was like 20 pounds but I'm hoping with what I want to pair it with will go so I'm hoping to pair it with a blue denim jacket and my nude booted heels and just hope it looks good I'm gonna insert video now so yeah as you can see very nice fit like it baggy I got it in a size 8 because I always look at the model and compare my size to her she was very skinny very tall and a form we'll just go for a size 8 so I'm not skinny at or not saying that I'm just like I was just trying to think what would fit me cuz if I got a size 10 it'd be huge I know it would so there you go okay so the last few bits of what I've got from today and basically I went into Superdrug and I've seen I've seen a lot of youtubers posting pictures about this product they've probably been paid to do it but I just wanted to try it because I know a lot of people have been going on about it and yeah it just attracted me to me because it was very cheap and packaging was very nice and it could help a lot if it works and it's the L'Oreal Paris I'll be alive I don't know dream lamps no hair cut cream and apparently it helps heals split ends and reduces breakage breakages so yeah cool dome is really funky but all you probably would have seen a lot of youtubers and celebrities instagrams a lot of people have been promoting this product and the shampoos in the conditioners but I just fight give it a go it was anything like two pounds so a four why not you know we'll see what all the hype is about and alright when you're in the shower you just put it in your hair leave it rinse it and it helps reduce split ends which I have a lot of so please work so the next thing I've been looking for like I haven't been looking for one but I've needed one for a long time because the brands are I use I've had for ages so I basically went into super drawer got much there anyways actually because I really liked anyway products and they're very cheap and very good quality and I bought the anyway bronze to perfection matte bronzer and look how big it is huge absolutely huge and it's just bronzer basically I think it was around I want to say fiver overall s but neither to bronze up I've had mine for years so I'm hoping it don't give me that moody horrible effect I'll be sure to let you know if it does yeah I'm hoping it works I'm hoping it's a good good bronzer okay so the final thing I brought was when I was in the queue and they I want this little sale section which almost draws you in and makes you want to buy more things even though you've bought enough and it was 5 pound 50 but if it works I'm gonna be happy I don't know what's wrong with it I don't know why it was in the sale but basically it's the Colgate max why expert white toothbrush and whitening pen and apparently it's clean clinically proven wherever it works I don't know I'm more in it for the pen like just wipe my teeth maybe is it before a night out like my teeth on yellow or dull or anything anyway just I don't know I just want them a bit more whiter I guess I don't know well I'm hoping it works if it duels on like you know if it doesn't I'll stow away you know and then so my dream is an absolute state I've actually talked everything on the floor around me I'm gonna have to clean that up once I finish filming this but anyway that was my last product that I bought I'm really excited to try on all these things and try them out and whatever I have really good shopping trip I had a great time in London yeah I hope you really enjoyed in you I hope you guys really enjoyed this haul because I really enjoy filming haul videos I rarely do them on my channel because I rarely have any money yeah but yeah I went to London I needed to treat myself didn't need to wanted to but anyway if you enjoyed this video please give it a thumbs up comment and subscribe please give me any suggestions on what you want me to film record what you enjoy singing and I'll do it for you so yeah thank you so much for watching this video and always shall see you in the next one


  1. Awesome haul girly, and can I just say that you are GORGEOUS?! Red is definitely your color! Loving your channel so much! I subscribed! So excited to see more from you! πŸ™‚

  2. Your vibes are so cool, and I love your eyebrows πŸ‘Œ I had to sub because I’m gonna stalk your outfits now πŸ˜‚ if you could support my channel too that’d be fabπŸ’•

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