In this episode of How-to, Max Halley, owner of Max’s Sandwich Shop in North London (the late-night sandwich shop you can get pissed in), shows us that there’s more to a sandwich than simply putting shit between two slices of bread.

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I feel incredibly emotional about crisps and sandwiches it's really an effective way to add texture without messing with the kind of flavor profiles of what you must leave the profiles on so – but anyway that's what I is my name's max and I run Max's sandwich shop here's a late-night hot sandwich shop that you can get pissed in it works for me I cuz I felt that the sandwich in Britain needed a bit of help so I tried to put as much kind of culinary effort into making a sandwich as most people would put into a restaurant main course the hammock and chips is the first sandwich that I came up with braised ham hock piccalilli that we ferment ourselves shoestring fries a fried egg and malt vinegar mayo and that there within all of those things layered up in the right order was a classic pub lunch figured out how to put in a sandwich the first thing I had to look at was the bread so I have weighed out flour salt and yeast my press into that maker blender the see I spent a lot of time eating sourdough feeling like I was doing the right thing that food businesses and to do using this posh bread and I decided that actually sourdough can go itself it's too chewy is too so for me a sandwich should give in when you go for it where a sandwich made from sourdough you take a bite and you have to like rip at the crust and then the bread opens up all the contents fall out the sandwich is ruined so I started experimenting with the ketchup which is what I've ended up using water which I will temperature probe 200 mils of oil in the pot you can still see that there's bits of flour bits of yeast bits of salt whatever and then pretty soon it would become this uniform beautiful thing the catcher is soft it's soaks up juice well but maintains its truck integrity right till the end it's a regular shape so it's easy to make sure that you built the sandwich so that every bite contains every element but then somewhere nice and warm and later way of bread this is for the shoestring fries mandolin is about as lethal is it yet everyone's cut themselves I always use the hand guard obviously not the ham but and then I'll soak these in water it helps get the starch out of them which stops them sticking together when you fry them put them over there and we'll deal with them in a minute right so ham hocks or parsley stalks bits of onion bottoms of celery's garlic's like anything you've got carrot peelings we want the liquid for stock and so then when someone orders our hammock and chips we take a scoop of the reduced stock and we heat the ham meat up in that stock so that you're just making the most flavorful thing possible right and then I'll show you this is what I put on just before leaving last night this has cooked for eight hours such deep ham flavor isn't it the smell right these puppies are isn't light olive oil then tray you can be firm hand it with it not rough with it what a show it who's boss tell it where you want it to go but not gonna beat it up in the process a bit of a crunchy sea salt whack it on top so take the fries I mandoline earlier and we go into the fryer I'm gonna let that fry so they've got a little crust making your own crisps so I live in the restaurant dream right people would say it was a travesty but we don't actually seasoned the crisps here just cut the hands quite salty these literally will just provide crunch right don't put bread in the oven the second proof is done so what was you know a quarter or whatever of this tub has now risen again into this big puffy bad boy 15 minutes put some of the meat in a pan I put a spoonful of stock in to heat the hammer make the most of all the rich fatty goodness time for the bread right looks like it's done let's get this out of here like my favorite thing with ham egg and chips is an absolute ton of malt vinegar on everything so that is actually multi Nagar Mayo whack an egg on Pam me in what I'm trying to do not too worried about bits falling out they're all gorgeous what I'm trying to make sure is that when the sandwich is being eaten that every bite has all the elements of the sandwich so this is piccalilli you see that now in England I think a classic to go with ham it's lots of veg Ramona's cauliflower carrots you know fennel granny smith apples we put mango in it as well and then just kind of quite quite curry spices lots of coriander chili that egg is now all kind of crispy edged which is how I like them but yolks still running decent bit of sea salt on the egg these are shoestring fries the things that I was making earlier lid on little bit of a squish so here we have Max's some wood shop some egg and chips we have offer catcher at the bottom braised ham hock me sweet of rich piccalilli fried egg shoestring fries mock vinegar mayo and the lid just take a bite British food is seen to be often boring dull and lacking in flavor what's on my phone that's a good size and here with a humble sandwich we've turned car making chips into a limo quite a gastronomic experience I think so you can take your stereotypes and put them in a sandwich and they could delicious and amazing

32 thoughts on “How-to: Make a Ham, Egg, and Chips Sandwich with Max Halley

  1. Great innovation to riff off of. I will be, that's for sure, though the only hesitation I have is focaccia for a bread, which I do like, just never really liked using it for this purpose. I think I will go with a lightly warmed, slightly toasted, cold buttered ciabatta instead.

  2. Currently going through all the how-to vids and saving the recipes I like. This one however did not include the recipe for the bread he makes 🙁
    Enjoyed the video though.

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