Scottish city Glasgow once held the grim title “murder capital of Europe” but homicides in the city have fallen by 60% in just over a decade all thanks to a radical approach – treating violence as a disease.

Video by Leila Hussain and Christian Capestany

Scottish City Glasgow once held a grim title the murder capital of Europe the homicides in the city have fallen by 60% in just over a decade all thanks to a radical approach treating violence as a disease here's how Scotland is curing violent crime growing levels of alcohol abuse unemployment and inequality between the 1980s and early 2000s had contributed to a social crisis in Scotland by 2005 the crime rate had reached its highest levels in a decade and the United Nations released a report which named Scotland is the most violent place in the developed world but it was in Scotland's largest city Glasgow where the problem was most severe lately I can anticipate around a dozen calls for gang fighting on the street I grip the shot at oh say somebody's home this high concentration of gang violence and push cars goes murder eight almost three times higher than the rest of the country but in 2005 in response to the growing crisis garze goes regional police force set up the violence reduction unit or VRU it became the only police force in the world to take a public health approach to violence that meant treating violence as a preventable disease rather than just as a criminal matter the VI used new strategy was inspired by the work of Garry slacking an American physician who'd spent a decade fighting cholera and aids epidemics across Africa during the 80s and 90s when he came back to Chicago Slatkin was confronted with another epidemic of gun violence after mapping crime data he noticed that violence followed the same patterns as contagious diseases one act led directly to another and these were often found clustered together he also found that violence could be transmitted between people if a person was exposed to violence it increased the likelihood that they would commit violence in 2000 slut King created a pilot project on the west side of Chicago which controlled outbreaks of violence in a similar way to health epidemics focuses on three key areas first to find the cause of an outbreak and interrupt its transmission to other people this work is carried out by violence interrupters people with an established relationship with the community who can help identify symptoms and eliminate the root causes of violence second is to identify people who might be at risk of developing violent behavior and try to prevent it from happening this is done by offering alternatives to gang membership through employment housing and health support finally an important step is to change attitudes towards violence making communities understand that it's something preventable not inevitable this approach has been adapted by the violence reduction unit in Scotland but as well as helping people break free from violence the VIU has also advocated for stronger penalties for those who continue on a path of crime through lobbying the penalty for carrying a knife in Scotland has tripled in ten years by 2006 Scotland had extended the work of the VRU nationwide and during the following decade violent crime fell by 49 percent including murders which were reduced by 47 percent these dramatic reductions have helped to ease the burden on the Scottish health care system with hospital emergency of salt admissions down by 56 percent since 2007 and the benefits of a reduced crime rate or economic to each homicide case in the UK is estimated to cost the taxpayer 2.3 million dollars which is more than the cost of running the VRU for an entire year while Scotland is aiming to achieve the lowest levels of crime in the world by 2025 at the other end of the country London has seen a recent surge in knife crime in the year to May 2018 there were 97 fatal stabbings and so the UK capital has announced it will be one of many cities around the world looking to follow Scotland's example in the hope of breaking the cycle of violence you

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  1. Nothing to do with better policing, gangland figures despise the police so they’re certainly not going to do as told. I think the culture has changed mainly due to social media, people are spending less time outside and less time in pubs ect.

    There has been just as many (if not more) gangland related murders this year than any year in the 90’s, and by that I mean by actual gangsters not neds who fight other schemes.

    Police might want to start taking car theft more seriously, they only put effort to investigate murders, not thinking that the two are mostly carried out by the same group.

  2. The scottish use to lower crime is very effective and ingenious, the problem is, it only works for european countries such as England, Scottland, Ireland, etc. When you apply this method adopted by a low-diversified country with gangs that are larger in size than gangs larger in number, it becomes diffult to see the effectiveness on the American Populous

  3. What a load of crap!

    There's no super science to stopping violence and murder.

    You've got bankers and corporations constantly keeping people poor and mixing the poor with the wealthy and getting people hooked in drugs and over educating people and causing nervous breakdowns and overworking and hopelessness and pushing people to work like slaves and eating war and spreading crazy religions and propaganda.of course there's all this viooence. It's no accident. No one really cares.

  4. I am so glad here in Miami we still have guns because if the government out here Florida decides to ban them u best believe all these Zoe’s gonna be out here toting machetes Having guns doesn’t reduce violence but however makes the hood police itself

  5. This might sound counter intuitive, but a public punishment of 15 lashes to the back with a whip will put fear in the citizens and will reduce the likelyhood of others committing that crime, the problem with our justice system is no one sees the punishment get carried out, they just lock up in a facility for a year, which is actually way worse for your mental health, job, family than a quick public punishment, even when interviewing hundreds of prisoners, when given the choice between a public lashing and prison time, all of them asked for the lashing, the prison system is a lucrative business, and is punishing to tax payers as well as families of the imprisoned

  6. It's hard for kids to be nice to each other when that's considered Weak and Uncool
    Then there's the desperates who see niceness as an opportunity to take advantage of U !!!

  7. Is it just me are was almost all the images of gang & Grimes those of black ppl, most of which doesn't look like Scotland, while all the nice peaceful images weren't of black people not living Scotland…

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