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yo big summer blowout I'm gonna do a house Q&A I was gonna do a girl talk Q&A but it turns out you guys are only interested in homes it literally looks a little dough not my head this not because I think it looks good it's because it's how my hair sets so I just put the story up saying about the house so I'm just gonna go through kind of the process while the questions come in really really really quickly so I knew I wanted to buy a house at some time over the next few years the weird thing is it's kind of I've been at uni but I've been earning as a business owner most things I've saved for are either business or investments or a house essentially because there was no point I mean I'm paying I pay like 120 pounds a week for this room and I go to unique clubs with one pound shots and I don't even really go out at the moment so the only expenses I've really had for the past three years our business expenses which are the huge expenses 50% of the money I make is not mine um it's tax things like you know there are huge business expenses in terms of if you wanted to build an app if you want to build a platform any of that and I've been under the impression that I should invest a lot back into my businesses because that's how they grow Travel is something as well that I've absolutely loved but in terms of the grand scheme of things I'm not paying London rent I'm not what I did last summer because there's so much lift basically I have lived for the past three years very much as a student even though I've kind of been earning as a business owner so that's been a main thing here I do not want this video to be like oh like what house 22 you should be doing the same because it's a very very very unique situation that I am so so lucky to be in and yes of course I have worked my ass off to be here but actually there are so many privileges and situational things for example if I wasn't at uni then I probably wouldn't have spent the time building these businesses because I would have been in a corporate job so the luxury of time and even though I've been working you know very full time at uni the luxury of time to be able to decide to pursue something and not have to make the decision look who I want to be in a corporate job or do I want to do this I've kind of been able to grow it and then if I was kind of like if it doesn't work I'll just come out of uni and go into a grand scheme all that type of thing anyway so that's kind of been what's happened and I've been very very very lucky to have spent the money on this house that has come in over the past two and a half years I'd say so it hasn't been that I've been saving up for ten years ten years ago I was twelve so all I was doing was saving up for a meal out with my friends I actually have only been saving for two years so I do want to put that out there as well because again it's a very unique situation it's not something where I'd be like wow I never do this I have been saving I've been working very hard to save I've invested stuff like that but I have also had a lot of money coming in my main thing was to buy a house first and foremost then if in two years I want a fancy car or I want to do anything else I'm not being stupid about it and I know it's different in different places but in the UK I would hundred percent recommend you to get on the product product property ladder when you can although I know saying that is like saying you know fly to the moon because the system is stupid there are things like helped by schemes and all of that I didn't use any of them because my house is above the value of the so help to buy scheme it helps you essentially to buy and it basically a shared property between you and the government and it helps people to get on the property ladder there are still huge issues with it but the maximum price or property you can buy as five hundred thousand pounds and my property was more expensive than that I didn't use anything like that it was entirely my money and I paid about a 20% deposit although kind of cash is king it's a good time right now to be getting mortgage in terms of the interest rates and everything so I decided to get a mortgage and spend a lot on a renovation and not get a mortgage that included renovation or all of that and pay less than I wouldn't necessarily otherwise but my aim is to pay my mortgage off as soon as I can really hopefully within the next few years and kind of with business how business is going that should be possible which is fantastic and I am so so so grateful I also don't want any of this video to come across as like look what I've done and look how much money I have because actually it's only been within the past year that I've started singing my own praises and it started saying like look yes I'm actually doing really well at the moment and part of that success is also money and I have never been flashy with purchases I have never been flashing with any of that but I also think it is really especially as women to say you know what yeah I'm doing great at the moment and this is incredible and I'm actually earning a lot and that's great long story short it's my money I'm not boasting but if you think I am probably best for you to stop watching I want to be more upfront about the fact like kind of success and money and all of that stuff because I think we do a huge disservice to ourselves by not talking about money like not talking about your colleagues with how much you're paid all of that it's okay to be proud of what you're doing and to be able to sing your praises like I've had to do like a few articles about kind of like entrepreneurship and like how well I'm doing and it's like so easy to be like I'm so yeah it's like it's just like a little thing in all of this and it's like no both companies are multi-million dollar companies and that is brilliant so shout it from the rooftops probably don't because you'll get mugged celebrate yourselves celebrate your success just also be good about it so my way of being good about it is that I always always always no matter how much I've earned have a go in a significant amount to charity and other causes through businesses and I do believe that you should be giving it through your own money too then also in terms of offering people experience in terms of offering people help I spend a lot of my time giving free consultancy to you know people and free help and then also I believe my companies should be sustainable and ethical and responsible I totally get into the video now grace Christ what really most excited to renovate you actually definitely like the kitchen and extension just because obviously that's gonna become a huge open plan downstairs area I cannot wait to see it like even just seeing architectural drawings literally sets my soul on fire like I cry it's so exciting I just can't imagine that it's not gonna fall down halfway through like constantly through my brain every time I like project managers are like oh cool I'm like oh my house has fallen down to that sick are you enjoying the process do you reckon you'd go into full renovation again or is this a one-time thing I'm mainly doing this renovation because it would make it my dream house and I have the time actually now as well I'm very busy but I had the flexibility of time and I know exactly what I want in all of that so it's been it's been a great experience it's a lot of work I truth have no idea how people with corporate inflexible jobs renovate a house it's being a big project already and it's been more like a week so obviously we were planning most of it before but yeah it's huge and I can imagine it is horrible and such a like pain for people who are doing a lot of that stuff themselves and my kind of renovation experience will be very very very different to if you're doing a lot of it yourself or don't have a project manager or all of that so I don't want it to come across like I'm doing this amazing thing well actually a lot of people are doing a lot of the parts of the big thing can you explain the whole process of buying a house piece that's gonna be a long one I knew I wanted to buy within the next few years I started looking in like February just to see if anything popped up I didn't actually think I would buy this year for coming out of uni because it's a it's a lot of work to actually get to the point where you have the house I found a house that I fell in love with at the beginning of March I went for one day in London where I looked at like eight different houses that I bet shortlisted as my favourites and then I went to this house it was actually the last one I saw that day and it I might as well not have seen any of the other houses like honestly I know you might have watched a video and be like why because also it's an expensive house like I could have bought a complete house at that stage but the thing is is making it mine and being able to have the kind of extra joy of doing the renovation and making it my own and having features that I never would have in a house of that cost otherwise was kind of just so worth it and it had so much wow factor and so much character I've put an offer on the house it took me five offers to get accepted but that was because I was going under offer I still got an 85 grand under offer which is great really really great it had been on the market since October we've done some digging and the previous owners had bought it two years before and they had done very little to it obviously they had spent about 150 grand on it so that's a lot of money but we couldn't see the 150 grand in the value so that didn't mean it should necessarily go up 150 grand just because people have spent that on it so we just have a lot of back and forth and I was happy to go higher but considering I'm doing a huge renovation and the whole thing needed rewiring and reed plumbing and all that it was not worth spending the asking price and so we just kept on pushing and I was terrified of losing it but actually it ended up perfectly and it was not worth the asking price they knew that we knew that and so it just took a lot of lot of wiggling a lot of waiting a lot of kind of you kind of got to play a game just in terms of like walking away and then letting people come back to you especially if it's been on the market without an offer for six months it didn't make sense even though I understand that it's a very very special house and then maybe they wouldn't have sold it anyway they would just be like look if we're not getting that money for it we won't sell it but it was worth the risk and it paid off in the end so I made an offer I got accepted at the beginning of March offer confirmed you have like a surveyor go around they tell you about what's wrong with the property and all of that and it comes back and it's like this thick and it's like all of this needs to be done and it's always terrifying whether it's you know like a new house whoever it is I'd been reassured that like that happens all the time and as long as it's not something like oh it's about fall down then you're fine we then exchanged and basically to exchange you transfer money to your solicitor who will then at the point of exchange transfer it so I did that we're getting through things it's long process and then you complete on an agreed date and when you complete it essentially means that there aren't the property you get the keys it's yours and so it's an expensive process it's a long process mine was quick I had a very good solicitor a very fast solicitor and it still took months so it's very different from in the u.s. where I'm pretty sure you get the kit you can get the keys like pretty soon but yeah so that was the situation a did being self-employed making it hard to get a mortgage yes it definitely makes it harder because obviously especially if I would say like my job was like social-media influencer but because my job is a business owner it's slightly different so I had two years of accounts and you usually need three thankfully they've been do very good years and so the I got approved very quickly but yeah so that was very exciting so that was something I was terrified about because you never know someone could just be like yeah but what if your business falls through next year very valid point so I also made sure because I'm self-employed that I had you know a amount of months to bankruptcy kind of mortgage so it was like I knew that if everything stopped coming in it would still be over a year until I got completely bankrupt so I could do things I could rent it out I could do whatever because I'm a warrior what did you plan financially to buy the house so as I said I've been in a very fortunate situation and I kind of was just saving almost everything another reason why I was saving everything is because being self-employed your tax doesn't come out immediately with v80 and with income tax I often had absolutely no idea how much of the money was actually mine so it meant that I just basically waited and didn't spend anything or was not going crazy with anything at all just because I was so terrified that it would end up you know being like oh that's actually not your money you owe that on tax and I've already spent it so that was a big help with saving is that I didn't even know what was mine my main thing I would always want to save up for a house even if it wasn't somewhere I'd want to live I've got to buy it and rent it out or do it up or whatever that would have been thankfully I was in the position where I can actually buy somewhere that I really liked and wanted to live in how much for the legal fees a good few thousand pounds and they can get expensive like it is not a cheap process you are not just buying the house there are a lot of fees a lot of places how did you find them I literally just scoured every single website for houses registered my interest with estate agents because often then you get things aren't on the market yet they can take you around things that aren't even on any of the sites literally places in good locations and nice houses go before they're even on the market so that's why it's good to be in the know with the state agents and calling them and even if you're acting as not yourself when you're calling them and saying like hey I'm actually searching for this person you're more likely to sell more important and therefore you know keeping the note phone them literally every day before I put in an offer we were a phony estate agent every day to see how many people had gone round all of that but yeah I just searched and searched and searched online and registered my interest with basically everyone are you going to get a pet please we needed Tyler mascot I would love to get a dog but again I think dogs are being done very quickly nowadays and it is obviously a huge responsibility thankfully I obviously can work from home I bring my dog to the office I can I have people living in my house that could look after it if I was away so it is actually a situation I want to look into but I have a bit of a predicament because it would need to be a small dogs I have a small garden and I don't necessarily always have the time to take it on a long walk so I don't want to be get a big dog just because I love them and would love a big dog and actually not be able to treat it properly and give it the life it deserves I also would like to adopt I definitely wouldn't buy but the problem with that is that I'm actually allergic to dogs so I need a hypoallergenic dog and the chances of a hypoallergenic dog like a poodle or something coming up in a shelter are very low so if a poodle or a non-melting dog actually please please please tell me which dog smoked the least because I've done so much research and it's very hard to find and I would I have very bad asthma so it would be the most I'd I don't even want to think about if I got into a situation where I couldn't have a dog anymore because that would I would break my heart and I'd probably just keep it and haven't asked about attack and die it's not something to just because I want to do because hey I'm allergic so I wouldn't be I went by so it would have to be a doctor see it needs to be small so basically I need like a dog that people spend thousands of pounds on just adopted because I don't want to support breeders how did you choose which area of London to live in so I had a bit of an idea I've been looking for years in terms of where I'd like to live I definitely wanted to be somewhere with a nice local area and somewhere within five ten minutes of a tube station those were my main things and I wanted to be within zone 2 so pretty central yeah but it really my favorite two blinds are Victoria northern and central so somewhere on there and nice local area in terms of like independent places or not all chains not super busy outdoor space I mean green space not outdoor space really weird living in an indoor area and then I kind of just settled on a few areas and ones that I'd be interested in there was one I was also interested in but you pay about 300 grand more for the same thing so I was like actually know if there's better transport somewhere else so yeah I ended up just finding the perfect place in the perfect place I didn't want to be too central I didn't wanna be too far out and I wanted a great local area I can do specific videos on specific aspects just let me know I'm obviously making a whole house series so yeah I will see you in the next video I hope this came across okay and it wasn't like it to be that at all but I do also want to be completely honest and upfront and celebrate myself too so I hope you enjoyed this video and I will see you in the next one let me know if you have any requests

37 thoughts on “HOW I BOUGHT A HOUSE IN LONDON AT 22

  1. Grace, you're going amazing. Feel like I have you as a wise sister/friend. 🙂 If you ever need a minion, I'm your gal. Do you have any advise and good books for personal growth. Keep doing you. You're coming across very well! xxx

  2. Not sure how I ended up here, but you rock! It is so true that as boss-women, we always try to undermine our success, so as not to offend, but the truth is, we work hard AF, and people shouldn’t doubt our successes or be jealous of them, nor should they believe that we are bragging about how proud we are of what we have built! It’s incredibly important to be able to support each other (especially as women) and elevate each other’s successes!! So go you boss!!!

  3. Absolutely amazing video you’re very humble, congratulations on your property you deserve it all. One of the most genuine insightful videos thank you 🙏🏽

  4. There's no such thing as a hypoallergenic dog breed, although some individual dogs may cause fewer allergy symptoms than others. Many people think that pet allergies are caused by a dog's or cat's fur, but the real source of pet allergies is often a protein that's in the saliva and urine of dogs and cats.

  5. Making a lot of money as a woman is quite a foreign concept to a lot of us, right? I caught myself downplaying my progress recently and feeling guilty about demanding more for myself. I'm not anywhere near where you are financially but I'm no longer struggling financially and I am proud of that. I'm glad to see that you're proud of making bank. Hard working women deserve it!

    PS. I don't know about allergies but Whippets are very clean dogs and barely shed at all. They are high energy but you could always pay a dog walker to take them out every day. They love lounging around in the house and they don't typically have separation anxiety. Tons of Whippets in rescue 🙂

  6. Well done! This is such a great video and I think you're spot on with the point that women, and especially young women, need to share their experiences with money and finances. This is the first video of yours I've watched but I'm so proud of you girl! Good luck with the renno, can't wait to see where this journey takes you 🙂

  7. Just popped in to say – the HTB scheme has a few different schemes and not all of them mean the government owns part of your property. The equity loan for example means the government loans you a max of 20% of the property price (40% in London) but you still own 100% of the property. I think the one you’re talking about is shared ownership where you own 20/30/40% etc. and pay rent on the remaining percentage

  8. Max purchase on help to buy is £600k – standard is 5% deposit, 55% mortgage and 40% government equity loan, unless you have a larger deposit. However this only applies to London. Help to buy outside of London provides a 20% equity loan, however property is cheaper, so you definitely don’t need to go up to £600k. Also, help to buy only applies to specific new build developments. When you go looking, do your research, shop around and try and get a deal. Find out what local developers are offering in incentives, and just be a hardass when you find your property. Negotiation is key! If stamp duty/legal fees aren’t provided as an incentive, make sure you have enough to cover these costs by the time you legally complete.

  9. I think its brilliant at your age! Well done you. You influencers are really pushing some coin if you could buy a house over 600k and have moeny left to renovate the place that truely is saying something. Definately celebrate your achievements. Women do not do that enough and I believe we should. Very inspiring.

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